"Hello World": Computer Science and Engineering Freshers

Harsh Mohan | Sep 10, 2018

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Coming together is beginning; walking together is progress; working together is success

It was this quote indeed walking on which the department of computer science and engineering organised their branch freshers. The evening showers of September the 9th could not dampen the spirits of this department when around 400 freshers, sophomores and seniors turned into LA 204 to give their fresh faces a new beginning.


Balloons and ribbons decorated both the entrance to the hall. The dramatic first impression given by the LED lighting on one of the entrance inscribing "I love CSE" set the atmosphere of excitement and fun. The decoration inside the hall mainly comprised of ribbons and balloons. The stage was decorated with a flyer and prismatic balloons strewn all over the floor. The ambiance inside the hall which started buzzing with freshers and sophomores by 6:00 pm was maintained by the wide variety of music played on loudspeakers.


By 7:00 pm almost all the freshers and sophomores had gathered in the hall. Refreshments were distributed. The freshers were also asked to fill a small question paper containing some HR questions and a series of innocently naughty riddles. The answers to this paper were the basis for the selection of contestants for Mr and Ms Fresher title. By the time these chores progressed pre-final and final year students of the department entered the hall received amidst applaud. They too were served refreshments comprising of a snack box and a frooti. Shortlisting of candidates based on their papers was also done by them.


It was 9:00 pm when the programme for the evening actually commenced. Animesh Pradhan and Anusha Narayan were the hosts for the evening. After a short welcome address, they passed on the stage to be set alive by the vibrant songs by fresher Anshuman Padhy, Pratik Priyadarshin, Ritik Parida, Subham Sai Behera and Rishab Roshan Malik. They were followed by songs from Srilipta and Ashutosh Mohanty. Swati, another first-year student gave an enthralling dance performance which went down well with the audience.


With these performances coming to an end the stage passed on to the most awaited episode of the eve – Mr and Ms freshers contest. All the girls were called up for the competition while a select ten number of boys were called up. This event was coordinated by the seniors of the department. The contest included usual tasks like dancing, singing, mimicry etc. The task for girls was walking down the ramp to the beat of the music. While some tasks for boys were rather awkward and included a varied form of intimate dance with other male contestants.

When the stage was occupied with the contest the rest of the hall was filled with various kind of buzzing noises coupled with the loud sound of unrhythmic music. The traditional senior-junior interaction had taken the hall into frenzy and bonhomie. The pseudo lines which separated the students based on their year had evaporated and the hall was filled with juniors in peculiar positions and actions. 

After a while, the attention was diverted towards the stage again where the Mr. and Mrs. Fresher was announced. They were awarded the title of "Prince" and "Drama Queen" respectively apart from some other gift hampers.


The evening for the first years came to an end with this. But celebration continued further with the cutting of cake by the final year students after the fresher had left. After this everyone immersed themselves in party fever setting the stage alight with energetic group dance keeping aside all thoughts. The party concludes at around 10:30 pm when the sophomores took to their responsibility of cleaning the hall.


A better organisation of the event was assisted with guidance from the seniors. Thus, keeping together is progress. The event was a great success which received the appreciation of the seniors for organising committee comprising of sophomores who worked together tirelessly under the leadership of their Class Representative Milind Choudhary to make the program a huge success. Thus, working together is success. The junior-senior interaction must have helped the new faces set aside their fear and make new relationships. The event might have been a long and tiring one but instilled a feeling of cohesiveness among the new faces and a feeling of satisfaction on the sophomores.

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