Resonating with Exuberance: Department of Chemistry Freshers

Resonating with Exuberance: Department of Chemistry Freshers

Sonali Sahoo | Sep 17, 2018

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Extending a cordial welcome to the freshmen for the current year, the Department of Chemistry hosted a warm yet splendid reception in the fresher’s party on 8th of September at the Community Centre in the campus.

On a pleasant Saturday evening, an air of fun and frolic hung about the venue with the freshmen neatly dressed in formal outfits. The sophomores put up an impressive effort to decorate the room beautifully with dazzling lights, balloons, paper crafts and decorations on the blackboard.

The event commenced around 7:30 with a welcome speech by the hosts for the evening, Shweta Kashyap and Prashant Sharma. Among the dignitaries, Dr Rupam Dinda (Head of the Department), Dr Priyabrat Dash (Faculty Advisor) with some other notable professors of the department graced the occasion. They shed light on the scope of the branch and made the freshmen feel at home, focused on the interesting lab facilities and the prosperous family of alumni they are connected with. The Head Of the Department encouraged the newbies saying,

My advice to you would be to focus on your course-curriculum and also participate in all other activities under SAC. Keep your eyes on the goal to secure a good position regarding the job or research-oriented work.

The tune was set and following the speeches was the cultural extravaganza comprising melodious songs, humorous skits and electrifying dance performances by the freshers. The performance that stood out among them was a wonderful recitation by Swati Panigrahi on the expression of chemical bonds. Besides, a fusion dance was performed by Spandita and Pooja of the first year was very graceful. Merry-making and exuberance rose to its zenith as the room reverberated with enchanting melodies and students kept the zest at par with their dance moves. In the meanwhile, the starters were served to the attendees. The event formally came to an end with a vote of thanks by the hosts.

A sumptuous dinner was provided to all the professors and students and the arrangements were excellent. In the meanwhile, soon after the guests for the events departed, there was healthy interaction among the seniors and the freshmen to allay all fears and enhance cooperation and understanding. Swati Panigrahi, a first-year student, shared her experience so far with the seniors,

 I am impressed by the amount of hard work our seniors have done and the optimum results that have come out. Also, the seniors are quite approachable and they ensure a seamless interaction. I thoroughly enjoyed the performances tonight as well.

At the end of the programme, the title of Mr/Miss Fresher was conferred upon J.Nitin Chandra and Pooja Priyadarshini from Integrated M.Sc and Prabir Sarkar and Shivani Kesarwani from M.Sc Chemistry respectively. The organizing team was headed by sophomores Mohammed Nomaan and Premnath Das. All said and done, the event was organized successfully by the sophomores and will be instrumental in developing a feeling of togetherness and positive milieu within the branch. Team MM wishes the department and its students all the best for their future endeavors.


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