Speakers Groom The Innovative Neophytes

Speakers Groom The Innovative Neophytes

The 2k18 version of Innovision, one of the largest tech-fest of entire Odisha was recently celebrated at NITR, and the post-fest feel in the air can now be sensed. The Innovision team had organized some workshops and fetched guest lecturers from outside NITR. Here, team MM presents a sneak peek into those productions including comments from organizers, participants, and an analytical perspective as well.

Guest Lectures:

There were three guest lectures organized by the Innovision team. All of the lectures took place at BBA hall. Here are the details of the guest lectures.

Subrahmanyam Pulipaka (DAY 1):

This was the first guest lecture held on Day 1 (2nd November) at BBA hall following the inaugural ceremony of the technical extravaganza. Mr. P. Subrahmanyam is the Founder and CEO of Soreva Energy which operates out of India. He was also one of the youngest researchers from India to present at the 42nd IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference in the USA and 1st Solar Energy Forum in Qingdao, China. From the introduction of this phenomena it was expected to have a houseful Friday evening in the auditorium, and certainly, it was a hit. He put logical efforts in convincing the audience how solar-energy is going to be the rescuer in the future when we run out of fuel and non-renewable energy sources. He also spoke on the opportunities of young business entrepreneurs in this domain correlating with his journey so far. There was a motivating speech from his end on the significance and potential of the youths of the nation.

Krishnakant Mane (DAY 2):

Then there was an illuminating discourse from Krishnakant Mane on Day 2 in the afternoon session. He is a very accomplished visually disabled person and a software engineer by professional also contributing as a liberal (democratic) socialist. Besides, he created and maintains the GNUKhata project, a free and open source accounting software. In his words,

My blindness was never a problem or even a challenge to me, however, my parents would beg to differ. They are the ones who suffered and hence are more of a hero than me.

He shared few anecdotes with the audiences on how he overcame his physical limitations and came out as an extreme success. He concluded with a visual-demonstration on a software (open source) that acts as an assistant to the user and reads out everything in the console the mouse pointer is pointing at, a gem for all those visually challenged person who wants to work with a computer.

In a short talk with the team MM, he stated,

When I came to know about the kind of innovations taking place in this institute, I was amazed and decided to visit the campus as I recieved an invitation, limitations always kill innovations while sharing always produces innovation.

The VSSUT Satellite Team (DAY 2):

There was another presentation from the VSSUT Satellite team, scheduled after Mr. Mane’s inspiring speech. VSLV (VSSUT Student Satellite Vehicle) is India’s most successful student satellite launch vehicle till date developed by a team of 40 engineering students from Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT), Burla, Sambalpur. But, the presentation countered mismanagement from the coordinating team and ended up unexpectedly in the midway. Later they were provided a slot at DTS on Day 3 evening before the EDM Night for the remaining presentation but received a very small response because of lacking publicity on rescheduling.



Internet of Things refers to a network of Internet-connected objects designed to collect and exchange data, commonly abbreviated as IoT. Owing to its extending kingdom, IoT has unleashed a decent vibe in global technology. NITR being among the leading institutes of the country, it is imperative to keep the amateurs of the Institute updated to modern technology. In this attempt, Innovision produced a two-day workshop on IoT in association with Wingfotech, coordinated by Hemsagar Mishra and Gaurav Pranami. The workshop was categorized under the paid section with a registration fee of Rs.500/-

The first day of the session was held at EC 136, and it was shifted to EC 303 on the second day. Only 17 out of a total of 96 registrants attended the session. The workshop was delayed by an hour due as the official website of Innovision was not responding early in the morning. In a pre-session talk with team MM, Sanjay Kumar Nayak, a participant from outside NITR commented,

IoT is the future; all the devices will be connected through the internet. I guess the workshop is going to be interesting. This is my second time in NITR. Last time we enjoyed a lot, and our group won prizes in some of the events too. Besides, it is a nice campus to explore.

The guest speaker gave a broad insight into IoT and performed live projects starting from the basics. The participants got a chance to make designs with chips provided to them under his guidance and commands.

Hemsagar Mishra, a coordinator of the event, stated,

Many of the participants are coming late for the workshop; that has been the reason behind the delay in the commencement.

The participants seemed very interested and enthusiastic throughout the whole session. Admittedly, this kind of productive events will contribute to the grooming of the budding technocrats. The reach of these events will surely go up if the delay and technical glitches are taken care of in the future.


Big data is a big buzzword and everyone seems to be talking about it, but what exactly is big data? Where is this data coming from, how is it being processed, and how are the results being used?

To clear these clouds of doubts of the future engineers, Team Innovision along with RCPL organized a Workshop on Big Data, scheduled on 3 November at 9:00 AM in EC-138. A turnout of 104 out of 194 registered candidates marked the success. Due to unavailable of the network, glitches in Innovision website and other technical issues, this event was delayed by an hour.

The speaker gave an interesting ride through the roads of Big Data. A very analytical and knowledgeable session of the Big Data Concept was depicted from basics. Topics like Cluster, High Volume, GFS, Node, and Hadoop were scrutinized.

Priyanka Jha, the Coordinator of the Workshop, shares her happiness,

It has been a great experience for me. I consider it to be successful as it is an eye-catching topic of the modern generation. Big Data is an important topic for future developments, so I am happy to be a part of it as it was helpful for me, both in gaining knowledge and experience.

Jayshree Biswal, a student from VSSUT Burla, had a mixed feeling about the workshop as she says,

It has been a greatly influencing knowledgeable session, but the delay and unavailability of water along with problems like the crashing of Innovision Website could have been solved efficiently.

Team Monday Morning grabbed a chance to speak with the speaker of RPCL who shares his joy by saying,

I would thank the Innovision Organizing Team to consider the modern demand of Big Data and including in such a large platform. There has been a rare enthusiasm among the participants. The success credits should go to coordinators of this session who maintained the smooth flow of this workshop.

HUMANOID ROBOT: A Workshop on Programming Robots That Resemble You

Science has fetched things which were once considered impossible and supernatural fantasies of a daydreamer. Humanoid Robot or a ‘programmed human being’ in a more precise term is one of them, now brought into reality. Robotics is the new tech-giant of the modern world and an ever-growing field of technology.

A workshop on Humanoid Robot was held at EC 420 that lasted for two days (3rd and 4th November). It was a collaborated production of Innovision and Wingfotech, coordinated by Mukund Agarwala, Alankrita Patel, and Anup Sohela. The voice of the workshop was reprogramming yourself for something that resembles you. The registration fee for this paid workshop was Rs.500/-

The session started with a delay of one and half-an-hour as the Innovision website was not responding. It started at 11:30, with a turn up of 25 out of a total of 88 registrants. According to Mukund Agarwala,

The conduction of workshop was quite smooth once it started. The workshop started a bit late but was very interactive. Although there were more than 90 registrations, this one being a paid workshop we saw only 30 turnouts on the first day. We expected the number to increase on the second day. We didn't face any issues with requirements and communication.

Prawal Pratap Singh, the speaker fetched for the event, gave a deep insight into the concept of a Humanoid and brief overview of the diverse application of robotics. The participants experienced and actively took part in live projects as well.

This kind of workshops should be encouraged and organized in more counts in future as they play an important role in shaping and keeping up the tech-culture in the campus.

The AR and ML WORKSHOP: Rebuilding the Reality

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the world and created huge opportunities and possibilities for inventions and innovations wide around the world. Keeping a rhythm with the real world industry, the Innovision team in collaboration with Nimble Tech organized a workshop on Building Immersive (3D) App Using Augmented Reality and Machine Learning, another event of the ongoing tech-fest of NITR. It was categorized among the paid workshops with a nominal registration fee of Rs.99/-

The workshop took place at EC Seminar hall on the second day (3rd November) of the fest, coordinated by Akanksha Nayak and Vishal Kumar. The commencement was delayed by one hour from the scheduled time (9:00 am) due to some technical glitches and the non-responding official website of Innovision. 36 out of 117 registrants turned up for the session.

Regarding this Vishal Kumar stated,

We are quite satisfied with the turn-up. 36 out of 117 is not that bad, but it could be better if more people had turned up.

Rahul Saha, the speaker for the event, started with an informative introduction to the words Augmented Reality and Machine Learning. He gave a deep insight into the subtopics related to the domains mentioned above, especially machine learning. There were intermediate quiz sessions as well to keep up the enthusiasm among the participants, and the winners were awarded goodies or cash coupons. The workshop was supposed to run for two sessions, one in the morning and the other after lunch. But the second session was canceled as none turned up after lunch. Certificates were mailed to each of the registrants (provided their attendance in the course) as proof of their participation in the workshops.

Pratyush Mahapatra, a student from SUIIT, Sambalpur before the commenced said,

It is my first workshop experience in NITR. I am a student in computer science. I am aware of the quality of education practiced in the institute, so I am here to learn something new.

The initiative was applaudable but did not end in good terms. The working team should investigate why pupils didn’t turn up in the post-lunch session. The delay is also a matter of concern in the event of a fest like Innovision.


As the world's most popular mobile platform, Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world. It has the largest installed base of any mobile platform and is still growing fast. Every day another million users power up their Android devices for the first time and start looking for apps, games, and other digital content.

Keeping pace with the exhilarating growth of Android, Team Innovision along with ASPIREVISION TECH EDUCATION successfully presented a workshop on Android on the Day-3,4 November of the Sci-fi Odyssey in LA-117. The workshop started an hour late at 10:00 AM summed with a change of venue, with a footfall of around 125 out of 285 registrations, owing to some technical glitches and unavoidable circumstances.

The speaker, Sourav Ghose from the ASPIREVISION TECH EDUCATION elaborately discussed various parts of the Android field focusing mainly on the Basic UI/UX Designing. Other relatable topics like Android Frameworks and API were thoroughly accounted.

Regarding this, Siddhanth Mohanty said,

I am satisfied with such a turn-up apart from the fact of shifting of venues, The participants were probably satisfied since the speaker was very interactive with discussions on base knowledge.

Siddhanth Gadnayak, a fresher from College of Engineering and Technology, shares his experience,

The subject matter was nicely depicted. Innovision has pushed me towards my goals. A new door towards API and UI/UX Design opens for me. Honestly, the Destiny had arrived this time.

Indira Pattanaik, a student from VSSUT, Burla expresses her views,

The Organizing Team must take care of the time and venue which are changing day in and out. The lecture was the bright spot among the plethora of difficulties on the Day-3.

In his words, Sourav Ghose expresses his satisfaction,

I congratulate the coordinators of the Android Workshop smoothly by taking care of all the participants. It was a great opportunity to spend some time with enthusiastic students. I thank the hospitality for taking care of needs during the process.

CLOUD COMPUTING WORKSHOP: Allocating Storage to More Data

Cloud computing is another techno-outburst of the advancement in science and technology in recent dates, and thus a new field of interest for budding engineers. So, Spawn, a coding club of NIT Rourkela came up with a free workshop on Cloud Computing, in association with Nimble Tech on the occasion of the Innovision, coordinated by Harsh and Rohit.

The workshop was held at the EC seminar hall on 4th November and went through two sessions, one in the morning and the other after lunch. It started at 10:00 am with a turnup of 50 out of 282 registrants. Anupam Kumar, the speaker, discussed a wide spectrum of the following topics mainly focusing on the application of cloud computing.

  • Introduction to AWS
  • Installation of Boto3 and Anaconda
  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  • NLP Application using AWS services
  • SPARK Introduction
  • eCommerce Application improvement using Spark

According to Harsh Mohan, a coordinator of the event,

There was a confusion on the timing of the workshop among the participants as the date mentioned in the booklet is 3rd of November. Only around 25 from outside NITR have been able to attend. Moreover, the organizing team promised to provide a microphone, but there has not been any.

There were multiple difficulties faced by the participants especially the inaudibility and defect in the projector. Simran Akhtar, from CET, Bhubaneswar who attended the workshop expressed,

The first thing is that he is not audible enough, and he is not putting that much of effort as he is not walking around but sticking to one place. The slide,s he is presenting, cannot be read, perhaps due to some problem in the projector. So. we are dependent on him as he reads out the slides, but he is not audible.

Team MM also spoke to the speaker of the session. Asked about the response from the students he commented,

The response was good in the first half. But it could be better with more number of people turning up, especially in the second half as the turnup count took a sharp decrease in the post-lunch session.

AUTOMOBILE WORKSHOP: Learning to build your own ride

For the ones who are curious about how their vehicles work, the automobile workshop organized by SAE- NITR, was the place to be. The workshop was held on the 4th of November at the Mechanical Seminar Hall. It was supposed to begin at 10 AM but was rescheduled to 2:30 PM. The workshop was designed in such a way that a brief idea about the design and working automobile could be given to students in the short span of time.

Over 150 students had registered for the workshop, out of which 70 students turned up for the event.

Akash Ranjan Sahoo, one of the coordinators, had this to say,

The workshop was a grand success. Although the number of students dereased due to the sudden change in timings, those who attended the workshop were really satisfied with it.

The workshop consisted of two guest lecturers who spoke about the different stages of developing a project. The first to speak was Prof. P.S. Balaji, Asst. Professor, Mechanical Department who gave a lecture on aerodynamics. Next in line was Prof. S.K. Behera, the faculty advisor of SAE-NITR who conducted a session on the various CAD software. The event was well coordinated by Akash Ranjan Sahoo and K Avinash Kumar.

Sambodhi Manna, a student of NIT Rourkela was satisfied with the event,

I got to learn a lot about automobiles today. Thinking about the design of a vehicle and making it into a reality are two very different things and I have learnt to do both today. This has really spiked my interst towards automobiles.

Rhinoceros-3D MODELLING WORKSHOP: Building your dreams into reality

A workshop on 3D modeling and development was held at TIIR Building, room TI-208 on 4th November. The workshop was aimed at making the Designers, Architects, and Engineers aware of the advantages and possibilities of the cutting edge technology ‘RHINOCEROS.’ The software is much simpler in comparison to other software like AutoCAD, solid works, etc. which are much more difficult to handle and learning them is time-consuming. The workshop consisted of everything from the basic commands to advanced 3D level modeling and drafting that can be performed through this software.

Amrita, one of the coordinators of the event had this to say,

The turnup has been low. Although 60 students had registered for the event only 25 of them have turned up. As so many workshops being held at the same time, students are getting confused about which one to attend.

A participant from CET, Bhubaneswar had this to say,

The software being used is really easy to use. We were taught everything from scratch. The people conducting the workshop have been really helpful. They are helped us to understand by moving to each one of us one by one. It was really a very good experience.

The workshop had received registrations of more than 100 students but the turn out remained small which was because of so many workshops being organized at the same time. The event was attended by around ten students from outside NIT, and around 15 students from the campus attended the workshop. The workshop began at 9:30 AM and went on till 1 PM.

The overall participation and involvement in the events were decent. Innovision is not only a festival but also a convention of technocrats from all over the country, a transaction of skill and knowledge where neither the receiver nor the donor is at a loss, and these workshops and events are proof of that.


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