Establishing ‘Bonds’ : Chemical Engineering Freshers’ 2k18

Establishing ‘Bonds’ : Chemical Engineering Freshers’ 2k18

Shivasish Sahu | Sep 03, 2018

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After about a month of embarking on the journey of engineering at NIT Rourkela, the seniors of the Department of Chemical Engineering welcomed the freshers into the family with warmth and cordiality. The Freshers’ welcome party was organised on 29 August 2018 (Wednesday) at LA 214 with minimal grandeur.

The party was scheduled to start at 6 PM, but due to regular classes, it was delayed so that the students do not miss out on any chance of enjoying the function. The evening was graced by three faculty members of the department, Prof Pradip Chowdhury, Prof Akhilesh Kumar Sahu and Prof Naresh Thota.

The function kickstarted with the performances by the first year students who made the stage their own by showcasing their skills in dancing, singing and rapping. The audience appreciated the performances with hearty accolades. The professors then took over the microphone to shower pieces of advice and words of wisdom to ensure the freshers have a successful as well as an enjoyable stay in NIT Rourkela. Then a cake was cut by the professors as a mark of the beginning of a new journey for the first years and a new academic year for the seniors.

After the professors left for their prior commitments, the first years introduced themselves to the seniors and shared some light and candid moments with them. There were opportunities for the junta to mingle among themselves to establish healthy relationships and make new friends. A non-lavish but palatable snack along with a refreshing beverage satiated the hunger of the gathering.

The evening wrapped up with the announcement and felicitation of the Mr and Miss Freshers’ with warm gifts after which the students danced to the tunes of the latest songs, enjoying to the fullest. Every student wanted to capture the moment in their heart with a photograph so that a smile surfaces whenever they see it.  

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