Bienvenue Freshmen : Electronics' Freshers 2k18

Bienvenue Freshmen : Electronics' Freshers 2k18

Maneesh Rout Sudipta Kumar | Sep 03, 2018

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The rainy evening of 28th August unveiled a spectacular extravaganza at the EC Seminar Hall, where The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organised a majestic fresher’s party for the newcomers. The seminar hall was beautifully embellished with colourful balloons and paper frills. The room soon started cramming with the freshers, all well dressed in formals, eagerly waiting for the event. The event was scheduled to begin at 6 pm but was delayed by 30 minutes owing to heavy rains. It was co-hosted by Manish Kumar Naik, P Supriya, Aalisha Padhy, Mohammed Ayaz and Debaprasad Badajena

The event began with the ceremonial lightening of the lamp. The occasion was graced with the presence of professors from the department. Prof. Tarun Kumar Dan, HOD of Electronic and Communication department welcomed the newbies and detailed them about the department. Prof. K.K. Mohapatra, Dean(Academics) also welcomed the freshers and wished them luck for their future.

The cultural events for the evening were then commenced by Ashish Das, who tuned the atmosphere by playing his keyboard. Following him was a mimicry act performed by Ashish Mohapatra which refreshed everyone with the famous dialogues of Bollywood superstars. The crowd was taken by surprise when Amrit Sahani showcased his talent by playing a magical card show. Meanwhile, food packets were delivered to everyone to satisfy their appetite and relish the eve. Then a euphonious track was sung by a sophomore, Tanmaya Mahapatra. Next in line was the group dance performed by some freshmen, which captured the complete attention of the assembly. Shubhen Shekhar Behera, a newbie, held the audience spellbound who had a flair for singing. The event list for the evening was concluded by a comic group dance staged by freshers’ boys' group.

The events were followed by the distribution of a comical questionnaire to the freshers. Then a healthy interaction took place between the seniors and the newbies, and based on the response given to the questionnaires, Ashish Mohapatra and Magna Mishra were titled as Mr. and Miss Fresher respectively. The awardees were gifted with sashes and goodies. The event concluded with photo shoots of different batches.

Bibhupad Tripathy, Class Representative of EC sophomores’ batch, quoted 

The freshers’ party was organised so that the newbies could know the professors of the department and interact with seniors. It was a successful merriment where students of all batches of the department enjoyed the utmost. 

The whole event was a triumphant one and ended on a happy note. The organising team, i.e., the Sophomores had done a big deal of arrangements which resulted in bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Team MM wishes the tenderfoots of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering for a startling year ahead and hopes for the best in them.

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