Enriching Foundations: Civil Engineering Freshers

Enriching Foundations: Civil Engineering Freshers

Deepak Marandi | Sep 10, 2018

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The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the oldest departments of NIT Rourkela, and it has been producing engineers who have built the Nation. The new batch of freshers was welcomed and introduced to the rich legacy of this department through the Freshers Celebration.

The Department of Civil Engineering welcomed its fresh batch on 2 September in LA 214. The Freshers Celebration started at 6:30 PM as the Head of Department, Prof. Mahabir Panda, joined the gathering. Along with him, Prof. Pradip Sarkar, Prof. Shishir Kumar Sahoo, Prof. Subhajit Mondal, Prof. Saikar Sarkar joined the students on this occasion.

Civil engineering students from all years were present in large numbers to celebrate and welcome the new batch of future civil engineers. The event began with the lighting of the lamp by the professors and Prof. Mahabir Panda addressing the freshers.

This freshers batch is one full of talent. This talent was on full display through a series of performances. For the first performance of the evening, Sidhant Das and Srujan Dash performed a mesmerising musical with their violin and whistling skills. The audience was captivated and awarded them with a massive round of applause.

Then, Mohammed Safwan performed a solo song with his amazing voice. Next, Saurav Sahoo and Aditya Shuvam performed a duet to enthrall the audience.

Starting with the dance performances, a duet of Tutika Kavya and Lakshmi Prasanna performed an energetic dance on famous Telugu songs. Then a group of K. Bhuvan Srinivas, I. Lohit Babu, C. Venkatesh, K. Mahendra Naik and M.R.G. Karthikeya presented a dance performance and entertained the whole audience.

The last performance of the day was presented by Dibyajyoti Sritam. He performed a solo song which amazed the audience.

After the performances were over, students of all years openly interacted with one another. The freshers made valuable amity with their seniors who help them and would guide them in times of need throughout their stay in NIT Rourkela.

At the end of the evening, Mohammed Safwan was declared as the Mr. Fresher and Subhra Priyadarshinee was declared as the Miss Fresher.

Team MM congratulates the freshers batch and wishes them a great future ahead!

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