The Eternal Love Story of NIT-R and Rains

The Eternal Love Story of NIT-R and Rains

Rudransh Sharma | Sep 17, 2018

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It's a tale between two lovers. The ones who are miles apart but still yearn for each other. It's a tale about emotions which, unlike the world we live in, are expressed like you've never seen before. It's a tale about rains, and it's eternal love for our campus.

It's that time of the year, the final round of counselling have sealed your fate and it has NITRourkela written all over it. You've traveled long and hard to reach the place where you'll spend  almost  half a decade (or less depending on your degree and course) in. You feel something inexplicable the moment these winds here ruffles you up. Fast forward to your first day, that enthusiasm you have to attend your first class, something you've waited for, you've dreamt for when you were still a student in 12th grade (Oh! The Good old days). Cometh thy hour cometh thy man, was something you've based your entire preparation years on but when it was the hour, came the man, in the most unexpected way, in the form of tears, directly from heaven, essentially in the form of rain. It's only been half a week, you still are yet to be accustomed to all the pathways this gigantic college of yours has to offer, for you it's still a labyrinth to be figured out and to add to something that you need to understand, comes this erratic weather, this place has . Enough of nostalgia, let's get straight to business.

The rains and our campus share a very old and wierd love story. It's so much more than them being mere long distance lovers, yet shy of actually commemorating their relationship. Let's get to more of a factual based article than a narrative one. Let me break it down for you, what it's like to live in such a weather which just like the new album of Eminem, drops out of nowhere yet takes the entire world by storm.

The rains here are something you can't really predict, even if it's bright and sunny, there is still a good probability of the rains to happen within the next five minutes,.The rains here donot posses any sense of discrimination, be it 12 in the noon or 12 in the night it will rain as hard as it wants to and for as long as it likes. For someone who hasn’t seen rains this hard and this frequent it leaves a bittersweet taste. It's something in our very upbringing, and the culture which overly romanticise rains. Rain has that something because of which intrinsically our mood lightens up, we feel good the moment these droplets grace our bodies, but raining this frequently and this hard, you tend to develop a hatred towards it. Rains here are like that santa-claus on Christmas that no one is really looking for, but as santa (read as satan) it comes bearing gifts. Gifts of mud, gift of entire campus turning into quicksand, but saving the best for last, is the gift of blackouts. Blackouts are something which is extremely common here, every student here has become accustomed to blackouts. The loss of electricity hits you like a sudden prang of sadness washing all over you, the loss of electricity causes a void much bigger than what your ex left you with. Like someone who adds the 'P' in 'P'rocastination you have all of the assignments, all the club tasks, all lined up until the very end. Then like a typical anti-romantic villain these rains wash down the campus taking all your hopes and aspirations with it. Hostellers are not the only ones affected by these blackouts, but it also hinders the proper functioning of  classes and labs, in this regard it actually brings some respite, however small and short lasting they might be.

The story of rain and our campus is soo much more than a mere love story, it's a proper epic, narrated not only by the gods, but by the students as well, who are left paralysed in its wake.

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