12 Years of Tenacity, 12 Years of Monday Morning

12 Years of Tenacity, 12 Years of Monday Morning

Team MM | Oct 08, 2018

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The story of the rise of Monday Morning is an oft-repeated but beloved one for us. What began as a humble one-page newsletter in the form of an HTML template has metamorphosed into the second largest media body run in the country by the student community. With the diligent support of the then Director, Prof. Sunil Sarangi, Monday Morning was started on the second Monday of October 2006 by Srinivas Ron and Chinmay Mohapatra primarily as a newsletter highlighting the happenings of the Institute. It was not long before that the subsequent coordinators realized the power of the pen in being the harbingers of change, however small or big. The following is a glimpse into some of the key moments in the timeline of how Monday Morning evolved over 12 years.

  • 2010: An explosion in all terms was in store as the organization got a professionally designed website and a massive shift in the volume and content of the newsletter.
  • 2014: Foraying into uncharted territories, Monday Morning floated its first installment of the Annual Print Issue which had articles with a more impactful voice.
  • 2015: The teams of subsequent years pushed forward the bounds and collaborated with the Microsoft Campus Club over Project Adamantium, which gave Monday Morning a faster, more responsive and sleeker website.
  • 2015: Staying true to its spirit of voicing the concerns of the student body, Monday morning successfully organized an Open House Discussion in the Institute, which helped in redressal of multiple issues after a healthy discussion between the stakeholders of the Institute, over several unexplained regulations.
  • 2017: Project Vibranium was the push of Team Monday Morning to transform the way it reached its readers at their fingertips and an android application was launched. The app now has 1000+ downloads on the Google play store.
  • 2017: Recognising the need of a transparent and more accountable election system at NITR, Monday Morning rolled out the Soapbox, wherein, candidates contesting for various positions of responsibility at the Student Activity Centre got a chance to interact with the electorate.
  • 2017: Expanding the activities it carried out in the print medium, the organization brought out a Mini Print Issue targeted at the freshers which served as a benison for the clueless freshmen.


On the occasion of the completion of 12 years of the organization and emerging unfettered, the Chief Co-ordinators of the years gone by recall their experiences and the highs and lows of their unforgettable journey with Monday Morning.

 Prem Depan Nayak (CC 2013-14)

One of my fondest memories was when I was extremely active as a drummer at heartbeats. I spent most of my time at SAC music room after class. On an  occasion we had to prepare the allotments urgently and I had a show the next day. I was at a stage rehearsal at BBA. Us CCs met at BBA and started the allotments sitting at the cramped up back stage of our auditorium. There were many such incidents where we went out of our way to get the work done. One other infamous incident is about the "ranSACked" article of the first print issue. The Team had taken a few liberties and blatantly mentioned about irregularities in the Student Activity Centre. The Co-ordinators where gheraoed by 15 professors at the SAC premise and barred from publishing the print edition without the removal of a sentence from the Title of an article. At that point, we realised the importance of seeing the broader picture and a sense of responsibility pushed us to compromise. We realised that the release of the print issue was much more important to us than the presence of a sentence in an article. It is how MM managed to evolve me as a person.

Abhipsa Mishra (CC 2013-14)

 CC-ship times with Rahul, Prem and Ankit are a blur of brainstorming sessions, extended debates and discussions and somehow always managing to find method in the madness of it all! This is what resulted in Monday Morning being not just a media body, but also an emotion for all of us. Happy 12th Birthday MM! What wouldn't I give to spend sleepless Sunday nights planning Monday's issues to the finest details again?

Snehashish Hota (CC 2014-15)

MM has always been a point of nostalgia as it stirs up an overwhelming number of memories. The thing that stands out for MM is the bold confidence of the people who manage to take the rich legacy forward and survive conditions thick and thin. It's no less than a multinational organization in terms of team management, scaling up new initiatives and maintaining continuity of the existing channels of communication. Like Mondays are forever, so is MM. In this birthday issue, I express my gratitude and take pride in being a part of this ever growing organization.

  Abhishek Panda (CC 2016-17)

MM happened to me per chance. I never intended to join it. I merely tagged along with some of my friends who were interested in the inductions. But, I fell in love with it after joining it. I still remember having a heated discussion with my CC, about HMC accountability. It was then, that I realised how amazing it felt to be able to be part of a platform where such discourse was encouraged. Since then, I never stopped loving this wonderful organisation and vow that I'll always give my 100% for MM.

Present Times

We have long since transformed from the days of a weekly e-newsletter to an instrument of change.

In keeping with the timeless adage—Change is the only constant, we had our own share of trysts with developments in the institute, on every front possible. Being an agent of change is the spirit inherited by us from generations of mentors, and Monday Morning aims to live up to it. Be it launching the first Open House Discussion (OHD) in Spring, 2015 or Soapbox in 2016, Monday Morning has constantly been exploring avenues to involve the community in the change they wish to see. The much-awaited resumption of the Chief Warden’s Column has proved to be a small effort in that direction.

While we pride ourselves in being a medium of communication between the authorities and the masses – this cape came with troubles of its own. The years spent by has seen controversial episodes, rife with problems alike for both the students and the administration. The resolution has always been painstakingly long and difficult, but we were able to preserve communication and provide solutions to both parties, impartially.

The current journey hasn't been glitch free either, there have been Mondays when all you saw were access error messages when you tried visiting our page. Thankfully we could safely restore ourselves to an all-time available medium, and now gladly look up to hearing from our readers through any medium, online or offline. Being a club rather than an independent body under a ton of hierarchy brings forth its own share of red-tapes and protocols, perhaps. Yes, it is equally justified that the student-media body holds itself transparent and on an equal ground with other bodies as it safeguards interests. Yet functioning at the pleasure of the very authority we are expected to question seems to carry its own hazards. An open, mutually-trusting and carefully immaculate approach in every conflict is obviously the only way we continue mediating all student-authority interaction in future, especially when entrusted with the delicate task of protecting the good name of our second home.

There were times when our credibility was questioned, abuses and accusations of incompetence were hurled, and there were also times when we inadvertently overlooked errors ourselves. But amidst all, the intention has never been clearer, Monday Morning has acted as the sentinel of the public voice throughout, and let readers be the judge themselves, all the while driving for an overall progress of the institute. While presenting interviews from Professors, Alumni, student achievers and various other stakeholders of the Institute, in several reorganized sections and newer formats, sheer quality and principles have been the only constant throughout.

With a freshly revamped website and App that is continuously improvising on itself, the session has in itself been a fast-paced one for us. This year saw the rebirth of Gallery as Multimedia in the website, a one-stop repository of all graphic content in our website. Continuing with the traditions, we came up with impactful Photojournalism Stories, subtle messages with humorous Witsdoms (yes, we got MoMo too!) or Videos that capture the essence of life at NITR, or even the vivid Galleries that is regularly updated with every event that the campus witnesses. The changing times have also demanded that we connect to everyone in the most seamless way possible. With smartphones and an eclectic ensemble of gadgetry in every pocket, riding the social media wave seems to be the obvious demand of the net-savvy NITR junta. Throughout ups and downs, our Facebook wall have remained a constant reminder of our vigilance and commitment to spreading awareness. The current year has seen a phenomenal rise in our social media presence, as we celebrated attaining targets of 1000 followers on Instagram, and 1000 subscribers on YouTube, while always venturing into new platforms to solidify our reader base, and stay connected with them 24x7.

Besides adapting to change around us, we have always believed in empowering the citizens of NITR with their own right to information, to make an informed choice right from the time of Admissions to internships and Career Opportunities. Also with Editorials and a revamped Ask a Question floating in, Monday Morning tried to make sure there is no dearth of involvement on part of the campus community, every time a situation needed to be addressed. Monday Morning never shied away from questioning the credibility of the decision makers and presented a candid review of every façade of NITR, be it the mess, the halls, the classrooms, the SAC, the library or anything else.

On our 12th anniversary, as we look back with nostalgia to an epic series of adventures that brought us to this day, we would like to thank everyone who had been instrumental in this journey, especially our founder and patron, Prof. S.K. Sarangi, and our mentors and godfathers who paved the way forward. We must also convey our gratitude to our guardian and counsel, Dr Akshaya Rath who has always supported us in all our initiatives and guided us whenever we sought a helping hand. Above all, we extend our regards to the diverse intellectual community, whose very essence has been woven into our fabric, for it is their constructive thoughts that have helped us adapt to every challenge and grow stronger each day. To all the readers who supported us in good times and bad, reached out to us on every issue that needed scrutiny, who have both appraised and criticized us– this organization owes a lot to you. Monday Morning would not have reached the pedestal it is on today if it wasn’t for the countless sleepless nights spent to present that quintessential issue which manages to evoke a flurry of emotions through the mind of its reader. This Monday as you surf through the columns of the issue and sip in the flavor of each of the articles, do spare a passing thought on the efforts, dedication, and persistence of every member who has contributed to curating each and every one of your Mondays since the last decade.

As we celebrate 12 years of humility, integrity, and righteousness, we celebrate every single one of you not just for adding to our numbers, but for inspiring us to bring you a brand new issue, every Monday Morning. As we frequently say to our members, we say to you today, in the hope that you will not let this legacy die, but carry it forward in your hearts to every new morning that NITR sees: “Feel for MM!”


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