Charged To The Core: Electrical Freshers

Charged To The Core: Electrical Freshers

Soumitra Mandal | Sep 10, 2018

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The Department of Electrical Engineering is such that it can never refrain from chivalry when it comes to welcoming the first year students. The department believes that first impressions do matter and a healthy embrace of the freshmen students is a necessity.

The onus of organising the welcome party, popularly called freshers party, is majorly on the sophomores, while the 3rd and 4th-year students take the role of supervising the event. The electrical fresher's party was held last Saturday, on 8th Saturday and turned out to be a very colourful evening studded with varieties of entertainment ranging from songs and dance performances to drama and stand-up comedy.

The room had been decorated by some of the most artistic minds of the batch of second years. Balloons, paper crafts, colourfully decorated blackboard, led lights; everything with a touch of electrical engineering, and not a single stone was left unturned.

The evening began with the first year students arriving first, in completely formal attire, quite impeccable in appearance. They were handed out some witty questionnaires, to begin the process of learning more about their outlook of engineering in general and their branch in particular.

Then the third year and the fourth year students arrived, who were greeted with a huge round of applause. Professor Prasanna Kumar Sahoo, one of the most beloved and respected professors of the department, graced the evening. It was more than a surprise for everyone. The events began with Professor lighting the lamp, along with the respective Class Representatives (CRs) of each batch. Prasanna sir spoke a few wise words to welcome the freshers. He said, 

A warm welcome to the first year students. This is the beginning of a new journey. You all need to plan and grow step by step in these four years while enjoying it too. My best wishes are with you.

Following this, he had to leave due to some pre-engagements, nevertheless, he was handed a bouquet of flowers as he departed, as a gesture of respect.

The performances started with a duet song by the girls, and soon some were already swaying to the melody. While on one hand, the performances were going on, on the other hand, food packets were distributed. It contained a wholesome assortment of snacks and refreshments. The performance that garnered the most attention was a group performance by three guys who, rather than dancing on a song they enacted the song. A rare combination of gestural dance combined with catchy tracks. It didn’t involve much movement but was a treat to the eyes since it was a very comical performance. The best dance was kept for the last, a group dance by first-year girls. A huge cheer erupted from all corners of the room as they performed.

Some of the seniors were found advising the freshers about life at college and academics, while some others were just exchanging introductions. The event ended with everyone dancing their heart out. Now it was hard to distinguish between juniors and seniors as both of the groups danced side by side, clicked selfies and filled the room with smiles. The seniors were quite satisfied with the arrangement and nobody could deny that the organisers (the sophomores) had given their best. They said,

It could not have been possible without the collective efforts of our batch. Everyone played a role that made the party what it is.

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