E-Cell organizes TEDx Salon Event

E-Cell organizes TEDx Salon Event

The Entrepreneurship Cell, NIT Rourkela in association with Entrepreneurship Cell, VSSUT Burla hosted a ”TEDx Salon Event” at TIIR Conference Hall on 9th September(Sunday). A salon event is one where the attendees watch TED Talks, sometimes host a few speakers and have informal discussions about the talks they witnessed. In addition to all that it was a prelude to the main TEDx event to be organised on the 30th of September at VSSUT Burla and carried the theme ‘Solving the unsolved' and hosted two speakers.

The event began at about 5 PM with an introduction to TED by the representatives from VSSUT and then the playing of the official TED introductory video. The stage was then taken over by the first speaker of the evening, Mr. Devan Bhalla, IIM Alumni and Marketer who spoke about the importance of motivation for achieving one's goals in life. He shared a story about his childhood where he had lost all hope after losing his first mentor, an art teacher, to an accident and went on to talk about the roles that a person’s frame of mind, the peer pressure he faces and his drive to learn, play in shaping their future.

Commenting on his experience talking for the first time at a TED event he said

It was a phenomenal experience. I really liked the effort put in by the student bodies coordinating between VSSUT Burla and NIT Rourkela. The theme was 'Solving the Unsolved', and a direct extension of that is through Motivation. You can address your personal and professional aspirations through, your dreams and your goals through the power of motivation.

A TEDx video by Ananda Shankar Jayant was screened on-stage in which she talked about tragic events and personal losses in her life growing up in a middle-class neighbourhood in Secunderabad India. The essence of her talk was about finding the balance between what you need to do and what you want to do and the importance and role of passion in one’s lives.

The second speaker for the evening was Jay Sharma, co-founder, Estinno. An alumnus of NIT Rourkela, Jay, started his company while in his second year and is now a millionaire. He holds the Limca Record for creating the world's smallest washing machine. We all know about the significant stages in building a start-up, i.e. Ideation, Investment and Scaling but there lies another stage that remains hidden. It is the learning stage. He talked about the importance of the learning stage and how it can help in the development of a company in its later stages. By Pareto's 80-20 principle 20% of learning that one does today would in 80% development of one's company He said that the growth of a company is never linear and it takes only a moment for a person to double his wealth.

If you want to start a company, do it early or wait till you are past forty as the 30s are when you get the most amount of pressure. Either start early and learn on your way or learn everything and then startup.

Furthermore, a second TEDx talk video by Aditya Iyer about the Indian Education system was shown. He narrated a  story surrounding more than a million students in India built around a booming IT industry. A mechanical rat race for a seat amongst the top engineering colleges; student suicides in our system and finally how the present system in all its complexity has turned out to be one of the most fascinating educational stories in the world.

The event was briefly interrupted by a power cut caused by the torrential downpour. Yet the speakers did not let the crowd lose enthusiasm as they encouraged everyone to switch on their mobile lights and conducted a discussion around where they answered questions asked by the audience. The talks went for about one-half hour on a multitude of topics like ways to maintain good professional relations with your partners in business, how to deal with investors, how do start-ups work, the role of the founders and much more. The power came back by the end of the discussion around, and the event came to a close with a vote of thanks from Yogesh Singla, President, E-Cell, NIT Rourkela. Everyone was content with the way the whole affair turned out to be despite the minor setbacks. Ninad Madhav, a coordinator from E-Cell, VSSUT, Burla said

The motive behind organizing this TEDx Salon event was to outreach people and to present the theme of TEDx VSSUT Burla, 'Solving the unsolved'. This event was a success thanks to the help from E-Cell, NIT Rourkela.                                                                                                             

Nalin Modi, Vice-President, E-Cell, NIT Rourkela was extremely happy about the event and had this to say,

We had a great event. More than 75 tickets were sold but we did not expect a larger turnout as many people were tired because of the EFx event and there was also the ‘Stree’ screening going on at the same time. But a salon event demands a smaller audience in order to help in proper shaping of ideas. 


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