Capture The Impossible: Cinematics Orientation

Capture The Impossible: Cinematics Orientation

Rudransh Sharma | Oct 08, 2018

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5th October marked a new beginning for the shutterbugs, cinematographers and creative writers alike. LA117 saw a turnout of around 50 people from both the sophomore and freshmen year for the orientation of Cinematics club.

The turn of the events went like this: the evening began later than advertised, considering the technical difficulties and wait for an even better footfalI. It began with the introduction of the entire workforce of the club, following up with the club president Waheeb Rasheed taking the helm and giving the audiences a taste of how cinematics had an effect on him, he showcased his very first creation and to show the stark contrast, a recent project of his was projected.

Then came showcasing of some of the epitomes of cinematography and screenplay in form of a small motion picture. To not let the audience feel boredom for even a split second the organizers went ahead with the round of introductions and interaction on a personal level.

We don’t want anything from the inductees in the form of gears or towering amounts of knowledge. All we look for is that glittering of a spark in their eyes, the hunger and desire to tell your own story. If you can’t sleep without telling your story to the entire world ,that’s the sort of people we are looking forward to.

were the words of Waheeb Rasheed, President-Cinematics, upon being asked about the selection criterion for the new inductees.

To keep the crowd engaged and gain a little insight on them, Team Cinematics had a questionnaire prepared whose hard copy was distributed to the entire populace which constituted of various simple questions meant to be answered by everyone.

 It was an amazing turnout, we hadn’t expected these many and these many good people to turn up today. The crowd dissented from the trivialities and was interactive and not dead, so for us this was more than successful.

said the club Rohit Dash, Vice-President-Cinematics, on the reality vs the expectations from the orientation/inductions

Does 24 pictures a minute hits you? If yes then there is a group of people who feel the same way, We can’t promise you to tutor you like you are accustomed to, but if you are willing to go to any lengths to get your story out there we are willing to go above and beyond to help you.

was the elucidation provided by the Waheeb Rasheed on what Cinematics is and how it would help in shaping the lives of its members throughout the course of their tenure.

Since no evening can ever be completed without “chai”, everyone there was presented with a cup of tea. The evening culminated with the cessation of the introduction round, a final video was played to demonstrate how higher up it is left to climb for the team. Then everyone made their way to respective places they had to be.


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