The Watershed Moment Of NITR, Bluetalk Explained.

The Watershed Moment Of NITR, Bluetalk Explained.

Sayed Munib Ahamad N Manyata | Oct 29, 2018

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On Saturday evening, the brisk winter evening blew, and Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium bellowed. Rotaract, a social service club, in collaboration with Hourglass, the public speaking club, presented ‘BlueTalk’, an ocean awareness program intended to promote ‘BlueLink’. This is a social movement brought by Rotaract club, the NIT Rourkela student chapter of Rotary International to save oceans from rampant pollution and stabilize the various diverse ecosystems housed within. It is fundamentally based on the 'I speak blue too'  movement. Bluelink is all set to happen under the umbrella of Innovision, NIT Rourkela with an aim to fill the upcoming campaign with fun and entertainment.

The event, BlueTalk began at around 6 pm at BBA, after a delay by half an hour. Initially, there was a brief intro by the hosts of the evening Rishabh Kundu and Simran Chauhan who gave a message highlighting the objectives of the evening in particular and the movement in general. Followed by which was the lamp lighting ceremony, which marked the official commencement of the programme, by the esteemed chief guest of the evening Ms Minati Mohapatra, President of Rotary club of Rourkela Steel City, followed by fellow Rotarians Ms Basanti Mohanty, Mr Arun Agarwal, Mr M.Khillar, Mr Biswajeet Pati, Mr Ravi Das and Mr Brajesh Gupta. 



After that, a video on the well-intentioned initiative was shown which was promptly followed by a presentation by the members of Hourglass who spoke in volumes about this noble venture. They stressed upon the need to promote ocean health by getting the facts and figures right about the depleting health of our oceans with generous usage of various literary devices to drive home the point of the campaign. Similar sentiments were echoed by Eve Isambourg, a health ocean activist and the initiator of the worldwide famous ‘#ISpeakBlueToo’ revolutionary campaign through a small video message.

The video message was followed by a speech by Ms. Minati Mohapatra who encouraged the audience to contribute to the worthy cause of saving our oceans. Next up Sravya Sridhar, the President of Hourglass who in her speech echoed similar sentiments and acknowledged the opportunity to tie-up with Rotaract in their initiative. Adding to this was the address of Rotarian Mr.Biswajit Pati who stressed upon the need for an ocean clean-up and encouraged the NITR populace to do their bit to create awareness. Archana Priyadarshini, the good-will ambassador-Bluelink and journalist at Samaj( a leading Odia daily), emphasized on the significance of increased awareness materializing into action and applauded the coordinators for charting out the blueprint in her brief address to the audience.

A perfunctory Q&A session was taken up by the organizers, encouraged impromptu queries from the curious minds concerning the ocean and its health and was answered satisfactorily. Notably, Policy level initiatives were for the most part absent. When queried about proposed policy changes or actions the organizers skirted the issue instead highlighting the need for the effort to gain momentum, asking for support so that policy level proposal may ensue in the future as awareness is increased. Rishabh Kundu, one of the organizers of the event reflected on the events of the evening and observed

It was unexpectedly good, we had a fair participation. People were also enthusiastic during the open house session! Overall we liked the participation of our fellow NITians. We look forward to increased participation in our main event in the near future: BlueLink. If that happens we'll collaborate with other Rotaract and Rotary clubs to carry out cleanliness drive in the far future.

On a concluding note, Shivangi Srivastava, Vice President of Rotaract club extended a vote of thanks to all Hourglass members for their support in conducting a successful ‘BlueTalk’, all the students and members of Leo Club of  NITR who turned up in impressive numbers and sent across a positive feedback along with the organizing team.

The program which saw the attendance of over 250 enthusiastic students and Rotarians made for a lively and receptive audience. One could sense an air of energy and enthusiasm among the audience to support this moral programme particularly among the fellow members of Rotaract and Hourglass; all dipped in hues of blue. Hourglass president Sravya further commented 

I think BlueLink is a wonderful initiative taken up by Rotaract NITR. BlueTalk is a crucial step to make BlueLink a success as this event educates the NITR junta about the current condition of our oceans.As a public speaking club, we can contribute to this cause by incorporating similar themes in our speeches in the coming future. Team Hourglass is honoured to be a part of this journey that creates a positive impact on our environment and we wish Rotaract Club all the best for their future endeavours!

The event was also attended by numerous members of Leo club, the student chapter of Lions club international at NIT Rourkela, who participated in the program to show their unwavering support for the cause above. The nascent movement intends to reach out to the responsible citizens of our society and make a sizeable human chain(SAVE OUR OCEAN) on 3rd of November, this Innovision, to press upon the need to promote ocean health. Team MM wishes Rotaract and all the associated stakeholders the absolute best in their noble endeavor.


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