The Stuff of Champions: The Inter hall football finals

The Stuff of Champions: The Inter hall football finals

Afif Janjirkar | Sep 10, 2018

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On 4th September 2018, the Satish Dhawan Hall football team and the Dhirubhai Ambani Hall football team went head to head to claim the title of the best hall team in the 2018-19 inter-hall football finals.

The Journey so far

Satish Dhawan were the favorites coming to the finals, rampaging their way through the group stages and the semi-finals all the while remaining undefeated.

The results of the previous matches were:

SD 5-0 VS (Group Stage)

SD 6-0 GDB (Group Stage)

SD 3-1 DBA (Group Stage)

SD 1-0 MV (Semi-Final)

DBA suffered one loss, ironically, against Satish Dhawan in the group stages but was victorious in the all its other matches.

The results of their previous draws:

DBA 5-0 VS (Group Stage)

DBA 4-1 GDB (Group Stage)

DBA 1-3 SD (Group Stage)

DBA 3-0 HB (Semi-Final)

Previous History

The teams faced each other in the group stages where Satish Dhawan claimed the bragging rights as they defeated DBA 3-1 with Omar Marena scoring a hat trick and Pratyush Das scoring from the last minute freekick for DBA. SD went on to top the group while DBA got the second place sealed to advance to the knockout phase.

When it comes to the finals however previous history counts for little as both teams are at their best and nerves are on edge. The match promised to be a close match with both the teams looking matched and constituting of institute team players.

It’s a really good match. Player wise, both the teams have an equal number of Institute team players and the other players are also very good. It is going to be a tough match for both the teams.

-Amrit Puhan (DBA)

How the teams were set-up

SD played in the 4-4-2 formation with two strikers leading their attack while DBA arranged its team in the popular 4-3-3 formation. 

Team Sheets
Prashant SharmaG.V. Nikhil
Dhanush PaiPratyush Das
Sanjay HansdaRishabh Pal
Siddhart RoutAmrit Puhan
Tee Tamo TalomSourish Mishra
Suvam MishraDebashish Pradhan
Omar MareenaNarsingh Soy
Amit NaikDebabrata Mohapatra
Azizullah AshoorySreyanshu Shekhar Singh
Nehil Ramjee ViparthiMohammed Hasim
Sumit PalSatyaroop Patnaik
Sufyan KhanSrinibash Sahoo
Chisola NyalaRitesh Dash
Ankit Kumar PandaC.S.Sambit
Sarthak DasJyoti Prakash Mohanty
Khalid Mirza BaigPulak Chandra Patra
Sanjeet Sanjay Patil 
Ashutosh Rath 

The Match

The event was initially scheduled to start at 6:30 PM but could not adhere to its timings because of the delay caused by the classes of some of the players. The match was officiated by Sidhant Das who was the main referee, Ponana Bopaya (Line referee) and Rohan Dhotre (Line referee).

Match Time-Line

6:56 Match Kick-off by DBA, the ball was quickly won back by SD with Prashant Sharma looking to release Omar Mareena behind the DBA defense but the move could not find a satisfactory conclusion.

7:06 The game settles down a bit with DBA controlling the ball and the game with precise short passes. While SD dropped deep to play on the counter.

7:09  The first chance of the match fell for DBA as the attack pressed the SD backline but the goalie was attentive and rushed forward to collect the ball. Sensing an opportunity for a counter attack the SD keeper Dhanush Pai released the ball quickly upfield that led to the first shot of the game by SD’s Omar Mareena which was comfortably collected by the DBA goalie. End to end stuff.

7:14 The first real opportunity of the game as Sanjay Hansda passed the ball to Omar, setting him up for a tap-in. Omar placed the ball with ease into the DBA net but the goal was not allowed and was waved offside by the line referee.

7:18 DBA had an excellent opportunity but the chance was squandered.

7:20 SD with back to back attacks, piling up the pressure on the DBA defense. The first shot was struck just wide by Tee Tamo Talom and the second shot by Sanjay Hansda was saved by the DBA goalie.


The ground went dark and silent as the light went off, disrupting an exciting match. The match was paused and the time was stopped.

Even when the light is on, all the lamps don’t work and some of them keep fluttering. During these main matches, the lights keep going off. Even during the institute team practices we face this problem. It becomes really dark and we can't even see where the main switchboard is and find the keys. We don’t even have an inverter here. So say the light goes out for two hours, we can not resume the match for two hours. It's really frustrating when this happens, especially today when it’s the finals. In the institute freshers match the power went off for 2-3 times with each one lasting for about 15 minutes. The power cuts affect the players too. It negatively impacts their mindset, stamina etc.

-Rohan Dhotre

7:27 The light came back on in the stadium and the match was restarted with SD in possession of the ball.

7:30 DBA had an excellent opportunity to score from a lob from a freekick but the ball was cleared away by an SD defender.

7:31 DBA once more had a one on one opportunity with the goalie until Nehil Ramjee stopped the DBA attack with an excellent slide tackle.

7:33 SD had another great chance as the striker missed an open header. That was a close as you could get to scoring without actually scoring.

7:37 The referee blew the whistle for half-time. The teams have looked evenly matched so far with both sides creating a lot of opportunities yet failing to find the finishing touch. Score remains 0-0.

The match is quite tight. SD has played really well but so has DBA. The main thing about this match is that as a spectator, this is a really exciting match to watch.

-A spectator

7:37 The second half started with a kickoff from SD. The intensity of the players hadn’t wained off due to the break and that showed in the early minutes of the second half.

7:47 DBA had an excellent chance but the striker couldn’t time his run properly and was flagged offside.

7:56 A turning point as Omar Mareena was fouled in the penalty box by Srinibash Sahoo, and the referee points towards the spot. Penalty awarded to SD.

7:56 GOAL! A cool and composed finish by Prashant Sharma who passes the ball in the bottom left corner of the net. SD 1-0 DBA.

7:57 DBA kick-off looking to cancel out the penalty.

8:01 Tee Tamo Talom gets fouled near the DBA penalty area earning an opportunity for SD too further their lead.

8:11 DBA continue their barrage of attacks, maintaining a high line while SD moves all its players behind the half line trying to defend.

8:14 DBA’s high line almost failed them as Omar slipped back the defense for a one on one with the goalie but slipped much to DBA’s relief.

8:17 DBA’s Amrit Puhan, tried an acrobatic bicycle kick to keep the ball in play but landed awkwardly on his arm. The match paused as the people gathered around to help him.

8:27 Amrit Pulhan was taken on a stretcher for treatment which was carried by both DBA and SD players.

The guy in charge of keeping the storage in DTS is not present now when its really required, when a player gets injured and needs an ambulance. He left before the match and now we can't even access the store where all the medical supplies are kept.

-Ponana Bopaya

8:32 The final whistle was blown as the match ended without restarting after the tragic injury. Final scoreline SD 1-0 DBA.

After the game, team Monday Morning caught up with Shuvam Mishra of SD where he commented:

The game was very scintillating, both teams were equally balanced but at the end of the day we had the upper hand, and created more chances and we deserved to win. Credit to the other team for playing so well and always building up the pressure but hats off to our players for coping really well with the pressure. The game ended on a pretty sad note. It is really unfortunate when any player gets injured irrespective of the team. I wish him a speedy recovery and all the best.

It was a spot of an upsetting end to an otherwise exciting match where both teams played their best. Team Monday Morning congratulates both teams for playing an excellent match and giving their all.


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