En Route To Become The Wolves Of Wall Street: Business And Entrepreneurship Events

En Route To Become The Wolves Of Wall Street: Business And Entrepreneurship Events

Shivasish Sahu Umme Salma | Nov 05, 2018

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An engineer is also a natural entrepreneur and this INNOVISION came pumped up with exciting events for all such business enthusiasts out there. The entrepreneurship and business clubs of the institute organized some events to cater to the excitement of the students. The events included IPL Auction, Market-o-mania, Tossing the Skillz and Intelligent Trader.


IPL Auction:

The Business club organized the “IPL Auction 3.o” this Innovision at the Senate Hall in the Academic Building. The event was a simulation of actual IPL auction. The event started at 10:45 AM with a delay of more than an hour. A total of twelve teams participated, each team comprised of two or three members and every two teams were assigned a mentor. The mentor was supposed to look at the progress of his teams and give bluffing alerts if any.  The starting of the event took place by the club president presenting the set of rules and regulations. A total virtual budget of 80 crore INR was allocated to each team and the teams were supposed to bid on the players based on their performance in IPL 2018. The event ended at around 2:30 PM.

One of the participants, Pratyush Kumar from VSSUT told Team MM-

The event was amazing and so is the fest. The campus is beautiful, there are so many things to explore.

The prizes were announced later with Prayash Chand, Sangram Kesari Rout and Prathamesh Ray declared as winners. The event coordinator was very much satisfied with the participation and the turnout of the event, he told Team MM-

This was a wonderful event as here you learn teamwork, risk-taking and planning, and strategy. The participants are supposed to manage their money well in the bidding process. Overall the event turned out to be really good and I hope the participants enjoyed as well.



The E-cell club organized a treasure hunt, Market-o-Mania, on 3rd November at LA 201. The event started at 10.30 AM, delayed by an hour. It consisted of two levels. The first level was a quiz in which participants were given a problem statement, using the answers to the problem as a hint the participants were supposed to get a code to pass on to the next level. The next level was the transaction round where the selling skills of the participants were put to test. The participants were divided into groups with two members in each group. The team which cleared all the two levels first was declared as the winner. The winners were Rohit Lodha and Aditya Agarwal . The footfall for the event was around 120+ participants. The event ended at 1:30 p.m. delayed by an hour as was expected to be. The coordinators of the event were Biraj Shankar and Nalin Modi.


Tossing the skillz:

The E-cell club came up with its another event “Tossing the skillz” the next day i.e. on 4th November. The event was held at LA lawns and LA 101. The event started at around 10:00 AM. This was a fun business event which consisted of three levels. The first level was tossing the balls into a box, this was supposed to measure the business skill of calculated risk-taking. The second round consisted of questionnaires covering three areas of business knowledge i.e. CEOs and current affairs and recognizing logos of popular companies and understanding business-related terminology. The third level was supposed to check the business negotiations skills of the participants. The event witnessed a whopping participation of around 300+ students. The registrations were closed at 1:15 PM yet students kept coming in and trying their skills. The coordinator of the event, Amrit Jena was very happy with the turnout of the participants. He told Team MM-

This was the first time we organized this event and it is surprising that this proved to be a huge success. Participants kept coming even after registrations were closed. We are planning to have other events of the same kind in the coming years and expecting a better participation.

Intelligent trader:

The Cognizen club organized the entrepreneurship event “Intelligent Trader” on 3rd November at LA 114. The event started at 9:20 AM. The participants were divided into teams of two or three members and each team was assigned a country. The teams needed to complete the winning sets which included a specific list of commodities. They needed to trade and purchase commodities via auction in order to complete their final set. They were also supposed to efficiently trade and bring in ideas to develop market behavior. There were three rounds of an auction and three inter-trading rounds. The team completing the final set(also completing the set more times)with the most amount of money left after the trade was awarded as the winner.  The coordinators of the event were Sanatan Panda and Samarth Panda. The footfall was around 75 participants. The students enjoyed the auction round the most. The coordinators told Team MM-

The event was a success. The idea of including diplomacy with trade helps deal with negotiations better. It made the students feel as if they were delegates of different countries trading.

The event ended at around 12:30 PM, well before the finishing time.


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