Tuning With The Mining Squad At The Freshers’ Night

Tuning With The Mining Squad At The Freshers’ Night

Sayan Dey | Sep 10, 2018

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The whole Mining Department got into a festive mode on the occasion of the Mining Department Freshers’ 2018. From the final years to sophomores and most importantly the neophytes, the freshers; all of them gathered to get grooving with the gala tunes of the evening.

Currently, each department is having its freshers’ according to the prevalent practice at NITR. The Mining Department celebrated its freshers’ day on last Wednesday. The newcomers enthusiastically responded through their appearance in formal attire. The HOD Prof. Debi Prasad Tripathy was also present on occasion along with six other members of the faculty that amplified the gaiety of the electric ambiance. The venue (at LA) was decently decorated by the sophomores. The decorum started with ‘lighting the lamps’ by the teachers. This was followed by speeches delivered by them, blended with their experiences, anecdotes, humor, and wishes for future addressing the students’ gathering. After this, the freshers went on the dais with the teachers for the cake-cutting ceremony. Everyone seemed to be in a joyous mood flown away with the excitement of the evening.

The seniors seemed pretty much impressed by the arrangements made by the sophomores. Subhrajeet Lenka, a third-year student, stated

They have tried their level best, and we are very thankful to them for organizing the fresher peacefully. Today is also the Teachers’ Day. Most of the professors have come to the freshers’. They also supported us in raising the voice for MINARE.

The schedule kept moving with junior-senior interactions and the freshers introducing themselves to the department. Mrityunjay Mohanty, who is a first-year student in the same department, shared his impression of the freshers’ night and experience at NITR so far,

The party was fun and the words of wisdom from professors were inspiring. Seniors were good and interactive. We had fun together. NITRKL provides an apt combination of pressure and refreshment; a stage to discover oneself.

The night wasn’t yet over for the mining squad. The girls from the freshers’ batch performed a chorus assisted by claps and cheers of the audience. Lapan Nayak, a student from the batch of fourth-year wrapped up the proceedings with the warbling notes of ‘Tera Yaar Hoon Main’, dedicated to his juniors and batchmates:

Jaata hoon main toh mujhe tu jaane de
pareshan hai mere jaane se

Yogesh Sai, another first-year student, displayed a lucid dance performance harmonizing feet-movements with a fusion of Bollywood tracks. At the end of the party, Sandeepta Sahoo and Sakshi Kumari were declared as Mr and Ms fresher respectively.

The party was really amazing. The motive of the gathering is to improve the communication between seniors and juniors. Some tasks and challenges were thrown to the juniors. The title of Mr and Ms fresher has been awarded on the basis of their interactions with us and performances. From my point, it was a perfect freshers party with lots of fun.

said Malay Kumar Sethy, a second-year student.

Prof. Debi Prasad Tripathy in a short talk with MM expressed,

The party was excellent. We (the teaching faculty) always enjoy interacting with the students. Moreover, we had the Teachers’ Day and the freshers’ party on the same day. We had a good time with the students and we are very delighted to be a part of the programme.

The freshers of the Mining Department received a warm welcome from the seniors and the teaching faculty as well. Team MM wishes them all the best for their upcoming years in the campus.

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