Yet Another Expression of Solidarity: Planning and Architecture Freshers

Yet Another Expression of Solidarity: Planning and Architecture Freshers

Umme Salma | Sep 03, 2018

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They shape the future and they model it

The phrase aptly does justice to the architects and the to-be architects around the world. 
The Department of Planning and Architecture set forth for a great start by holding its fresher's party-"Cloud Burst" on 1st September 2018 at LA 214. The event was very well coordinated by the sophomores who successfully organised an exuberant party for the newcomers.

Due to glitches caused by heavy rains, the event started late by around half an hour. However, the evening set on a roll at around 7:15 p.m. with Amartya Chandran and Smita Surin anchoring the event. Soon enough, the room was full of students from freshmen and seniors. The event was also graced by few faculties of the department including Prof. Suparna Saha, Prof. Roshni Sen, and Prof. Simanthini Behera.

All dressed in unison in orange coloured attires, the girls looked pretty. The boys, on the other hand, carried off their creased orange shirts pretty well. The freshmen seemed pumped up with enthusiasm for the evening. They presented hilarious and jovial performances which took the audience with delight. The performances included group dances, solo dance, a melodious electric guitar instrumental performance, an interesting skit and songs (solo and group) which left the crowd in cheers. The evening was won over by a first-year student, Sibi George who presented a prepossessing live art performance.A live art performance by Sibi George 
One of the freshmen, Vikas Kumar, told Monday morning—

It's a very nice experience. The party is fun and also such activities help us interact and bond well with the seniors.

The food packets and soft drinks were distributed to all the students in midst of the performances. The event came to a conclusion with the freshmen introducing themselves. With a bunch of interesting tasks and fun-filled questionnaires, the students had their fill of fun and laughter.

One of the coordinators for the event, Amartya Chandran told Monday Morning—

"The whole evening went really well as planned and I am really satisfied. Although the technical glitches and the sudden heavy rain brought some unexpected inconveniences. It would have been better if the mic and sound system was good. Anyway, I would call it a success as everyone around looks very happy and cheerful."

A lot of hard work and days of preparations by the sophomores lead to an evening well spent by all. The department is well known for its benign senior-junior bonding which we witnessed ourselves. Overall, the freshmen looked enthralled and in cheerful spirits.


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