The Ideal Spark And A Great Start: InCerS-NITR

The Ideal Spark And A Great Start: InCerS-NITR

Ayan Dutta Sohan Mishra | Sep 17, 2018

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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

The Department of Material Sciences and Engineering has been a domain of great scope and interest over the years. So as to ‘calcinate' this ever-evolving raw interest in materials and their properties, the technical society of the Student Activity Centre was considerate enough to give this escalation an impetus.

The non profitable organisation was set up at 1928 under remarkable efforts of renowned educationists, scientists, technologists and industrialists who have served for the organisation up to an unparalleled mark.

The Indian Ceramic Society (InCerS) opened up its student chapter for the first time at NIT Rourkela that comprised of around a cent registered candidates and around 60 ambitious ones. The current student chapter is was registered as an integrated whole at the InCerS and was recognised as a credible scope for further evolution.

NITR chapter of InCerS, Kolkata organized its first ever orientations cum inductions on 11th September, 2018 in LA-114. The event witnessed a footfall of around 60 students along with the executive body of the newly formed club and its members. The event was scheduled to start off at 6:00 PM but owing to the thin crowd, the event got delayed by half an hour. Finally, the event kicked off at 6:30 PM.

The event started off with a Power Point slide presentation delivered by Ayan Dutta and Rashmita from Ceramic Engineering Department to all the material enthusiasts who had turned up for the event. The presentation consisted of a brief introduction to the club, its agendas, composition and future plans. Following this, the audience were encouraged to put forth any kind of queries regarding the newly-formed club that sought clarification from the members of InCerS-NITR chapter.

After the completion of the presentation, the co-founders of the club Tanay Kumar (3rd year BTech Ceramic Engg) and Shivam Sharma (3rd year BTech Ceramic Engg) delivered pep-talks to enlighten the crowd about their initiative to go out of the way and come up with the idea of a new club dedicated to Material Science.

The event of orientation cum inductions conducted by InCerS-NITR chapter is definitely an eye-opener for all of us. Being the only club at NITR completely dedicated towards Material Science, the club has transparently brought out its agendas in today’s meet.

Said Mohammad Hillal ( BTech 1st year Ceramic Engg)

Following the pep talks by co-founders of the club, a questionnaire was circulated amongst the interested candidates for the purpose of inductions. The candidates were required to fill in the questionnaire following which there would be further rounds of inductions in the upcoming weeks.

The event was really planned out very well and I’m looking forward to being a part of this club.

Said M Lakshmi ( BTech 1st year Ceramic Engineering Department)

The InCerS chapter of NITR is a nascent club of the institute dedicated towards Material Science. The main agenda of the club is to educate undergraduates about materials and Ceramic Engineering. Prof. Shantanu Behera, an alumnus to the Department of Ceramic Engineering NITR and an associate professor in the same is the Faculty Advisor of the club.

Here is the list of members forming the executive panel of InCerS-NITR chapter:-

President - Shivam Sharma

Vice President - Prashant Sharma

Secretary - Tanay Kumar

Joint Secretary - Srija Mukhopadhyay

Treasurer - Sanket Pati

Management and PR head - Abhinav Pandey

Team Monday Morning wishes InCerS chapter of NITR a prosperous and resplendent journey ahead.



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