Inheriting New Genes: Life Science Freshers 2K18

Inheriting New Genes: Life Science Freshers 2K18

Smruti Sudha Biswal | Sep 03, 2018

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Calendar at NIT, Rourkela always remains packed with joyful events around the year to do away with the monotony of academics. Of all functions and events organised, Freshers event of a department forms an integral part in a student's extra academic schedule. With the inception of a fresh academic year, budding biologists found a new forum to express themselves at the Annual Fresher’s of the Department of Life Science which was conducted at LA 117 on 29th August. The room was embellished with colourful balloons and frills. The event was organised to introduce the freshers with their Department members and conduct a healthy interaction with them. 

Welcoming the 6th batch of Integrated MSc, the students of Int. Msc in the Department of Life Sciences found themselves amidst an overwhelmingly enthusiastic crowd. The event began at around 7 pm after the arrival of invited Professors and seniors. The event was jointly hosted by Soumyamitra Sahu and Smruti  Sudha Biswal from 2nd year. The function was presided over by the Head of the Department, Prof. Bibekananda Mallik who shed some light on the Department’s perspective and offered good wishes to the freshmen. He was followed by the Faculty Advisor of the freshmen Prof. M. Srinivasan who has recently joined the institute in February. He guided the students with his inspiring and motivating words to focus well on academics, striking a fine tune with co-curricular activities. Two of the other professors Prof. R. Jayabalan and Prof. Santosh Kumar graced the occasion.

After the formal session was over with the Professors occupying their places, the 1st year students were called upon to introduce themselves. The introductions delivered were quite unique and intriguing! They reflected a sense of bubbling enthusiasm as the function proceeded. They did away with all sorts of nervousness and were brimming with excitement so as to know what more is there in the store. The evening was then lit with some breathtaking performances augmenting the vibrant atmosphere of the evening. Few freshmen even showcased their talents which included rapping and playing the flute. There were a couple of rejoicing performances by one of the  3rd year students Swapnil Sahoo who left the audience awestruck with his melodious voice. Later, Somesh Gupta, a sophomore rocked the stage with his sprightly moves. A mimicry act was then performed a 3rd-year student Punyatoya Panda which left the crowd in laughter. Later, catering to the wishes of a never-satisfying belly, everyone was served with a light and simple dinner.

The event was quite well organised by the Sophomores of the department. On an ending note, the event concluded with all the students joining the dance floor for a DJ dance. After discussing with seniors and taking into considerations the tasks performed by the freshmen, Mr. Fresher was awarded to Amit Singh and Miss Fresher was awarded to Tapaswini Sethi. The evening was jovial, enjoyable, entertaining and ended on a happy note. Team MM wishes the Department all success and good luck in their future endeavours.

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