Residing At C.V. Raman Hall: The Annual Hall Review

Residing At C.V. Raman Hall: The Annual Hall Review

Umme Salma Tanya Gupta | Oct 22, 2018

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CV Raman Hall is one of the two hostels which is abode to the female students of NIT Rourkela. The hostel constitutes of around 500 rooms: single rooms, twin rooms and dormitories, accommodating around 800 boarders. Under the caretaking of the present warden, Mrs. Poonam Singh, who has been the warden of the hostel for the past two years, the responses to the students’ complaints had been quick as affirmed by the general consensus. However, there had been problems which have been persistent for the past few years which are still a cause for the boarders’ vexation.

The Lodging Fiasco:

The new academic session started with a general discomfort for the boarders as most of them couldn't get rooms as per their preferences. Also, there had been major confusion amongst the boarders about their room allotments. After the first allotment list was out, some boarders had shifted their luggage to their new rooms. However, as another allotment list came out later in the vacation period, the luggage of the borders was thrown out of their rooms and left in the corridors. This lead to a general air of malaise amongst the boarders.

Also, the size of the rooms is too small to make a convenient accommodation for two boarders. The B. Tech third-year students are also supposed to share a twin room in CVR, on the other hand, the boys get the privilege of having a single room in the hostels in their pre-final year. There had been plans of construction for more rooms in the spared space at the backside of the hostel, however, no fruitful outcome has yet been observed.

Addressing this space fiasco, the warden said:

Regarding the allotments this year, for this large a hostel, not everybody can get a room of their preference. However, we made sure that the boarders get a satisfactory room anyway. Also, regarding the construction of new rooms, the plans are still considered. I cannot remark upon the progress of it at present. I have put forth the proposal but the director needs to approve them to get the construction of the additional rooms started.

Maintenance and hygiene:

The hall is well maintained from regular cleaning of washrooms, corridors and common gathering areas to cleaning of rooms on a weekly basis. There had been a webmail circulated asking the boarders to get their rooms painted if need be. The petty issues such as fixing of taps, tube lights etc are done promptly. The boarders are required to file their complaints in the complaint register and they are addressed in almost a 24-hour duration. The water problem in the B block has also been solved by arranging for a separate water supply connection for the block. However, the washrooms in block-A are in terrible condition and require significant repairs. In some washrooms, pigeons could be seen barging in at any time of the day. Moreover, the pests and mosquitoes are a constant trouble to the boarders.

The maintenance secretary, Radhika Varshney told-

As soon as we were appointed as secretaries, we reported all these problems to the warden. She told that some washrooms will be renovated in the winter holidays. Also, we are thinking to procure nets for the windows to avoid this mosquito problem.

Mess Facilities:

The CVR Hall mess is fairly large and spacious as it caters to a rather huge population. With 34 ten-seater tables, it can house a total of 340 boarders at a time. The kitchen chimneys have been recently renovated and the issues regarding the ventilation and the prevalence of insects in the mess need to be addressed. Other than that, the maintenance is overall satisfactory. The mess workers wear aprons, gloves and caps as required while cooking and serving the dishes to the students, in order to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained. The dining area is also relatively clean and regular checks are done to monitor the sanitation.

The management of the mess can be a Herculean task at times owing to its size. The reviews of the boarders have been mixed regarding the all-around management of the mess. During the class hours, there is a considerable amount of rush and such occasions give rise to students waiting in long queues for their turn to receive the meal. Increasing the number of serving counters has been proposed to solve this issue.

The menu is supposed to be reassessed twice in a semester to adapt to the students’ demands. The mess menu does provide variety but the vegetarian populace demands to break the monotony of potatoes and paneer being majorly included in the dishes served. The various requests are often considered but it is difficult to oblige to the myriad of suggestions put forth by different boarders. The students wanted a change in mess timings for weekends, owing to which, the breakfast timing was extended to 9:30.

The day and the night canteen provide other options to the boarders to appease their hunger. The day canteen timings are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. while the night canteen stays open from 6 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. The night canteen timings are extended up to 2 a.m. during exams.

Sports And Recreation:

Compared to all other halls in the campus, the CVR Hall of residence lacks severely when it comes to the facilities provided to the students for sports and recreation. The boarders have had recurring complaints regarding the horrendous maintenance of the games room. The sports facilities are very poor and the courts are in very terrible condition. This issue has been seemingly neglected for a long while now. The basketball and badminton courts are located behind the hall, and the pathway to access them is mostly overrun by weeds. The nets and baskets are defective and the floodlights are mostly dysfunctional. There is an acute shortage of very basic sports equipment such as basketball or badminton rackets. The gym lacks satisfactory equipment, most of the machinery is either in need of replacement or repair. The sports amenities are thus in desperate need of an upgradation.

There was a list of the essential equipment submitted by the Sports Secretary to the Warden previously. But procuring them for the Games room has not yet been done. The delay is basically caused by the procedure involved. Approval from the Chief Warden is required, followed by permission from the Director any equipment can be acquired. This has proven to be a time taking process and the boarders are still bereft of enjoying the benefits of having a decent games room in the hall.

The Late Entry Issues:

The latest late entry rules had been a major issue amongst the students of NITR. There had been several protests by the students to curb the ongoing stringent rules. When asked the warden about her viewpoint, she said-

 Every institute has some rules. And this is the rule implemented by our institute so we have to follow it. As per rule, no late entries are allowed. At the first and second occurrence boarders are given a warning and at the third occurrence, their parents are called. After the fourth, the institute has to take action but actually, nothing is really done. If someone is doing it repeatedly then we inform the parents. I don’t think anyone has been expelled from the Institute for not observing the late entry timings. The late entry time is fixed as 11 pm as the majority of the parents also agreed to it.

The Denouement:

It's been almost two months since the appointment of the new Hall management body. The secretaries are well notified of all the problems the boarders face and they assure that they have been positively communicating all the problems and needs of the boarders to the warden. However, immediate attention is not been given and hence some complaints and problems are persistent for months owing to budget crunches or going through a set procedure for procuring items of need. The total budget allocated to the hostel is roughly 19.2 lakhs INR. This budget is mostly used to carry about the maintenance and repairs of pipes and taps or some electrical repairs. The remaining portion will be used to procure equipment for the gym and sports. Also, there had been a plan of putting up window nets and getting up washing machines for each floor of each block, but nothing in this regard has materialised.

Team MM hopes that all these issues are addressed in the near future and the hall develops for the better rather than worse.


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