Clarifications Of The Incertitude: The Chief Warden's Column

Clarifications Of The Incertitude: The Chief Warden's Column

Rudransh Sharma Sayan Dey | Oct 08, 2018

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With the academic year crossing its quarter way mark and with the recent turmoil pertaining to new in-time rules which shook the entire college alike, a lot of queries needed to be addressed. Team Monday Morning met with the Chief Warden, Prof. S.K. Pratihar to seek answers to these. Here’s what he had to say.

Monday Morning: How do you plan to implement the late entry rules for the boys hostel, especially for big hostels like SD and VS which have multiple entries?

Prof S. K. Pratihar: The implementation would be pretty strict. In SD, one guard will take care of the block A, B, C and the other will be guarding block E, F, G. He will keep the gates closed after the given timings. For late night entries, he will open the entrances and let you get in. VS has two entries (main gate and the cycle stand entrance). So, we will have two guards for each entrance there.

MM: Though there are late entry rules, there are multiple practical issues when it comes to its implementation in boys hostel. Since there are five senior hostels and students might have to move between hostels for work (academic or otherwise), do you not think this is going to affect them adversely? Moreover, since some night canteens are outside the hostels, how is it feasible to go out to eat and not get a late-entry in the process?     

SKP: There will be two registers, one for the night canteens and the other for the late entry. You can visit the night canteens at nights but you will get only a one-hour allowance for that. Moreover, you can also go to different hostels if you want to, but you can’t do that frequently. The rules won’t be implemented with such strictness for boys. We just want a written record of the same such that each and every student is accounted for. But we want to make sure that it is not done frequently (more than 3 or 4 days per month).

MM: Following up with the last interview we had with you, we would like to ask about the situation of the LAN ports in the halls like SD, DBA, MSS, KMS (of dual occupancy yet singular LAN port) etc, have you been familiarized with the issue yet and what steps have been taken in the way, to ease the suffering of the borders?

SKP: The process has not been initiated yet. We will start with estimating the total cost of the project to get it sanctioned from the concerned authorities very soon.

MM: A lot of maintenance work is going on in DBA and SD, Why wasn’t it initiated during the summer holidays when there were no boarders? Most of the halls require a renovation when it comes to the washrooms, what is the tentative timeline of the repair (if scheduled), and if not, why and by when can we expect a change in the same?

SKP: We couldn’t process it during the summer. Hence the work had to be done now. I know there will some disturbance created by the renovation works going on currently, but you will have to adjust. I hope the work will be completed by December.

MM: There was a recent issue when a full-sized cockroach was found in the sambar of VS Hall of residence's mess, this caused confusion and repulsive responses from the boarders eating. What steps are been taken to avoid this situation altogether in the future? What according to the rules and regulations is the punishment for serving unhygienic food?

SKP: I haven’t received any information about it yet. The concerned authority for mess issues is the assistant warden of the respective hall. Moreover, we will take an action against the caterer only if there such kind of issues occur twice a week, this is the official guideline. If it happens once, we warn the caterer and if repeated, we take actions against the concerned caterer.

MM: Would the central mess (vegetarian mess) be realized?

SKP:  A Google form was circulated for the same on webmail, we got only 60 responses in favor of that. Since students don’t want to come out of their hostels for the meals, so it is not going to be implemented.

MM: The dog menace has increased substantially, throughout the campus, what is being done about it?

SKP: There are no rules for catching the dogs and taking them away from the campus (municipally does take them). You can only sterilize them and they would have to be left where the municipality took them from. The municipality people visit the college twice every month.

MM: In view of frequent power cuts, what solutions have you thought of?

SKP: We will get about one hundred crores for buying generators and setting them up, despite us soliciting them for 200 Crores. It is still under process. We will get it sanctioned before the month of December. After that, we will be able to install generators for all the hostels.

MM: How do you plan on accommodating the girls since the number of girls would increase from next year owing to supernumerary seats being added for them?

SKP: The proposal of having a new girls hostel is already in process of getting approved. Moreover, there is another hostel which would house married couples in its final stage of construction. Since the new girls’ hostel won’t be complete before the start of the next academic year, we would be accommodating some girls in this hostel for a while.

MM: There was a recent case of leakage of gas in the SD Hall of residence, what step has been taken to avoid a possible hazardous situation?

SKP: There has been a provision instilled in place to avoid such hazardous situations in the future. Instead of the traditional way of keeping the gas cylinder in the kitchen, gas pipelines would be installed and would be double checked to avoid any leakages in the future.

MM: Is there any new rule regarding the closing of night canteens?

SKP: NO, That won’t be implemented. There won’t be any restrictions imposed on the night canteens. 

MM: Will the MSS back-gate be opened anytime soon?

SKP: The more the number of gates opened, the more security guards are required. The institute cannot afford to increase the number of guards anymore. So, right now opening the back gate of MSS is not possible. 


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