An Affable Welcome to the Novices: Industrial Design Freshers 2018

An Affable Welcome to the Novices: Industrial Design Freshers 2018

Shubhra Pujari | Sep 03, 2018

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As a new batch of freshmen ushered into the new phase of their life, the sophomores, with great enthusiasm, had organized a warm welcome party for the newbies on a rainy evening of 29th August 2018. LA-114 was decorated with balloons and multi-colored frills and witnessed 30 naïve freshmen who were present to celebrate the freshers of the Department of Industrial Design.

The event was scheduled to be started at 6 pm, but due to less attendance and unexpected rainfall, it got delayed by two hours. The program started at 8 pm and was hosted by Shubhra Pujari and Shreelekha Panda. Initially, the newbies were given a questionnaire consisting of quirky questions which needed them to think of witty answers. The main function started with a short speech by Prof. Dibya Jena and Prof. Mohit Lal, which was indeed inspirational to the students. Cultural programs were organized by the freshmen that enamored the audience. First was a poetry recitation by Soutrik Mukherjee. The next in line was a mellow song sung by Prithviraj Naik and Ramadan Rabha. After this, Gargi Kodgirwar performed a graceful solo dance that made everyone tap their feet in the synchronized rhythm of their dance steps. Food packets and other refreshments were distributed to everyone while the performances were going on.

Continuing with zest, the final years had some friendly and cheerful interactions with the novices which would help them decide the Mr. and Ms. Fresher. The students mingled, interacting with all. At the end of the evening, Prithviraj Naik and Gargi Kodgirwar were declared as the Mr. and Ms. Fresher respectively and lauded with gifts and well wishes. The entire program finally concluded with group photo sessions of all the batches.

Team MM wishes the tenderfoots a wonderful year ahead.

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