Playing for Glory: NIT Rourkela in Udghosh IIT Kanpur

Playing for Glory: NIT Rourkela in Udghosh IIT Kanpur

Udghosh, the Sports Fest of IIT Kanpur is one of the largest sports festivals in the country that organises around 22 events witnessing a footfall of more than 2500 students across 200 colleges and institutes of the nation.

This year, Udghosh was organised from 4th October to 7th October 2018. Around 140 sports enthusiasts of NIT Rourkela turned up for the events while taking a leave from the institute from 3rd October to 9th October 2018 which was sanctioned by Dean (Academics).

Here is a list of the Captains of various sports category of Institute teams that represented NIT Rourkela in Udghosh’18:




Athletics (M)

Ashish Choudhary


Athletics (W)

B Aishwarya


Badminton (M)

Dhruva Singh


Badminton (W)

Smruti Snigdha Behera


Basketball (M)

Rayudu Roshan


Basketball (W)

Sudeksha Singh



Anubhav Senapati



Sethi Nirup Sundar Narahari



Ajay Kumar


Kho Kho (M)

Paruvada Santosh Kumar


Kho Kho (W)

Sephali Konhar


Volleyball (M)

Raghavendra B Davangare


Volleyball (W)

Ankita Singh



Ayush Moharana



Ajmeera Suresh


Table Tennis

Abhishek Mishra



Ajmeera Suresh


Table Tennis

Abhishek Mishra



The participants from NIT Rourkela came out with flying colours in numerous events where they outshone students from other institutions across the country.

In Badminton (Women), NIT Rourkela emerged as Winners. The team comprised of Smruti Snigdha Behera (Captain), Akansha Verma and Kattepogu Suma.

All the efforts and hard work that we put in turned out to be fruitful as we bagged the Champions Trophy. I am contented and proud of my team’s performance during the tournament. We were just confident in our decisions. We had planned out that the first singles shall be played by me, followed by the second doubles that would be played by Akanksha Verma (M.Tech, 1st year) and me, following which the final singles will be played by Kattepogu Suma (B, Tech, 3rd year). So, all our scores were 2-0 with no faults. This was our mantra to win this coveted trophy.

said Smruti Snigdha Behera, the Captain of Institute Team of Badminton (Women) who also won the Best Player Award in Badminton.

In a brief conversation with Team Monday Morning, Smruti Snigdha Behera passed down the message to all sports enthusiasts:

Work hard, stretch your limits but, don’t worry about the results.

In Kho-Kho (Men), the institute team bagged the Third position. The team was led by Santosh Kumar Paruvada (Captain) and comprised of Mudavath Anil Kumar, Om Prakash Suna, Timir Baran Behera, Kethavath Harish Naik, Vuchidi Sai Pranay, Bandi Manohar, Akash Pawar, Pavan Kalyan Reddy, Ajay Mundari, Vijay Nayak, Bala Praveen and Banothu Chanakya Chandranaik.

Representing NIT Rourkela comes with a responsibility of displaying the grandeur of sports culture and, not letting it down. Although NIT Rourkela has a vibrant sports culture, I feel the number of active participants is very less comparatively. A sport is not only a hobby but also a discipline that comes with huge benefits. Therefore, focus on your abilities, strengths and work on improving your weaknesses. Grab every opportunity most efficiently and, work for a better tomorrow.

Said Santosh Kumar Paruvada, Captain of Institute team of Kho-Kho (Men).

In handball, Institute team secured the runners-up position. Led under the captainship of Ajmeera Suresh, the team comprised of Sangram Keshari Aish, Arush Jain, Abhinash Patel, Satyam Dewangan, Rathod Rohit, Tarun Kumar Sahu, Roe Gomango Christanjeet, Emmanuel Sebastian Kunnel, Samuel Sukumar and Joshuathomas Benoy.

Since Udghosh at IIT Kanpur is a sports fest of a national level, we had to be prepared for tough competition and not be demotivated after any loss. It is the outcome at the end of an event that ultimately matters to sportspersons like us.

This is the message of Ajmeera Suresh, the Institute Handball Captain, to all the sports enthusiasts who prepare for massive events like Udghosh.

In athletics, B Aishwarya won Bronze Medal in 100 m Sprint. Sunil Bansihar won Gold Medal in Long Jump. In 4x100 m Relay Race (Men), the team of Terakani Dileep, Sunil Bansihar, Sayanthan Malladeb and Vadthya Sashivardhan Naik bagged the Gold Medal.

In 4x100 m Relay Race (Women), the lineup of Bijaya Das, Monali Madhumsmita Behera, B Aishwarya and Sawathy Rajendran captured the Gold Medal.

Although constant rainfall here at NIT Rourkela for a few months before the sports fest at IITK became a hindrance to our practice, we managed to bag nine gold medals and one bronze medal, and I’m glad about that. We really are growing optimistic day by day, and we are looking forward to the sports fest to be held at NIT Warangal

Said Ashish Choudhury, the captain of Institute Athletics team.

Apart from these, our Institute Gymnasium team also came out with flying colours. Priyam Pattnaik bagged Bronze Medal in the powerlifting competition in the under 56 kg weight category. Jatin Kataria won the Silver Medal and Rs. 10,000 worth of gift voucher in best physique competition under open category. The Institute Gymnasium team was led by Sethi Nirup Sundar Narahari.

Although the sportspersons of NIT Rourkela displayed a remarkable performance in Udghosh 2018, there have been complaints against the voids in sports facilities at NIT Rourkela. After a brief conversation with the captains of different Institute sports reams, team Monday Morning brings you a comprehensive comparison between NIT Rourkela and IIT Kanpur in the aspect of sports facilities provided to the students in their campus.

IIT Kanpur

NIT Rourkela

Allotment of separate coaches to each sports team.

Most of the teams do not have coaches to train them.

IIT Kanpur has four well-maintained volleyball courts, each with a proper pitch so that injuries can be avoided.

NIT Rourkela has two courts out of which one is defunct because of poor maintenance.

Sufficient balls are provided to each of the teams for proper play.

The sporting teams aren’t provided with a sufficient number of balls.

Drinking water facilities have been installed near courts.

Drinking water isn’t available near the courts.

The cricket ground is well-maintained, and the pitch is regularly watered.

The cricket pitch isn’t watered on a regular basis.

IIT Kanpur has a total of 3 wooden badminton courts in their Indoor Stadium with a substantially high ceiling.

NIT Rourkela has one cement court covered with a layer of a synthetic sheet on top.

A sufficient number of feather shuttles are provided to the badminton team.

Badminton players generally don’t get to play with feather shuttles.


Clearly, there is a need for improvement in infrastructure so that the already achieving sportspersons can further be encouraged to win more accolades in competitions to come.

Acknowledging the sportsmen and sportswomen's efforts despite these impediments, Monday Morning congratulates all the winners who have brought glory to our Institute and wishes all the teams good luck in their future endeavours.


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