Adding Spices to the Recipe: Food Processing Freshers

Adding Spices to the Recipe: Food Processing Freshers

Soumya Ranjan Swain | Sep 10, 2018

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On the auspicious evening of Teachers’ Day in LA-204, the freshman batch of the Department of Food Processing received a warm welcome into the young branch. The formal attire of boys and ethnic dress code of girls persisted as they enjoyed their great entry to the branch. The evening marked as a moment of celebration for both students and professors alike.

The grand evening started with the stupendous anchoring of Swikriti Singh and Himanshu Vidyarthi. The freshmen had prepared a variety of fun activities for the historical evening in their life. The audience rested back and relished the group song by Ajay Menon, Sampad Sahoo, Sukhbinder Singh, Siddhant Chataria, and Jyoti. The floor was conquered with a group vocal of P R Prabhasi, Soumyashree Sahoo, Snigdharani Padhy, and Ishita Bhatnagar who challenged their boys’ counterpart quite nicely. An evening so special without Shayari is beyond imagination as Raghav Sharma progressed the enthusiasm with his lovely Shayari.

The guest panel was decorated with the presence of the Head of Department, Prof. Rama Chandra Nayak, and other esteemed professors like Prof. Sabyasachi Mishra, Prof. Preetam Sarkar, Prof. Parag Sutar, Prof. Sushil Singh, Prof. Kalpana Devi, Prof. Madhuresh Dwivedi, and Prof. Hanuman Dwivedi. They welcomed the new
batch with great honor, passing their immense knowledge and experience for a greater future. This interactive session was followed by a brief celebration of Teachers’ Day.

The refreshments in the freshers of Department of Food Processing was served as the audience enjoyed the energetic dance by the freshman boys consisting of Ajay Menon, Ankit Dey, Sampad Sahoo, Siddhant Chataria, Sukhbinder Singh, Sunil Oram, and Purshottam Das. Jatin Kataria of the Sophomore year lighted the floor with his moves as the audience hooted all the way through. This perfect performance was followed by a great number by Soumyashree Sahoo, Pallavi Kumbha, and Shiv Priya. Anusha Bikkina took the ending to her name with a solo performance Based on an earlier distributed questionnaire, the decorated Ms. and Mr. Fresher title was given to Pallavi Kumbha and Raghav Sharma respectively.

The grand evening came to an end with a new batch of freshman added to the family of this department. The freshmen were gifted with memorable goodies as a mark of their entry into the Department of Food Processing. Team Monday Morning wishes the Department of Food Processing a great success in future expeditions with a group of youngsters added with them.

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