A Polarizing Domicile: Dhirubhai Ambani Hall Review

A Polarizing Domicile: Dhirubhai Ambani Hall Review

Afif Janjirkar Soumitra Mandal | Sep 10, 2018

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Dhirubhai Ambani Hall of Residence, named after the iconic tycoon, houses 331 male students from all programs and years bar the freshmen. The hall along with MSS mirrors GDB/MV’s infrastructure and has been a popular choice among the students for its spacious and comfortable rooms. Recently, however, the hall has faced criticism due to its eatery aspects as well as some cleanliness issues. Team Monday Morning brings to you the complete review of the Dhirubhai Ambani Hall of Residence.


The formula of the budget is hall establishment fee for the year multiplied by the number of boarders. The hall establishment fee for the Autumn Semester 2018-19 is Rs 2,400, and the number of boarders in the hall is 331. Hence the allocated budget of the hall is Rs 7, 94, 400. In the words of the General Secretary:

The final budget is yet to be finalized, which will include how it is going to be allocated for the various tasks.


The hall has  a total of 303 occupied rooms out of a total of 307 rooms, spread across blocks A, B and C. The hall has a reading room on the ground floor with the fitness room adjacent to it. The reading room would have been a great place for studying except for the poor ventilation, with one fan and no proper tables. The water supply system is good enough with each block having at least one water cooler. The common room is spacious enough and is currently used as a storehouse for renovation. It is usually locked so as to keep the materials safe. The badminton courts are in terrible conditions and are unfit to be called playing space.

A Lavatory Hiccup

Coming to the bathrooms and washrooms, the boarders have been quite dissatisfied with it. Much to the dismay of the boarders, the washrooms are poorly maintained. The infrastructure is in utmost turmoil. Some of the toilets don’t have adequate mugs so there is no option left but to share what is left, which presents an unhygienic situation. After many complaints, the committee decided to eventually renovate all the bathrooms, but this again posed a problem. All the bathrooms cannot be renovated at once since boarders are currently staying. So the only feasible solution is to begin the renovation start block by block. Hence it started with the A block. This, in turn, has put pressure on the other bathrooms which are being used more frequently.

 All this process of renovation is quite hectic. Sometimes the workers make excuses and abscond from work. Hence the work gets delayed.

-The caretaker

Sanitary Assessment

The sanitation of the corridors is well maintained. Workers are available for cleaning for 8 hours every day. Cleanliness of the corridors remains irregular since there is an adequate number of dustbins in some corridors while the others are clearly lacking, there are no cases of garbage littering along the corridors.

Insecticides are sprayed every Sunday, so there isn’t much problem with the insects. Dogs remain a concern for the residents. The stray dogs have increased alarmingly and are mostly found roaming the corridors not only posing a threat to the security of the boarders but also polluting the hostel by urinating and leaving waste in their wake. There has not been much progress in resolving the issue by the authorities even after the students have expressed their dismay.


The K.R Patel Cafeteria serves as the common mess for both M.S Swaminathan hall and Dhirubhai Ambani hall of residence. The mess is considered the biggest reason for the decreasing popularity of the hall. The boarders feel that it is the most unsatisfactory mess in all of NIT Rourkela. One unhappy student complained:

There are a lot of low budget tasty dishes that can be given. Same dish 4-times a week is unacceptable. Cleanliness, better quality of food more drinking water stations and more items should be available for purchase apart from just drinks. Space should increase, mess worker efficiency, number of serving tables, regular updating and strict following of mess menu. There should be a quality check on the food.

When the students were asked about how they found the quality of the food served to be, 22.7 percent of the boarders found it to be satisfactory, 5.3 percent of the students found it good and an overwhelming majority of about 71.9 percent of the residents thought it was horrible.

When the Warden Prof. H.B. Sahu was asked about the quality of food and food poisoning, he said,

I had heard about insects found in food for which we have and are carrying out disinfection at regular intervals but have never come across a food poisoning complaint. No one had informed me about food poisoning, this is a major problem and food poisoning will be taken seriously.

The statistics of the mess are as follows- There are 30 exhausts, 34 ceiling fans, 21 ten seated tables, 4 eight seated tables, 3 six seated tables out of which some 11 chairs are faulty. There are four water coolers in the mess. There is a severe lack of utensils and no drinking glasses. These are the basic reasons for grievances due to the mess.

There have been utensil requirements in all the messes and we are looking into solving it. We had given a requisition for this last year and some quantity has been purchased but it's still not enough. Coming to the glasses, we always purchase glasses but soon after, 60-70% of the glasses go missing from the mess and are later found in corridors while cleaning. We can tolerate 20-30% of missing glasses but almost all the glasses go missing by the end of six months and it's not possible for us to keep buying them.

-Prof. H.B.Sahoo


Cycle Stand

The cycles in the cycle stand are properly aligned and the area is always guarded by one security officer. The place is spacious enough to prevent traffic. The only problem the cycle stand faces is water logging during rainy days.

Stationery Shop

The stationery shop is located on the first floor of the A block. The shop has all the necessary stationery supplies and provides services like printing, photocopying etc. ensuring that the students do not have to go very far to fulfill their stationery requirements.

Day and Night Canteen

The ill-reputation of the mess makes the day and night canteens a haven for the students. The student reaction to the two canteens is generally positive which is evident from the crowd of students almost ever-present near the canteens. The canteens provide all the popular snacks and fast food to satisfy the student cravings.

Dhirubhai Ambani hall of residence continues to draw polarizing opinions from its residents. The students love the hall but hate some of its aspects. Proper management of the mess situation will no doubt only enhance (and restore) the hall's reputation as one of the best halls to reside in. Team MM hopes that all persisting issues are resolved in the near future.



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