A Battle of Minds at Jnanagni: The Biz quiz 2018

A Battle of Minds at Jnanagni: The Biz quiz 2018

Sayed Munib Ahamad | Sep 10, 2018

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Inquizzitive, the official quizzing club of NIT Rourkela in association with the Rourkela chapter of NIT Rourkela Alumni Association (NITRAA) organized the 4th edition of  Jnanagni- the biz quiz on the occasion of engineers day.The quiz is conducted mainly to increase the awareness of the pupils regarding current affairs, business scenarios etc to make them better equipped for tomorrow's corporate world.

The event started at around 11AM at LA-104 with a welcome by the president of Inquizzitive, Swastik Mishra of the attendees which included members of NITRAA as well as Prof S K Patel from department of mechanical engineering who's been associated with Inquizzitive for a long time. The teams were or two people, with no cross-college teams . Over 35 participants attended the quiz with two teams from outside NIT Rourkela.

The Prelims started shortly after the welcome address and contained 20 questions, with in-built tie breaker, mostly from the world of business. The Prelims were proctored by Abhishek Patra and Swastik Mishra. The Quizmaster for the Prelims was Anup Agarwal, an alumnus of NIT Rourkela. The questions ranged from plain identify type ones through workable one all the way to lateral connect types with both expected and surprising answers like Abraham Lincoln having a patent for removal of boats stuck on shoals.

There was a short break while the Prelims’ responses were being evaluated. Six teams qualified into the dais with five of them from NIT Rourkela and one from IGIT sarang. With one of the teams comprising of Abhishek Patra, the ex-president of Inquizzitive as lone wolf. Mr Sampad Mishra, an alumnus of NIT Rourkela—Department of Mechanical Engineering, was the quizmaster for the finals.

The finals were divided into 4 rounds with the first round with 12 questions going clockwise with pounce and bounce and +10/-10.  The second round was the same only anti-clockwise. The third round was only a single pounce round with +20/-20 and five questions. The final round was comprised of five questions with lateral connects about the pictures shown on stage with +20/-20. The questions were intriguing to say the least and on multiple occasions elicited applause from the audience for their sheer ingenuity and mind-bending logic.

All the teams fought it out in the finals with brilliant answers from nearly all the contestants especially the the homeground teams who showed their mettle in the arena of quizzing. There were a lot of audience prizes as well and the audience remained proactive throughout the session. It was a tooth and nail competition between multiple teams with Abhishek Patra finally emerging champion with a unmistakable lead followed by Chinmay Mohanty and Prathamesh Dash, who were 1st runners up. Next up were Sayed Munib Ahamad and Dibya Prakash Mohanty who put out a great fight, to finish second runners up. They all won cash prizes worth INR 5K, 3K and 2K respectively. The prizes will be given out in a ceremony on engineers day, on 15th september at the Indo-German club.

NITR has a great legacy of performing well and/or winning at national level quizzes so NITR teams have always been a dominant force in eastern India. It wasn't surprising that the teams were very well prepared given that selection from the prelims was also a tightly fought battle in which some brilliant competitors missed out. Furthermore in the finals the last question decided the winner with there being a tiebreaker for the 2nd runners-up too.

Commenting on the event, the QM Sampad Mishra, fondly called Sampath Anna, said “ Nothing gives greater satisfaction to a quizmaster than seeing his teams progress with the evolving times; keeping abreast of not only the present but the past scenarios. At the same time questioning the ‘what's, when's and how's’ of things. I hope that  this will be a launchpad for the students for upcoming quizzes and will give an impetus to the people of NITR to increase their knowledge”

Team MM congratulates the winners of Jnanagni Quiz and wishes them all the best for their future events.


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