An Insight into the Lecture Annexures

An Insight into the Lecture Annexures

Sayan Dey Tanya Gupta | Oct 22, 2018

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Standing tall at the campus of NITR, Lecture Annexure 1 with its new-born brother (Lecture Annexure 2) serves as the confluence of all the academic departments of the institute. The buildings are accomplished of multiple classrooms and hall rooms where most of the lecture classes of all the departments are taken. Recently, it has gone through few upgradations and implementation of additional aids with a queue of problems faced as well. Team MM presents a detailed review of the two complexes covering a wide range of aspects and issues.


The Lecture Annexure is one of the most prominent buildings in the college premises. The architecture of the Lecture Annexure, more commonly referred to as LA by the student populace, boasts of a four-tiered structure, with a north facing facade which looks out to a well-maintained lawn. Classes are held on a regular basis on all four floors and the basement of the building for the common courses being taken by the students from various departments.

Problems Faced

Water Coolers:

The Lecture Annexure accommodates a large population of students at any given time. The students have to spend a lot of time at LA during the morning session or afternoon session in accordance with their schedule, and during this period of time, the sources of water they are provided with often prove to be inefficient. On several occasions, the water coolers on the 1st and the 2nd floors have not been functional. This has been a cause of major inconvenience to the students since they only get a window of approximately 5 minutes between classes to fill their bottles if they so require. The water supply is provided by founts located on each of the floors. These founts are handful in numbers and thus, in no way are sufficient to cater to the abundance of students. Moreover, the flow of the water is often quite slow and it takes up an absurd amount of time to fill up one bottle alone.

A couple of months ago, due to certain construction-related issues the pipeline supplying the water was affected. And for the next few days, students had to face the problem of having no water supply at LA, till this issue was fixed, and the founts were in working condition again.

Regarding the water supply scenario Prof. Harekrushna Sahoo, the professor-in-charge of the Lecture Annexure stated,

I have spoken to the higher authorities regarding the supply of water in the building.There are plans for replacing the founts with the water storage system so that the drinking water is supplied to the students by taps instead. Hopefully, it will be done by the next academic year but before that there are other pressing issues that need to be addressed.

Air Conditioning:

During the summer months, it is very uncomfortable for the students to attend classes in the building for long hours owing to the suffocating heat. To fix this issue, plans to provide air conditioning system in all of the rooms was proposed last year. A total of 30 ACs were brought, but a majority of these were taken up by the labs in the building. The few remaining were then installed in the rooms on the topmost floor since those rooms hold a significant number of classes and are subjected to particularly stifling conditions in summer.

More air conditioners are to be procured and it is expected that by next July the building will be entirely air conditioned, as stated by the PIC.


The issues concerning the washrooms are not addressed properly and an established procedure for lodging a complaint is absent. Many washroom fittings are missing, broken pipes are there in some of the washrooms, the lighting sometimes poses a problem and the overall sanitation and maintenance is not satisfactory enough.

Acoustics And Projectors:

In huge classrooms such as LA-204 and LA-214, which houses nearly 150 students at a time, the faculties require teachers to be able to communicate with the class better with the help of teaching aids. But the sound system is often found lacking with components like microphones being absent and the projectors are also non-functioning at times. These issues cause a lot of hindrance in the progress of the lesson plans, with valuable time being wasted to find a solution for these problems.


Recent Upgradations

As far as the recent upgradations are concerned, the projectors and the projection screens in some of the classrooms have been replaced and the process of replacing them in the remaining classrooms is an ongoing process. Orders for four new projectors were placed, two of which have been received.

Before the start of this academic year, two security cameras were fixed outside the main entrance of the Lecture Annexure facing the LA lawns in addition to the camera already present inside the entrance, fortifying the surveillance system.

Installations of solar panels on the rooftop of the Lecture Annexure has been recently completed and it is expected that by the end of this month all the required electrical connections will be done and these solar panels will be able to provide power supply to the building. The solar panels have been fixed for the second Lecture Annexure as well.

The Lecture Annexure has many other upgradations to be implemented as well but these upgradations are impeded owing to issues related to funding.


Booking Rooms at LA

NITR is very popular and vibrant in its club culture. Club activities such as workshops, events, inductions, and orientations occur on a frequent basis. The clubs are provided with rooms in LA for these purposes, followed by a prescribed procedure. An application signed by the faculty advisor of the club is to be submitted to the professor-in-charge of LA with the purpose mentioned in it. If accepted by the PIC, the request is forwarded to the security office for the final approval. Once approved by the authority, a room is allotted to the club.

On the day of the event, the key of the room has to be collected from the Control Room at LA 106, and one member of the club or organizing authority has to submit his institute iCard if it is a weekday. On weekends, the same procedure has to be followed at the security office to collect the keys. After the event is over, the key is to be submitted at the security office, and the iCard of the individual is returned.

The club members are solely responsible for any kind of damage occurring during the session. In any case of damage, a sum estimated according to the extent of damage is penalized as compensation.


Lecture Annexure II

Another Lecture complex named as LA2 is getting its finishing touches. The building has been given an outlook exactly identical to LA1. This twin of LA1 will be used to conduct smart classes only as confirmed the PIC,

It won’t be the same as LA1; it will be an updated version of LA1.

The construction is almost complete with a few extra-aids to be installed. The complex will be hopefully operational from the next years’ month of July, according to Prof. HK Sahoo. He also added,

It should have been finished before the ongoing semester, but there came some administrative problems and funding issues.



The two lecture annexures constitute the academic heart of NITR irrespective of departments and is the infrastructural arrogance of the institute as well. It is the responsibility of the students to take care of the assets and appurtenances of the lecture complexes. The PIC seemed to be disappointed at this point and said,

Many students are damaging the class’s belongings. Recently, it was reported that some students of a particular department broke two benches and were penalized for it. Few of the departments are in favor of the penalization, while few others are against it. The sound systems are often found in miserable conditions with keys broken, and wires ripped out. If both the authority and the students take the responsibility to look after the assets of the class, everything will work smooth and uninterruptedly.

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