The Sporting Concourse: Spardha 2018

The Sporting Concourse: Spardha 2018

IIT BHU hosted its annual sports fest Spardha between the dates of 26th-28th October 2018. The fest saw a record footfall of 40,000 marking it India’ s largest games and sports festival.  There were a total of 250 colleges that had registered and the fest hosted 21 sporting events. NIT Rourkela was represented by 3 teams i.e Swimming, Hockey and Football. Team MM analysed their performance and caught up with each of the team Captains as they gave an insight into the upturn of the 3-day fest. 

Swimming Contingent

The swimming contingent managed to hoist the NITR flag high as they managed to garner a whopping 12 medals at the meet. The team comprised of a total of 10 students which also had 3 girls, the only team from NITR which had girls representing the contingent this year at the competition. 

The medal tally is as follows:

Event Participant Medal 
100 M Freestyle (M) 
Aditya Sinha 


50 M Freestyle (M)
Aditya Sinha
50 M Butterfly (M)
Aditya Sinha


50 M Breast Stroke (W)
Dzelu Michello



4*50 M Freestyle Relay 



Bhavesh Gupta

Ritvik Verma

Aditya Sinha

Thakur Patel

4*50 M Medley Relay 



Bikash Ranjan

Kiran Kumar

Aditya Sinha

Thakur Patel



Amidst all the medals and galore, there were a lot of hurdles that the team had to cross. Team MM caught up with both the girls and boys captain and this is what they had to say:

Aditya Sinha (Boys Captain)

It was indeed a very good experience as it showed as that there is a lot of room for improvement. In spite of the team members being fatigued due to train delays and cancellations, we still managed to put our best foot forward by bagging 2 silvers and 10 bronze medals in different categories. We could have performed even better if the competition wasn’t right after pooja vacations which hampered daily practice. Proper practice slots and equipment is a must for us to hone our skills and get better at a competitive level. We expect better cooperation from SAC in terms of sanctioning leaves, funds and permissions so that we can focus on the more important things such as practice and training. Overall, it was a very good learning experience and we hope to do better with the help of the authorities of the institute.

Rituparna Nanda (Girls Captain)

“Spardha served as a good exposure to us mainly to our new inductees. The sports fest gave us a platform to check our skills. Even though we had train cancellations and delays we still managed to do well. This performance serves as a good practice for the upcoming Inter-NIT in January. To make our practice slots more effective, we need longer slots with proper training and equipment. All in all, it was a fun event with a lot of things to learn from.

Hockey Contingent 

The Institute Hockey Team also represented NIT Rourkela at IIT BHU. The team comprised of 16 members from different years lead by captain Rajkishore Kisku. A total of 9 teams had participated in the competition.

NIT Rourkela had to compete against 4 teams in the league stage. The results were as follows: 

NIT Rourkela 2 -2IIT KANPUR
NIT Rourkela 0-6IIT BHU
NIT Rourkela 2-0MMMUT
NIT Rourkela 6-0ISM DHANBAD 

Unfortunately, due to the difference with IIT Kanpur in the total number of goals, NIT Rourkela could not qualify for the semi-finals.

The captain Rajkishore Kisku said :

There was a tough competition in Spardha. We gave our maximum efforts in the tournament. We could not qualify for the semis as we were knocked out due to goal difference with IIT Kanpur. We could have displayed a better result if the institute would have provided better coaching and safety equipment.




Football Contingent

The institute Football team also represented NIT Rourkela in the sports fest. The captain of the team, Sidhant Das lead the 16 players through all the matches. 

They were grouped along with IIT BHU, VIT BHOPAL and IIT KHARAGPUR in group B. Only one team from each group could progress to semifinals hence it was necessary for them to win all the three matches.

NIT ROURKELA then tied up with  VIT BHOPAL and IIT KHARAGPUR on 6 points each and it was  VIT BHOPAL who proceeded to semifinals with a one-goal difference with NIT ROURKELA. Our team finished second in the group but they have no regrets since all of them played well and did meet the captain’s expectations. 

When asked to comment about the accommodation facilities of the fest he was of the opinion that it could have been better because of the fact that all the teams were given one common room instead of different rooms.

When asked to compare and contrast the facilities provided in both the institutions,

The captain, Sidhant Das said

The sports facilities at IIT BHU are far better than the facilities at NITRKL. 
At IIT BHU the football ground was totally covered with grass and the ground was soft, and we totally enjoyed playing on that ground. The ground was very well maintained and watered regularly. 
Not only football but other sports such as lawn tennis, basketball and volleyball too, I would say the same regarding the facilities.
The football ground we play on at DTS is hard and barely has any grass, and not watered regularly at all. There are few grass patches but the grass on those patches are very long. The ground is not  watered regularly and because of this there's so much of dust when we play. This poor condition is completely due to poor maintenance and ignorance. Overall the experience was motivating and worth learning from.


The NITR sports contingent made us proud at Spardha. Bearing in mind also that there is a lot of scope of improvement for the teams in terms of their performance which can very much be done with the support of the Institute in terms of better sporting facilities and equipment which will definitely give our students a competitive edge over other teams across India.

Team MM congratulates the entire contingent on their spectacular performance!


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