A Royal Welcome: Mechanical Freshers 2018

A Royal Welcome: Mechanical Freshers 2018

The former director of NIT Rourkela, Dr. Sunil Sarangi once said

There are two types of engineers-- there are mechanical engineers and then there are others

This quote still rings true as the Bachelors of Technology [B. Tech] in mechanical engineering stands as one of the flagship program of this college. In line with past tradition, the department celebrated their fresher's party on a Friday evening with a lot of fun and éclat with the dressing theme being formal for the young Padawans.

The event commenced around 7 PM at LA-214, which was decked out with splendid decorations, balloons, confetti and, whatnot. Saheel Thali and Pratyusha Padhy, the hosts for the evening, gave a warm welcome to the freshers. The attendees were in a festive mood with music playing in the background as questionnaires full of witty and interesting questions were given to the incoming freshmen to know them better. Anjali Solanki, a first year student from Jodhpur commented

I am feeling a bit nervous, apprehensive and excited all at once. Mechanical engineering was my first choice and it feels great to be a part of such an interesting community.

The event was graced by the presence of Professors—D R Parhi and S K Panda who addressed the crowd with motivational messages, which were met with thundering applause. This was followed by the auspicious lighting ceremony which marked the official beginning of the event.

 This is your day, so you must celebrate

-Prof. S..K.Panda

Event list
Anshuman GuruGuitar and singing (1)
Pratyush Ranjan(1)
Devadutta Dash(1)
Subham Mohapatra(1)
Bhaskar Sarkar(1)
Sandeep Srinivas(1)
Krishna KumarDance (2)
G.V.Akshaya ChakriSinging (3)
Sephali Dance (4)
Seema Priyanka(4)
Seema Mani(4)
Sobli Kumari(4)

The whole affair was brimming with brilliant performances by freshers in front of an excited crowd which appreciated their zest and confidence. Thereafter dinner was distributed which included an assortment of rolls, pastries, and juice. Commenting on the whole event Dr. S K Panda said:

 I had a good time today which isn't surprising since freshers is always an event which rejuvenates me. It was a pleasure to interact with the incoming batch of 2018. And as they say- It's always a new experience.

At last the evening concluded with the interaction between the seniors and freshmen as the latter introduced themselves.


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