The Art Aesthetes’ Aid: Workshop by AKRITI

The Art Aesthetes’ Aid: Workshop by AKRITI

Sonali Priyadarshini | Sep 03, 2018

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The simple pleasures of life lie in the aesthetic elements of little things we do for ourselves. Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Public Speaking, Content Writing – all of these, and more, feed the soul with a sense of gratification in the daily life of hustle and bustle. For some of the young engineers and researchers at NIT Rourkela, Art is where their hearts lie in. Amidst the rush of college life, one barely gets a chance to pursue their interests at heart. To aid the art enthusiasts with basics of the art and sketching, Akriti Club​​​​​​​ has initiated a new series of workshops aimed at providing access to learn different forms of art under the guidance of the club’s mentors and artists.

On Wednesday of 29th August, the first workshop of the series on figure sketching was conducted in LA-301. Being an open-to-all event, a total of around 35 students attended the workshop, including most of the club members. The event started at 6:00 PM with a small session of rough sketching practice where the attendees were told to refer an image of a male figure and draw a rough sketch of whatever they interpreted. It was an introductory practice for understanding the perspective of drawing a human figure.

The workshop was conducted by club Mentor, Kishor Kumar Kachari. A fifth-year undergraduate student pursuing his dual degree with an underlying talent of an artistic prodigy, Kishor took it upon himself to teach the basics of form sketching inclusive of all the related techniques to the attendees. Explaining art can be a tricky job, but with years of experience on hands, Kishor explained it with a very systematic sequence of understanding the emotions behind a form and bringing it out on the paper. It began with making a skeletal form of the figure, which steadily moved on to figure blocking procedure. On being asked about the essence of the workshop, Kishor says,

Figure sketching is one of the minimal basics in the arsenal of any artist. However, it tends to be a big challenge for many to perfect this art form. The mistake usually happens with the form proportions. Understanding the line of action and extracting the rhythm and line flow of a given figure is quite essential for this. Detailing is always the last step. If the form is without a flaw, the sketch will come off way better than expected.

After giving a tutorial on how to draw the male figure, the session moved on to drawing different forms of animals like horse, rhinoceros and dogs. The motive was to give the attendees a practice of sketching the figures. With a few more trials, the event was wrapped up at around 8:00 PM.

The club’s President, Tarun Kumar Sethi concluded,

Painting is a journey of self-discovery. Every artist paints what he is. These workshops will be very helpful to anyone who wishes to explore their artistic traits. We will be starting from basics and moving forth towards the intricate art forms in a span of about 6 to 7 workshops. It will be useful to amateurs as well as professionals. It is our club’s vision to reach new heights in various fields of art and craft in the company of creative and passionate minds. We wish to see many more faces at our next workshop which will be conducted very soon.

The participants of the workshop were delighted with the session and wrote happy comments in the feedback sheets provided to them at the conclusion. With the workshop amounting to a good success, Club Akriti will be back again with another session soon.


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