Confluence of the Technocrats : ASME EFx NIT Rourkela 2018

Confluence of the Technocrats : ASME EFx NIT Rourkela 2018

Set up in the year 2011, the student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) at NIT, Rourkela is achieving new heights. It is now considered as one of the fastest growing clubs at NITR. In a bid to strengthen its existing roots, the club recently hosted the widely popular national event called ASME EFx with ASME India on 8th September. There was a footfall of around 169 students from institutions across Odisha and nearby states, which also included students from NITR.

To those who are faint with the idea about what ASME is, ASME is an international engineering society that conducts five international level engineering fests all over the world, where students test their concepts and skills at the competitions in it and acquiring new ones at workshops and talk sessions. As all of us in various colleges across the country can't take part in due to various scheduling reasons, membership etc, ASME brings the action and spirit of the international fests to the colleges at a zonal level in the form of EFx, a mini version of the main fest, so many more students can access the opportunities in international level-like competitions and workshops and get the experience.

This event consisted of competitive events like Oral Presentation ( A presentation to asses the communication and elucidation skills of engineers about a relevant technical issue), Product Modification Challenge (modifying an existing product according to given constraints), interactive sessions and workshops with industry experts such as Prashant Dhawan,TEDx speaker and founder of the Biomimicry Lab India , for Biomimicry talk session, Ramphal Nehra,General Manager at Tata Cummins for the keynote session and Dhaval Trivedi, entrepreneur and academician for the Human Powered Vehicle Workshop. The event was organized to bring the excitement, community, innovation and vibrant experience of an ASME E-Fests engineering festival, to engineering students at local colleges and universities around the world.


The ASME EFx organising team started the registrations at 7.30AM at the entrance of the TIIR Building. Simultaneous registrations for the Oral Presentation and Product Modification Challenge was also done. The participants were provided blue bands along with the food coupons.

The registration was followed by the inaugural ceremony of the fest at the TIIR auditorium. Over 150 participants had turned for this ceremony. It was scheduled to begin at 8.30AM but was delayed owing to registrations. Prof Simanchala Panigrahi, Dean(Student Welfare) was the esteemed Chief Guest of the occasion. The ceremony was hosted by Rohit Dash and Abhigyan Majumdar.

Welcoming everyone to the fest, Prof. Panigrahi enlightened the importance of such events in college life. He advised the students to gain extra knowledge apart from their college curriculum and focus on innovation.

The inaugural ceremony was followed by a briefing about the upcoming events and were escorted to the respective venues.


The event was flagged off by Dr. S Panigrahi to add stars and well wishes on behalf of the institute to the entire team of ASME. ASME was briefed on a greater scale, a scale greater than just a technical club was put forth by Madhukar Sharma, President of  ASME India. The glorious history of ASME, on the trail of HPVC, was narrated. There were appraisals and heartiest congratulations to Vellore Institute of Technology for having won HPVC 2018.


The honorable guest Dhawal Trivedi, an academician/entrepreneur, a renowned researcher, leadership enthusiast and a global finalist for the innovative design simulation challenge by ASME at Boston, took over the podium to brief further. He started off with a motivational speech about how a team works and the struggles it needs to go through to meet the interests of the fellow mates. He briefed the five years journey of HPVC and spoke of the drag event of HPVC held at 2015 in DTU, and a YouTube video was exhibited. The talk session included an explanation of technical terms. The remarkable performances of glorious teams and fastest vehicles were spoken of. Technical questions were asked for the sake of public interaction. The talk included mechanism, specifications, and biometrics of the HPVC vehicle and rider. Safety instruments and gears used for the same were discussed as well.


In a bid to take the event to another level, and give the participants an opportunity to present their verbal communication skills, an oral presentation competition was organized. Like all professionals, engineers must possess a well-developed ability to communicate ideas, issues, and solutions effectively to the diverse audience. The competition was designed to emphasize the value of and hone the ability to deliver clear, concise and effective oral presentations, particularly about some sphere in which an engineer is or should be involved.

Some rules which governed the competition included the presentation of the topic in English and addressing a topic pertaining to the realms of a technical, economic or environmental aspect of engineering or other basic engineering themes. It should have been related to some sphere in which an engineer is or should be involved. The presentations were judged by a panel on the following four criteria: content, organization, delivery and effectiveness, and the quality of discussion evoked by the presentation. They were allowed to assist themselves with aids like powerpoint presentations, clips etc. A total of 10 minutes was allotted to present and the following 5 minutes was reserved for Q and A session.

11 participants from across different institutions in Odisha and nearby states turned up for the competition. The presentations were quite versatile varying from topics likes Artificial Intelligence to Vehicle to Vehicle Communication, Bendable concrete to name a few. The event was judged by a panel of judges which included Prof.Pradip Chaudhury from the Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Prof.S.K. Behera from the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

The event was supposed to begin at 9 am, but due to some delay, it started at 10:30 am. The event took place in LA 104 and LA 117. The participants were bubbling with enthusiasm as they proceeded with their presentations. The question and answer session saw some thought-provoking and intriguing questions which were fired at the participants. They later went on to answer them using their wit and smartness.

After a highly intriguing and exemplary session of Oral presentations, the results were announced. The first position was bagged by Anup Kumar Sohela.  He was awarded a cash prize of INR 5000. The second spot was achieved by Krishna Das. He was awarded a sum of INR 3000. The third position was jointly bagged by Mahesh Ranjan Pati and Nitish Ranjan Nayak. They were awarded a cash prize of INR 500 each.


The organisers seem to be quite enthusiastic about the event. Earlier a similar kind of program was organised for High school students, but now it has been expanded, allowing Engineering and allied areas students to participate. It is a noble venture vested in the interests of the students from technical and related fields. The event has been very well organised, and it can be even better.I look forward to many more such events. I wish the team ASME of NIT, Rourkela all the very best in their future endeavours.

Prof. SK Behera, one of the judges from the panel



Innovation is one of the most essential concerns of each organization and its role in the development and coordination of the market is inalienable. A company cannot survive without innovation. Innovation in all human areas applies to product development, methods of management, ways of doing works, etc. Keeping such factors in mind, ASME conducted the Product Modification Challenge at the EFx.

The problem statement was released the day before the competition. The product- JAYBIRD RUN wireless headphones was launched in markets in September 2017. The user manual was also provided on the website to get a complete description of the product’s specifications. The participants were asked to modify the product in any of the eight aspects- Audio Quality, Ergonomics and Fit, Aesthetics and Design, Connectivity, Battery Life, Extra Features, Interaction with the user at any level. The modification of the product was to be elucidated in a presentation. Students were allowed to form a group of two.

The participants were allowed a maximum time limit of 10 mins with an interactive question session of 10 mins. Prof. Dhananjay Bisht, Professor of Industrial Design and Prof. Mohammed Rajik Khan, Professor of the Industrial Design department, were the esteemed judges of the event.

The event was scheduled to begin at 9 AM but was postponed to 10.30PM due to late registrations. It was conducted in LA114. A total of 8 teams comprising teams from different parts of the country had participated. They were judged by their presentation and innovation in the product. The groups provided their extensively researched presentations, and quick questions were fired to which they responded calmly.

NIT, Rourkela swept the prizes from the event. Safalya Kumar Parida was judged as the winner. He was presented with a cash prize of INR 5000 along with a certificate from ASME India. The team of Ganesh Bansod and Sai Chand were the Runners-Up while the team of Jainam Verma and Pratyush Gourav were declared as the second runners-up. They received a cash prize of INR 3000 and INR 1000 along with certificates respectively.


The Leadership Session was conducted at 12:30 pm at TIIR Auditorium with Prof. Dushyant Mahadik as the speaker of the event. Although the session was planned to be held at 12:30 pm but was rescheduled accordingly. The program was attended by about 100 participants. The interactive session was primarily focused on the importance of leadership and the attributes required for being a good leader. The session was also obstructed for about ten minutes due to the technical issues.

Quoting the speaker:

You need to consider three aspects while leading your team. “Why” do you want the particular goal to be accomplished; “What” is the goal that you have been striving for and what do you want from your teammates; “How” are you going to accomplish it. It is not always only your technical skills that matter, but you need to inculcate a lot many characteristics as well.

The speaker of the event highlighted the aspects of leadership and very clearly put forth his ideas and opinions about it. He explained how being successful in one’s career does not necessarily make him a good leader. Adding to that he inspired the audience by stating the qualities one must possess to lead the team efficiently. He highlighted upon the leadership skills and how essentially one must integrate conceptual skills, human skills, and technical skills to accomplish his goals and become a good leader.

Sharing his experience Abhishek Mohanty, one of the spectators says:

The session was worth attending and inspiring. It enlightened us about the qualities of being a good leader. It was brilliantly explained how being successful doesn’t guarantee you to become a successful leader as well. It was a great experience to be a part of the session.


Prashant Dhawan, the co-founder of biomimicry India lab and studio and biomimicry India networks and an influential TEDx speaker stood up on stage to begin the talk. The agenda was set to clear and was as follows :

  1. What is biomimicry? Why now? Why is it different?
  2. Patterns in nature and how they are affecting the nature.
  3. Are we at our best? What is the source and reference to all our ideas and inspirations today?

He elaborated on how nature manages complex systems, manipulates color and shape, augments the strength of certain raw materials, uses algorithms, distributes water and desalination of the procured water. The evolution of natural species and the exponential human population growth was analyzed.

He further said:

Nature’s design brief only allows creating conditions conducive to life. The central organising principle of all processes.



The interactive session on Biomimicry was followed by the ASME SECD (Student and Early Career Development) session by Mr. Madhukar Sharma, President, ASME India. The event was conducted at BBA and after rescheduling of the events, was supposed to begin at 3:30 pm but was eventually delayed by 45 minutes. The event started with the introduction to ASME Student and Early Career Development Sector and the council associated with it. As said by the honorable speaker, the council aims at inspiring and empowering post-secondary students to solve global challenges through lifelong learning experiences. He further explained the platforms to get involved in the council and contribute to managing and conducting ASME EFx and E-fests.

The session was extended in introducing the Early Career Engineer Programming Committee and the internship opportunities they have. He talked about the interactive ASME online pages that cater to the queries and suggestions about ASME and the SECD Council. He highlighted upon the ASME Fests and discussed upon the various events conducted there, that includes the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC), Student Design Competition, and Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D Competition. He further added the scholarships and support provided by the organisation to the post-secondary students.

Quoting Madhukar Sharma:

It’s highly important to develop your passion and religiously follow it with determination and dedication. ASME provides you with the platform to empower you, provide multiple opportunities and even employment and training perspective for the young minds.

He informed about the E-Fest which will be held at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore during February 1-3, 2019. The International ASME E-fest will be conducted in South America on August 9-11, 2019.

He further elaborated on the opportunities and platforms to get involved with the organization after the graduation. He talked about the volunteering program, ASME Professional Sections, Mini-Talks, social meet-ups and various other ways to contribute to the society after one’s graduation. The session was concluded with an interactive session with the audience.

Mahesh Prasad Pati, one of the spectator's shares:

“The session was quite informative. We got to know about ASME in detail and the opportunities associated with it. We were informed about the scholarship and internship opportunities which were quite beneficial. The session was interactive as well, and we learnt about different EFx and E-Fests being organised in India and abroad.”

Keynote session and Awards Ceremony

Following the ASME SECD session was the highly awaited keynote session. This program was scheduled to begin at BBA at 4 PM but was postponed by 45 minutes. The auditorium was filled with around 250 students filled with enthusiasm.

The speaker of the session was Mr. Ramphal Nehra, General Manager- Sourcing and SQL Leader at TATA Cummins Limited. He started his session with a briefing about his company TATA Cummins. He presented the products and different works of the company. He also briefed about the hiring process of TATA. He explained to the audience what the companies expect from engineers. He illustrated the importance of engineers in our country and what the society expects us to do. He also went on to explain the importance of life over money.


Go for your passion, go for the organisation which challenges your ability where you feel you will add value. Feel proud of what you are.

He next interacted with the audience on questions like ‘What makes you happy?’. Various comical and concise answers came from the audience and the audience. The interactive spectators were also presented with goodies.

Biswajeet Sahoo, an attendee of the session, quoted

The session proved to be fruitful for us. We got to know about the TATA Cummins Products and their mantra of success. We came to know about the importance of engineers and money in the society. It was a proud moment for us to have such an eminent personality in our institute.


The keynote session was followed by the award ceremony. The winners of the Oral Presentation Competition and Product Modification Challenge was presented with their awards. Mr. Dhaval Trivedi, Mr. Prashant Dhawan, and Mr. Rampal Nehra were felicitated for their contributions. Prof.Pradip Chaudhury, Prof.S.K. Behera, Prof. Dhananjay Bisht, and Prof. Mohammed Rajik Khan were also felicitated for their contribution towards judging the event. ASME NITRKL chapter was felicitated for successful conduction of the event.

This was followed by the refreshment session and the cultural activities.


Entertainment has always been on the priority list whenever it comes to any event. To mark the end of the mega one-day event of ASME EFx, the evening saw some electrifying performances delivered by the singers and dancers of NIT, Rourkela. The cultural event kicked off in a performance by the official EDM Club of NIT, Rourkela “Drill and Bass”. There was a startling performance by one of the freshers namely Mohd. Hilal who captured the audience’s attention with his melodious voice. Later, few more members from the club came forward to present their performances.

In an ending note, the evening was wrapped up in a performance by the official dance club of NIT, Rourkela “Synergy”. The enthusiasm of the dancers was at its zenith as they performed on various songs. The audience was enthralled by their performance. The fact that they thoroughly enjoyed the evening was vividly reflected in their faces.

At around 8 pm, the curtains were pulled for the mega one-day event which was highly successful. Team MM wishes ASME good luck in all future endeavors.







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