Harbinger to An Odyssey: Innovision 2018 Pre-Fest Analysis

Harbinger to An Odyssey: Innovision 2018 Pre-Fest Analysis

As a nippy breeze surrounds the steel city located in the heart of Northern Odisha, it acts as an indication of the upcoming gelidity, a distinct verve steadily developing in the campus of NIT Rourkela as it prepares to host the largest techno-management fest in the region [sic], Innovision 2018.

Themed “A Sci-Fi Odyssey”, Innovision 2k18 promises to be one of the best ever with the people behind the scenes putting in the work from before the end semester examination of the academic year 2017-18 to make it a successful spectacle, despite few setbacks that happened along the way.

The preparations started before summer. Just before the end-semester exams last semester the induction for the technical team was conducted and since then the work has been in progress. In the previous years, we have seen many great themes and we needed something that could outmatch them. After a lot of discussions in the summer, the theme was decided to be : A Sci-Fi Odyssey.

          -Subhranshu Sahoo, Innovision 2018 elected-convener

With Innovision well nigh, Team Monday Morning brings you a vernissage of what’s in store this upcoming weekend. Read on to find out.

Pre Innovision Events

The Pre-Inno events are conducted with the aim of warming up the crowd and are curtain raisers for Innovision. The events also play the dual purpose of publicizing the fest and giving the students a feel of an incoming technical fest by participating in online events. This Innovision saw a decrease in the number of pre-fest events from three to one. Cyborg club hosted Epreuve, an online tech hunt event from 26th to 28th October 2018.

It is a fun event, which engages the participants from inside and outside the campus and gives them insight on the upcoming fest. Epreuve sets a benchmark for the Innovision events and leaves the participants in anticipation for the upcoming fest.

          -Priyatosh Sahoo, Cyborg member.


The SAC-allocated budget for Innovision 2018 is INR 11 lakhs. The proposed micro-budget is as mentioned below:

1.Light and Sound2,00,000/-
2.Tent House and Bedding Arrangements2,00,000/-
3.Stationery Items1,80,000/-
4.Guest Lectures50,000/-
6.Guest House Charges80,000/-
7.Stage Arrangements10,000/-
9.Refreshment Packets30,000/-


Apart from this, INR 500 will be collected from each of the participants and as around 1200 participants are expected this year to turn up, an amount of around INR 6 Lakhs is expected to come from the registration fee. The distribution for the same is as given below:

1.Registration kit 90,000/-
2.Comedy Show1,10,000/-
3.Musical Night4,00,000/-


Flagship Events

There are 6 flagship events planned to be held this year, which include Death Race, Robot Sumo, RunIO, IPL Auction, The Intelligent Trader and Hoveron. The winners will be offered exciting prizes and goodies.

Death Race

A cyborg event, which as the name fends for itself it is quite literally a DEATH RACE for the bots. In this event, all the participants and their bots compete not only with time but also with a challenging hurdle race. SAC turns into an arena when this event is around the corner. The bots have to endure fire, a multitude of terrains which will not only test the integrity of the bot and its resilience but will also test the limits of the coordination the bot has with its operator. It is a very engaging event not only for the participants but also for the spectators, as they get to see bots being burned to ashes, torn apart or succeeding and becoming immortal in the books of Innovision.

Robo Sumo:

This event witnesses bots coming head to head in an arena. The first one to crash the other bot or to throw it out of the play zone takes the victory. This showcases the level of creativity the engineering minds have because they not only have to outwit the opponent but they also need to throw them off the tracks, quite literally.

IPL Auction:

As the name suggests, this event will let the participants do what they have always imagined. They will be in charge of an IPL team. With a specified budget, they need to make the most out of it. Lucrative prizes await for the victorious.

The Intelligent Trader:

An E-cell event. This event focuses on bringing out the Wall-Street potential in you. The participants are given a fixed amount of made-up money to work with. In this scaled-down version of the stock market, they need to buy and sell shares with the ‘money’ they have. The one who makes the most profits after the end of the stipulated time wins. A stockbroker game, which will gear the participants up for the real stock market, before their time.

Run IO Hackathon:

With developer talks and guest lecture, this is a one of a kind hackathon which eastern India has never seen. This event aims aim to bring together individuals with a diverse set of talents from the vast talent pool of this country under one roof to brainstorm together and develop sustainable solutions to real-life problems.


A death race on water, this event is aimed at hovercrafts competing with each other to earn the title of the toughest of them all. This event would not only be restricted to just on water but also on land hence it would require uttermost creativity from the participants.


This year's Innovision will witness a total of 8 workshops, five of which would be free for the participants while they would have to pay to attend the rest three. There has been a great improvement in the in the level of workshops with many technical workshops on topics like Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing, Android, etc.

Workshops on humanoid robots and digital modelling are also being organised which are expected to draw a lot of crowd.

The following is the list of workshops and their organisers:

Free Workshops:




Automobile Workshop


Learn the science behind a car through this workshop. Topics include the function of various automotive parts of a card and also their design using various CAD software.

Workshop on Cloud Computing


Introduce yourself to the world of cloud computing. The course contents to be covered include AWS, Natural Language Processing and its applications, SPARK, etc.

Workshop on Big Data


Set yourself ready for enrapturing the world like nothing before.

Get to learn the basics of Big Data one of the most crucial drivers of digitization.

Android Workshop

Aspirevision Tech Education

Learn the basics of Android Application development and start your journey towards a whole new world of opportunities.

Rhinoceros: Digital Marketing Workshop


The workshop is oriented to aware Designers, Architects and Engineers with possibilities and advantages of cutting-edge software 'RHINOCEROS'.


Paid Workshops:





Immersive(3D) App building workshop

Nimble Tech

Learn the basics of comprehension on ML and AR tutoring a touch of Unity and Vuforia, clearance of the dilemma of virtual and augmented reality annexed with the building the related apps from scratch, unfastening the virtual button and localising Android studio.

Fee: INR 99

Humanoid Robot Workshop


For the ones who have a latent yearning for robotics, here is an opportunity to get into the world of Human Robots. Gear up-to blueprint homo sapiens but mind you, into an even more supplemental anatomy.

Fee: INR 500

IoT Workshop


Be ready to enter the future. IoT involves extending Internet connectivity beyond standard devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, to any range of non-internet-enabled physical devices and everyday objects.

Fee: INR 500


Like past years, various exhibitions are going to be conducted this year so as to provide the students with an amazing and a memorable time in Innovision 2018. Some of the exhibitions set to take place include: Set-to-Rise, Radiance, Srijan, Iridescence, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Exhibition, Drawing Robot Exhibition.

Pro shows:

Like every year, Innovision 2018 intends to keep the participants and students entertained. To serve this purpose, various Pro-shows are set to be organised. Following is a list of the pro-shows to look forward to:

  • Day one would include performances by our college bands - Euphony and Drill and Bass.
  • Day two would see a stand-up comedy show by Sumit Anand, followed by DJ night, which will be starring DJ Kunal.
  • On day three, there will be a Sunburn-themed EDM show followed by a performance by DJ Funk D, who has performed at Tomorrowland for seven consecutive times.

Management of events 

Managerial Structure:

Going by the hierarchical structure, the apex consists of three conveners: two elected and one nominated. Going down the ladder the next in the line is the core team, which comprises of the third years with proficiency in managing events with past experience in earlier Innovision. Core-Team members are usually allocated 2 teams but they are not limited to just these two. Then come the managers of various teams and the coordinators under them. Finally at the very grassroots level are the volunteers.

The entire proceedings and preparations during the run-up to the festive weekend are being supervised and approved by Prof Manas Ranjan Tripathy and Prof S.K. Behera, Vice-Presidents of the Technical Society.

The above-mentioned group of enthusiastic students working for the fest is guided by the mentors who are the 4th years and the 5th years with immense experience handling the workload and demands of the fests.

Efficiency and Workflow:

To make the workflow efficient, there are 20 bifurcations of the teams which work in harmony with one another to make it a success. To maximize the output from the clubs in this fest, a member from team Innovision will be present at each event so that each and every member of the core team is well informed of the proceedings, which in turn will help them in making a judgment call if need be. For the efficient functioning, the teams have been further subdivided, each being led by one coordinator, all this is done with the intention of having a smoothly run fest. 

Integration of clubs:

Like every year, this year will also saw a multitude of clubs coming forth with their proposed events. The events were eventually finalised after thorough scrutiny by the Innovision Team. Thus, they play a very crucial role in running the fest smoothly. To ensure the best experience for the participants, team Innovision upholds the authority to cancel any particular event upon failing to adhere to the guidelines provided to them by the organizing committee.

Time Management 

Innovision 2018 has got a dedicated team to handle all the situations well. Arrangements are in place to get all the events started on time. Since everything hangs on a very tight scale of time, thus no extra time could be provided to each event. Thus they would have to finish everything in the stipulated timeline itself.

Guest presence at the fest

Even though the chief guest for the inauguration ceremony still hasn’t been finalized as of the time of writing, he/she will be present on the inauguration day, that is, the 2nd of November.


The online registration portal opened on 17th October and there have been approximately 2000 registrations till now. The portal will be active till 1st November 2018. For those who have not paid yet, the offline registrations will be active till the afternoon of 3rd November.


There have been efforts to make provide decent accommodation facilities for the participants from different colleges. The girls will be accommodated in CVR, while boys will be accommodated in rooms available in VS and SD, and common rooms of hostels.


One of the major aspects of publicity is the Innovision website which is already functional and “live” on the internet. The design team and content team are working really hard to motivate and attract the masses. Whether it be by creating catchy taglines like “#DestinyArrives” or by making teaser videos viral – the team is doing a fair job of captivating the attention of various spectators from within and outside NITR. 

The offline publicity team visited various colleges around the region during the Durga Puja holidays in order to encourage the students to attend the fest. Posters and pamphlets advertising the fest have been circulated in various colleges. Official invites were given in person to colleges inside the state and they were posted for colleges outside the state. The online publicity team is responsible for sharing the official Innovision posters and posts across all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. A great many numbers of post shares are seen every day promoting individual events as well as the fest.

The Odyssey 

A plethora of events backed by a competent team with sound preparations. Innovision 2k18 promises to deliver and is not one to be missed out on. NIT Rourkela takes center stage once more with all eyes on it. Team Monday Morning hopes for the success of Innovision 2018.

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