Breaking the Humdrum: Entertainment Events at Innovision 2k18

Breaking the Humdrum: Entertainment Events at Innovision 2k18

Innovision is the techno-management fest of NIT Rourkela, but having only technical events for three days at a stretch is a drag for all the students who experience the fest. To break the monotony, and to bring a different paradigm to the NIT Rourkela’s very own tech fest, Innovision has a lineup of fun events that the students can participate to make their fest experience more enjoyable and memorable.


The Leo Club of NITR organised “Housie” on 3rd of November at LA- 204. The event was supposed to be started by 10:30 AM, however, because of the registrations of a large number of participants, the event got delayed and started at 11:15 AM. The event gathered a huge crowd as people kept coming in, to try out their luck. Each ticket cost around 20 rupees. The event started with the acknowledgement of the rules and regulations. There were cash prizes for four corners, the first five, the three rows, and the full housie. The event attracted such a huge crowd that the club decided to put on another game. The next game started at 01:15 p.m. and ended by 2:15 p.m. the overall footfall for the event was around 230 participants. The cash prize was based on the collection from the tickets. One of the winners, Aditya Tripathy from Utkal University told-

I liked the game a lot. Its fun, short and filled with excitement.

Another student, Deepa Sahu from VSSUT said:

It was a nice game. Hopefully, there will be another game; I will attend that as well.

There were three coordinators for the event-Abhishek, Rakesh and Milind. They were delighted with the turnout. One of the coordinators told:

We weren't expecting many people to turn up. However, people did show up. With the support of all the club members, the event turned out to be a huge success.

Hustle Bustle

The Mavericks Club organised a street dance showcase “Hustle Bustle” in the basketball court. 33 members of the mavericks club performed in the event. The event started in the evening of 3rd November, at around 5:30 p.m., without much of a delay. The footfall was huge, as is expected for such an event. The crowd gathered in a circle and cheered and hooted for the gracious and energetic dance moves of the performers. The choice of the tracks and music was excellent. The performance was of about 30 minutes, but it was a treat to the eyes of the spectators.

Anupam Dungdung from CET Bhubaneshwar came to visit the fest with his friends. He was one of the spectators; he told MM-

It was a very nice and energetic performance. I liked it a lot, and I also took a video.

One of the organisers of the event, Suryakanta Murmu, told MM-

The crowd was unexpectedly huge and energetic. We weren't sure of this at first, but as of now, we feel it was a very gratifying experience as people from outside NIT came and showed appreciation. Overall, the management and the turnout, both were good.


The drama club of NITR, Ritvic, organised an open mic session “Kalaam”. The event started at around 11:50 PM; It was significantly delayed because of certain mismanagement and the absence of half of the club members owing to their visit to XLRI. However, a huge crowd gathered in SAC to cheer for the spontaneous performances. The students from NIT and the outside institutes came up with beautiful, creative poetries, songs and music and other heart lighting performances. The audience was very energetic and cheerful. However,  due to the shortage of time, the event was abruptly stopped at 12:20 a.m. and postponed to the next day. The next day, it started at 3:30 p.m. and ended at 5:30 p.m. There were two coordinators for the event- Rahul Kujur and Ankush Gautam. They told MM-

It didn't start on time as some other event took the time which was allowed to us and hence we had to reschedule it, but because of the postponing, only 1 per cent of the registered participants showed up, however, whoever turned up performed well and it was entertaining for the crowd. So overall, it still went well.

CS:GO Competition

A significant section of the NIT students and engineering students, in general, are gaming enthusiasts. Keeping that in mind, Innovision 2018 was expected to have an event on video games. CS:GO Competition is one of those events which these gamers look forward to, and this year, it was held on both 3rd and 4th of November in LA 216 from 9 AM to 3 PM.

The PUBG Event to be held got cancelled because of non-approval by SAC.

Gupchup Eating Competition

One of the events which added a different flavour to Innovision 2k18 was Gupchup Eating Competition, organised by Chef’s Club on the 4th of November. The event was from 9 AM till 3 PM and gathered more than 40 students to have fun and enjoy this spicy street delicacy. Students participated in groups of two and with a nominal price of 20 rupees, had fun feeding each other as many gupchups as they could under 1 minute. The students not only enjoyed the fun challenge but also satisfied their cravings for street food.

Coordinator Niswas Sahoo and Banani Rath were delighted with the turnout. Niswas Sahoo said,

Participation was better than expected, so much that we ran out of Gupchup and we had to procure them again to continue.

Chef’s Club’s other event, Foodhibition got cancelled because of failure of procurement of requirements.


“Because friends are unforgettable and we are here to ca​​​​​​pture the vividness of your friendships and smiles.”

The third of this month saw the Third Eye, the official photography club of NIT Rourkela, organising their annual event, My BFF for Innovision 2k18. People arrived in pairs and groups at the Computer Science department lawns and had the pictures captured as a celebration of their friendships.

Scheduled to begin at 9 AM, the event was off to a slow start but picked up as the day advanced amassing a considerable crowd by the lunch hour. The gathering was managed efficiently, and the registrations were handled well. Coordinated by Joel Jacob Thomas and Nishant Mohan Bahuguna, it was a massive success with the turnout of the participants being nearly 600. The coordinators stated,

The turnout this year was quite big and unexpected. To a certain extent, it was difficult to manage in the afternoon with people pouring in, and the number of photographers presents limited to fifteen. Overall, we clicked a lot of pictures and everyone present had much fun!

The event concluded at 4:30 PM and the crowd eventually dispersed for the guest lecture at BBA. The photos were uploaded on the Third Eye Facebook page, and the picture with the maximum likes by 5 p.m. of 4th of November was the criterion in deciding the winner. The winner for this year was the group photo of Syed Saif Alam, Aditya Mandiwal, Aditya Bhadoriya, Vatsal Bhatt and Shivanshu Tyagi. The very same photograph was printed and framed, and presented as memorabilia to the group.

The Third Eye team put in a commendable effort in bringing this event to an efficacious conclusion.

Set To Rise

The end of the first day of the annual tech fest saw the beginning of Set to Rise the exhibition being held by Astro, the Astronomy Club of NIT Rourkela. The presentation served to foster the excitement of the space enthusiasts, and it started on both the nights at 10:30 p.m. and was wrapped up around four in the morning.

Initially scheduled to be held on the 3rd and 4th of November on the Main Building Rooftop, it was later changed to the 2nd and 3rd November. The venue was also shifted to the Chemical Engineering department rooftop since the installation of solar panels in the Main Building rooftop bereft it from enough space to host a gathering. The Pre-fest registration for the event was 298, but the footfall for day one only amounted to 90, owing to the mix-up of the exhibition dates. The footfall for day two steeply ascended to 350 and the peak hour for the celestial exhibition was between 11 PM. and 1 AM.

The exhibition went on smoothly for the most part. On the second night, the view was affected due to the presence of clouds in the sky around half past one, but it cleared up within the hour. Prof. Madhushree Kundu, the Head Of Department for Chemical Engineering graced the exhibition with her presence.

With the assistance of the telescope, Celestron XLT 800, the NITR populace was presented with the opportunity to view celestial wonders. The beauties of Andromeda galaxy, Messier 35, the Orion constellation, the Orion Nebula, Crab Nebula, planetary nebulae like the Blue Snowball and Eskimo nebula, the stars Vega, Sirius and Rigel, the Pleiades, the planets Mars and Uranus; and the showstopper, our moon were showed to the audience who watched them in awe.

The coordinators were Shiva Lagisetty and Debatri Chakraborty, and on behalf of the organising team, Shiva Lagisetty said,

It was an amazing experience to share the knowledge and the telescope. We all stayed up for two consecutive nights and seeing the excitement of the people cheered us on immensely. The best thing was undoubtedly receiving applause for the job that we did.

Social Pradyogiki

Social Pradyogiki was an event presented by the Jagruti club which called out for socially impactful and innovative technology-based ideas.

Initially, the event was supposed to begin at half past nine, but it was delayed to 12:30 PM, which was when the judges arrived.

The event aimed to address the social impact of the technological advances that are made. It was organised by the club members Suyashaa, Mansha and Tarash and was judged by R. K. Biswal, the faculty advisor of the club; P. N. Chatterjee, a retired bank officer and a philanthropist and Dr Sashikant Acharya, a retired professor of NIT who runs the charity foundation Service For Humanity. The participants were to give an idea, model or a presentation based on technology that would be beneficial to society. Ankita Das, the president of the club, said, “The technological breakthroughs might have solved a hundred issues but at the same time have given rise to a hundred more.”

The ideas put forth by the three participating teams were Biogas production, developing an application for farmers and constructing a flexible living space. The team formed by Arindham Sahu and Tulasi (NIT Rourkela) emerging as the winner and Aniket Kumar and Aadish Paul (Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar) as the runner-up.

The judges addressed the people assembled as

The need of the hour is to embrace the scientific temper and develop technology for the common masses.

Apart from this, there were a few stalls in BMBT Parking which hosted small and fun games for the entertainment of students from NIT and outside.

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