Destiny Of The Education System

Destiny Of The Education System

Sayan Dey | Oct 08, 2018

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Frederick J. Kelly, the man who invented the standardized testing, once said,

These tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned.

The current education system is just like a century-old pirates’ ship floating aimlessly, floating not because it has a destination to reach but floating because it thinks it should.

Frankly speaking, I, as a student of one of the prestigious institutes of India and having a formerly experience of studying at a high school, basically feel that I have a life of about 24 hours subtracted by academic duration per day. The parents hand over their children to the institute and teachers, those children, the upcoming Bill Gates, Einsteins, and Messis. Among all the jobs there are only two, I consider as the hardest ones: Teachers and Psychologists. And if asked about priority, it is undoubtedly the teaching, given the number of cases psychologists need to work on. But most ironically the teachers who are to guide them to their destiny and make sure that their childhood and teenage is not a loss or a ruined one, get the lowest of the salaries.

Another point that supports the fact that the current education system is inefficient is the lack of upgradation. The classrooms are exactly the same the way it was during the 90’s: a blackboard, some benches and a teacher with books, a box of chalks and a duster with some other tools- all contained inside a brick-cuboid structure called a classroom. We have upgraded everything from our toilets to the vehicles, to the cellphones and to our home sweet home except our education system.

It is the same arrangement of students in the benches: front-benchers, middlers, and the backbenchers. A group of students who are able to interact and keep pace with the classroom activities and another group who are indifferent to what is actually going on. I would like to keep a question before the educationalists.

  • Doesn’t matter how good the class-notes or the discussions are, how are you going to fix the fact that 90% of the students are involved in their Androids during the class hours?

Don’t stuff education with so much of boredom that it stays as the only evil of our childhood. Otherwise, child labor is a better choice, I guess.

You would now ask why don’t I suggest an alternative system. It is not that there has not been any suggestion but the reason for them not being implemented is probably the thinking that we are on the right path.

Once Mark Twain said,

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

Each time some successful person like him talks about the contemporary education system, the faults, and glitches of the system have been exposed. Educational achievements or degrees work as an assessment of individual prosperity in the society. The caste system has been replaced by this classification system of the educated elites, educated unemployed, and illiterates. Finally, I would conclude,

Don’t distort education through chunks of books and stress of tests. I bet there is nothing more interesting than education on earth because every moment of our life runs through the application of learning and experiencing something.

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