The Bizarre Tale of NIT-R and Power Cuts

The Bizarre Tale of NIT-R and Power Cuts

Anonymous | Sep 03, 2018

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29th August, midnight. In this peak hour of productivity, something unforeseen created huge vocal outbursts that echoed through almost the entirety of student residences- power cut. For approximately 2.5 hours the entire NIT lived in dark, in the unbearable heat of the hostels with all the plans and scheduled work being postponed indefinitely. Although this wasn’t the first time the students had faced the obstruction of their lights, fans and the internet going off suddenly, a lot of people raged on this very duration. Even sleeping had become a difficult task until it was late into 3:30 AM when everyone took a sigh of relief and eased themselves with the cool breeze from the fan.    

Perhaps sudden power cuts have become a way of life here in NITR. The veterans in their fifth year have gone through these inconveniences innumerable times and now the freshers are just starting to inculcate this in their weekly schedule. There’s a long way to go. Still, no one exactly anticipates power cuts- it just happens. And we have to deal with it. Although a few times could be overlooked, it is getting tedious to deal with power cuts this time around, mainly when it’s raining outside and to be fair, it’s pretty evident that it’s majorly during rainfall when we lose electricity. And during this time of the year in particular, we’re experiencing rain every other day. Nowadays we don’t have power for a long stretch of hours. To make matters worse, we’re having multiple power cuts on some days too, especially during the darker hours of the day. This inconvenience is something avoidable, though.

It is fair to say that this issue is something the institute is accountable to inform the students about beforehand. Instead of regretting the darkness, heat and humidity when it’s too late, it would be much better if we are informed about this beforehand. After all, in the past year we were informed about the duration of maintenance of the power supply system well before the power cuts and that made it easier for us to accommodate ourselves in that span of having no power. It’s safe to say that after so many power cuts have taken place on such short notice and so frequently too, we all deserve to know the roots of the problem and the time until when this problem will persist. We pride ourselves on being an engineering institute and I’m hopeful that this problem will be eradicated soon. It has happened for far too long to not meet the eye.

We deserve to know if any measures are being taken to reduce the impact of rainfall and thunderstrokes on the power supply or if there’s anything being done at all to reduce the frequent power cuts from happening. This may seem very petty to bring up, but this does affect the image we portray out there. There are students from many, many countries studying here including visitors and these abrupt cuts – to some extent - goes against the reputation our institute and the faculties have built since 1961. NITR, after all, is among the major engineering colleges out there so we must live up to the hype too. There might be some serious faults in the system and that’s totally fine too, but there must be an attempt on improving it and the students must be duly informed about this. We as students do need to manage our time better and for that we should get to know about the circumstances under which electricity can’t provided to the institute and when we should be wary about the power cuts taking place.   

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