A Brief History of Sunday Nights

A Brief History of Sunday Nights

Team MM | Oct 09, 2018

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Sourav Pattanayak, Chief Coordinator of Monday Morning for the session 2010-11 pens down a heartfelt piece which paints the truest picture of the evolution of Monday Morning over the years. Read it with a burst of Nostalgia.

The nights are dark and full of errors. Especially these Sunday nights. On such nights, Murphy’s Law seems to get realized more often than not. There are things going wrong left, right, and center. Missing photographs, missing reports, missing reporters even! Sometime around midnight appear the CCs’ Kryptonite – reports that in all truthfulness just can’t be edited. Later, you have the “tech” to take care of, for what is life without the spice of technical difficulties? With time, the night canteens close. The Counter-Strike blasts fade. Bereft of options to waste time, even an engineering college hostel goes to sleep. Some of us have got to stay awake though. Usually for the whole night. Sacrificing that early morning lab. For there’s a Monday Morning issue to be released. Not Monday evening, not Tuesday morning.

A Monday Morning, week after week, year after year, twelve years of it, and counting.

Back when I worked for MM (everywhere henceforth, it means Monday Morning) circa 2009-11, things were a lot different, things were a lot similar. The design, the functionality, the research, the writing – it was all at a very nascent stage. We were a newsletter growing into a media body.

With students, somethings never change of course. I wonder if it’s a comedy or a tragedy, that hostel living conditions, mess food, and internet speeds have formed our universal set of concerns since the big bang of NITR.

Back in 2010, and we didn’t have Facebook access at the institute. Apart from group emails, Google Talk and Google Buzz served as our sole online publicity vehicles. Beyond that, we would roam about the institute putting up pamphlets (black and white A4 sheets) carrying news highlights of the week. Later that year, a member came up with this harebrained publicity idea of sending SMS alerts of campus happenings to students. This came from a new insight about the NITR populace – most of them, or rather most of us wouldn’t be forced out of our comfy laptop facing chairs even if there was an earthquake going on. The indifference was, and will always be, shocking. There was no other way but to invade their personal space. Try shaking them up. Like that wake-up music from Inception. Thus started the great insti-wide phone number collection initiative by MM members, going room to room, hostel to hostel!

I have two distinct memories of my reporting days with MM. With fests nearing, MM had approached the Dean, Student Welfare for an interview. We learned new things from that interview. Scrap prize money and replace it with NITR Fest Certificate, and we’