The Cultural Fest is Set to Happen, But is Everyone On-Board?

The Cultural Fest is Set to Happen, But is Everyone On-Board?

Fests play a significant role in shaping the lives of the students at NIT Rourkela. They act as a platform for the students to display their talents and a mode of recreation to refresh their minds. Of the many fests hosted all around the year, the Multi-Ethnic fest was unique. NIT Rourkela is a mixed bag of cultures and varied ethnicities from different parts of India and the rest of the world. The Multi-Ethnic Fest was a celebration of these cultural diversities which makes our country so unique. It used to be a four-day affair in which the students from the five significant zones, East, West, North, South and Foreign Zone showcased their regions art and culture.

Last year, the Multi-Ethnic fest was discontinued, but this year a Cultural Event modeled along similar lines as the Multi-Ethnic fest is all set to take center-stage, this November. Team Monday Morning conducted a poll to know how the NITR junta feels about the return of the Multi-Ethnic Fest in the form of a New Cultural Fest.

An astounding 80% of the students see this as a welcome move as it was a much-relished fest among the NITR Junta celebrating the diversity of NIT Rourkela. The fest helps us to remember our traditions and be proud of our origin. The fest provides the students with the much-needed respite from monotonous academics. 

Sambodhi Manna, a student from the second year, said-

The idea of reintroducing the Multi-Ethnic fest is a great one. We will once again be able to witness the cultural diversity of India and various parts of the world sitting right here at NITR. Witnessing the different attires and tasting the various cuisines of all the places will give us a much-needed respite from the hectic college schedule.

The SAC secretaries and officials are gearing up to make the all-new cultural fest a grand one. Sanatan Panda, Cultural Secretary, Second-year constituency, Student Activity Center said-

As the Multi-Ethnic fest is coming back after a stay of one year with a new name of 'Cultural Fest', it's an exciting moment for the sophomores, a new experience for the freshers and an emotion for the pre-final and final years. This would give them a chance to witness the cultures of their locality. SAC is going to start its preparations with a meeting shortly for the smooth conduction of the fest.  

The next option was a distant second, with around 12% of the voters believing it to be a detrimental move for the student populace. 8% of the voters were neutral in their stance. Altogether they constitute a critical minority of the NITR junta, Team MM talked to a few of the students with opposing views about the upcoming cultural festival. Opinions varied from opposition to indifference amongst some of the students with the most common reasons inter-alia being unable to cope up with the work pressure that occurs with the organization of such a fest, distractions to academics, and a possible return to zone politics.

Ashok Kumar, a Sophomore of Electrical engineering wasn't very enthused by the idea of the upcoming cultural festival citing the already hectic academic schedule being overshadowed by the next fest. He said

There is no essential benefit from the upcoming cultural festival. All the things which are supposed to be in it could just as easily be incorporated into the existing fests without the additional resource burden falling on institute which is currently facing a fund crunch. It would be a distraction, at best.

Abinash Mishra, a second-year student from Metallurgy branch, had a neutral stance regarding the upcoming cultural festival. He said

The new Cultural festival is just Multi-ethnic repackaged. Personally speaking, I'm quite indifferent towards it since I don't think it makes much of an impact. It is nice that people from various backgrounds will come together to perform, but that's about it. I think the institute will be served better by focusing on Innovision and NITRUTSAV.

Overall, the response to the upcoming cultural festival has been overwhelming like positive with a lot of the students in support of the fest with a multitude of reasons like the intercultural expression and showcasing of ethnic heritage. At the same time, there is a small minority of students who remain opposed to such a fest citing misplaced priorities and focus on academics. The question remains: how is the cultural festival going to turn out?

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