Destiny Arrived and the Odyssey Ended: A Recap of Innovision 2k18

Destiny Arrived and the Odyssey Ended: A Recap of Innovision 2k18

With the soothing autumn breeze running across the streets of NITR and the winters welcoming under the sky full of stars, Innovision set itself up on 2nd of November, lighted up the hearts and the streets till the 4th of November. There were vibes of festivity and celebration knitted through a single strand of feel running across the hearts and minds and enthralling the same in the others.

Inauguration Ceremony

The inaugural took place in Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium, running late by an hour due to circumstances arising over stage arrangements and guest arrival. The event was gracefully kicked off by the revered Director Prof. Animesh Biswas along with a devotional song scored at the background adding devotion to the much held back excitement of the crowd owing to the evening’s decorum.

The convener Sainandan Mohanty was called upon the stage to orate his efforts on pulling together a competent team, and thus a fest he visioned to shoot across the winter stars. Prof. Shantanu Behera, the Vice President of the SAC Technical Society was called upon thereafter to welcome the chief guest for the evening Subrahmanyam Pulipaka, the founder and CEO of Soreva Energy Group.

The stage was then taken over by the SAC president Prof. Snehashish Chakravarty as he welcomed everyone with his heart out loud. The Dean (Student Welfare) Prof. Simanchal Panigrahi took over the podium thanking SAC, the organizing committee and fellow faculties.

The Guest of Honour M.K.Samantharay was called upon the podium to throw his wisdom and vision on fests and events. Shortly after that, the Chief Guest, Subrahmanyam Pulipaka took over the evening over technical talks on solar energy technologies and its opportunities for young business entrepreneurs. He carried on with the earliest idea of electric cars and the ways it has evolved in the course of revolutionizing the human race.

The event went on by the launch of the Mini Issue of D361, the official student magazine of NITR. The Dean Student Welfare, Prof. S. Panigrahi felicitated the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour was subsequently honored by the SAC President Prof. S. Chakraverty. The inaugural ceremony also showed a glimpse of what to expect from the fest in the form of a Robo Dance by Robot NaO and a Drone Show which exhibited drones manipulated through gestures.

There was vote of thanks by Prof. Manas Ranjan Tripathy, Vice President of Technical Society,  he acknowledged the Guest of Honor, Dean (Student Welfare), the SAC President and the SAC family as a whole for managing to make time to attend to the fest needs in between their busy schedules and also appreciated the students for their diligent work during the preparations.

This was followed by the much-awaited speech of the chief guest, Mr.P. Subrahmanyam a renowned figure in science and solar energy and the CEO of Soreva Energy group. He represents India in China, Russia, and Rwanda promoting green development. An excerpt of his speech is as follows;

Youth represents energy, in fact, it is the greatest source of energy. So make use of all the government facilities that you students get and harvest this energy. Streams other than IT are evolving streams of learning. And also keep in mind that innovation with vision will improve India’s research front drastically. Lastly, when is the best time to be born? The best time to be born is NOW.

There was a presentation by one of the members of a social regime, “ASHA EK HOPE” - a foundation which deals with helping those with MND (Motor Neurone Disease). There were several videos played on how the foundation is helping people across India who are suffering from this disease.

The inauguration ceremony ended with performances from Pantomime and Spic Macay. Pantomime showcased a ten-minute mime act on the evolution of human beings and Spic Macay portrayed Indian melodies on the flute and tabla.

Technical Based Events

Being the technical spectacle it is, Innovision lashed an entire platter of technology innovations. Participants had various genres to choose from and try their hand. Following is a brief regarding the same.

Technology related and Crypto Puzzle Events

Along with the purely technical events, there was also a genre which took equal parts of fun and technology for events which would be for a wider band of crowded. These events came under, the following-

  1. Flagship Tech Events: RunIO and Robotics exhibitions were the flagship events which occurred for the first time in the campus of NIT Rourkela owing to the Innovision. RunIO, organized by OpenCode and sponsored by GitHub was the first ever Hackathon that NITR witnessed. Themed on Sustainable Development, the event aimed at bringing together ideas for the long run and developing products and services to secure and enhance the future of humanity. The robotics exhibition was organised by the organisations, WingfoTech and EduRobo, which is elaborated under the section of Exhibitions of this article.
  2. Technical and Auto-Engineering: NITR includes a fair share of clubs which concentrate on Automobile Engineering regarding various aspects. These clubs came forward with their annual events to showcase their creations.
    1.  SAE Events: The Student Chapter of Society of Automotive Engineers organised a total of three events: QFiesta: Grand Auto Quiz which was based on the purview of models, brands of automobiles and basic automotive-related concepts, MechArena: Car Show, a two day exhibit showcasing all-terrain vehicle designed by the club members, along with an Automobile Workshop.
    2.  Tiburon Exhibition: The underwater automobile club of NITR came up with its own brand of an exhibition of marine robotics. They displayed the workings of the three robots they have built since the past years.
    3.  Hoveron: This flagship event of Udaan Club specialising in hovercrafts that travel both on land and water brought out the real world automotive engineering, as the participants were supposed to design the hovercrafts which can move through eccentric terrains swiftly while manoeuvring obstacles and the subsequent competition among the vehicles.
    4.  Egg Drop Challenge: A fun event organised by Udaan which entailed using Structural Engineering to design a vessel which would render the egg unbroken even after dropping from a specified height. Both events of Udaan also saw a good participation.
  3. Electronics, Coding, Circuital and Robotics Events: With a dedicated Technical Society on campus, there was no shortage of events related to these genres which were conducted by the clubs of NITR.
    1. Epreuve 3.0, the Pre-Innovision flagship event of online tech-hunt of 48 hours organised by Cyborg kickstarted the sense of competition for the fest.
    2. Tread-O-Quest 5.0: Another event conducted by Cyborg during Innovision which has the main motive of constructing a line follower autonomous robot capable of doing certain tasks given in the problem statement.
    3. Digitizer 2.0.: Another event conducted by Cyborg where participants are required to program a bot such that it would follow a certain path and avoid certain obstacles using skill sets like Machine Learning and Image Processing.
    4. DeathRace 7.0.: One of the most awaited events organised by Cyborg, the event requires your bot to battle an opponent bot in the arena and tame the obstacles before your opponent does so.
    5. RoboSumo 2.0.: One of the most enduring events organised by PluggedIn where Robots battle and fight out to remove one another from the arena a la Sumo style, but with the main aim of sustaining rather than destroying

  1. ASME Events: The Student Chapter of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, conducted two events in this fest. Fly your Plane, in which participants were supposed to make planes using the materials provided to them on spot, and CAD Battle which required the participants to design using CAD Softwares to tackle the problem given on spot.
  2. CoDecode: The second edition of the trivia and real-time treasure hunt was organised by Club AKRITI on the second day of the fest. It had three rounds for the hunt.
  3. Quiz-O-Rama: The first edition of technical trivia quiz was organised by Microsoft Campus Club in collaboration with Inquizzitive. With three rounds based on various aspects of General Knowledge and Technical genre, the event made a good show as an opening.
  4. Omega 3.0.: Another quizzing event based on testing analytical and aptitude skills were organised by Axiom Club. This event saw their highest footfall this year since their first event.
  5. Maze Hunt 2.0.: The largest event of this fest with the highest number of participation, included real-time moving about a makeshift maze to find answers to general riddles and questions or to perform tasks. Organised by Genesys, it was also extended to a second day owing to the impressive turnout.
  6. Geometrica: The debut event of Society of Students of Planning and Architecture, which was meant to challenge the artist within the participants by asking them to draw a live view using only the major shapes like square, rectangle, circle and triangle.
  7. Cadenigma- The ICE club organised a fun event whereby participants were given problem statements on the spot and they had to come up with solutions for them using AutoCAD.
  8. Maneuver 2.0 - AICHE NITR conducted the second edition of Maneuver which mainly had quiz questions on all genres.
  9. Mikado of Acumen- Also organised by AICHE NITR, the event was organised for the very first time at Innovision and it had four rounds, written quiz, crossword puzzle, guessing game and betting round.
  10.  Make it or Break it- ICE organised a civil engineering centric event which involved building bridges.
  11. Chem-E-Car - AICHE organised an informatory event on the advantages of using green fuels over the traditional sources of fuel through chemical reactions.
  12. City of Smart Clans- The event was organised by the CEST club which was also for civil enthusiasts to put their building skills to test.
  13. Crane-O-Mania- As the name suggests the event which was organised by CEST involved making cranes and the crane which could hold the most load emerged the winner.
  14. Civiz- The event was organised for the civil and geotechnical engineering enthusiasts whereby their knowledge on these two fields was put to test in a quiz and it was organised by CEST club.


Innovision has maintained its customary range of state-of-art workshops this year too. There were in a total of 8 workshops, out of which 3 were paid workshops.

The paid workshops were the following-

  • Building Immersive App using Augmented Reality and Machine Learning: In association with NimbleTech, Cyborg club organised a workshop on the details of how to make a 3D app using AR and ML with a registration fee of Rs. 99.
  • Humanoid Robot- In association with Wingfotech, team Innovision organised a two-day workshop on the workings of a robot which can mimic humans, there was a Rs.500 registration fee to participate in the workshop.
  • Internet of things (IoT)- This workshop was also organised in association with Wingfotech, and it also required a registration fee of Rs.500. As the name suggests, the workshop primarily revolved around how things connected on the internet can be used to transfer data.

The unpaid workshops were as follows:

  • Big Data- A one day workshop on the basics of Big Data was organized by RCPL.
  • Android- A two-day workshop on the most sought-after mobile operating system was organised by Spirevision Tech team.
  • Cloud Computing- The technical club Spawn, organised two sessions on cloud computing in association with Nimbletech.
  • Automobile Workshop- A workshop on the brief about the design and working of an automobile was organised by SAE NITR.
  • Rhinoceros - A 3D modelling workshop especially aimed for Architecture students was organised in order to bring out the advantages of using the ‘Rhinoceros’ technology over AutoCAD software.

Guest Lectures

This time, Innovision saw three guest lectures. One lecture was given by the Chief Guest Subhramiyam Pulipaka, himself on the topic of Solar energy technologies-opportunities for the Young entrepreneurs during the inaugural. Mr. Pulipaka, went on to substantiate his stance on how solar energy is the way, how and why are only youth-targeted. The why’s on the need to bring upon the change. Finally culminating into his views on the energy the youth posses and why are they such a play such a vital role in the development of a nation. The second lecture was scheduled to be on Saturday and was awe-inspiringly delivered by Krishnkant Mane. Being visually challenged his entire life, Mr Mane still went on headstrong ahead to establish his supremacy in the field of computing and software engineering. He aims to help the differently abled and underprivileged section of the society with his knowledge of computers. Throughout his time with us, he let us in on how he overcame every challenge that came his way. How despite being visually challenged he never gave up on his hopes and dreams. He jokingly remarked

“My blindness was never a problem or even a challenge to me, however, my parents would beg to differ. They are the ones who suffered and hence are more of a hero than me”.

Mr. Mane went on to explain how he plans to serve the technologically underserved, and how the software he plans on releasing which would provide such a relief on a daily basis to the ones who are no longer having their eyesight.

The third guest lecture was from two speakers of the VSSUT Satellite Program which got interrupted before it finished causing confusion and dismay to the guest as well as the attendees. After much of debate, they were given a slot in DTS before the inception of the EDM Night, however, it had quite less attendance.


As the festivities of Innovision 2018 were underway, the Rajendra Mishra Hall was host to a splendid vernissage of lights and delights with not just one but three exhibitions showcasing the creative artistry of the students of NIT Rourkela. Radiance by Akriti depicted various art forms ranging from Pattachitra to Abstract all the way through neo-noir and paper quilt crafting and hyperrealistic portraits. Iridescence by Design Tab had an assortment of exhibits ranging from illustrations to typography and VR/AR experiences and Srijan by SSPA (Society of Students of Planning and Architecture) depicted the evolution of architecture over the years in response to the advancement in science and experience. Alongside was a drawing robot which was a modified CNC-esque Plotter with the ability to make portraits with precision as fine as 0.1 mm. The events added up to a wonderful experience of lights creativity and artistry as several hundred people thronged the floors of RM hall over the last couple of days and stood out as a bright spot amongst the highlights of Innovision 2k18.

Apart from the art exhibitions, there was an array of technical exhibits too. These exhibits took house in the BBA during the day hours of Saturday and Sunday. These included the following-

  • Man Of Drones: Rajasekhar S., the man who is pivotal in the making of these drones visited the campus for the second time owing to the popular response since the last Innovision. This time, there were three drones on exhibit, an Entertainment Drone which was also demonstrated during the inaugural, a Gesture Drone which is controlled by the motion of the palm and a Bionic Bird which flies like a real bird with a flight time of 12 minutes.
  • VSSUT Satellite Launch: A project made essentially to monitor larger areas by scaling higher heights with help of cansets. The rocket displayed in the exhibition had broken their own record in the Limca Book of Records. They have also represented India in the Youth Innovation Festival.
  • As a collaboration with an organisation named EduRobo, a showcase of a leap motion robot, NaO robot, Tetrix robot, SumoRobo, OzoRobo, Robotics Hand and Fritz Headbot was made in the BBA.
  • As a collaboration with an organisation named Wingfotech, a showcase of a 3D Pen, 3D Printer, Mini Drone, Neuron Sensor, Hexapod, Spy Robot and Humanoid Robot (9 and 13 degrees of freedom) was exhibited simultaneously.

Fun and Miscellaneous Events

All tech and no fun would have made Innovision a dull fest. However, after long brainstorming events, students in a huge crowd hopped on to try the fun events. There were supposed to be a total of 10 fun events including PUBG which got cancelled in the last moment. However, the rest of the events witnessed an enthusiastic participation.
Astro club made the beginning on day one i.e. 3rd November by a night sky observation session Set to Rise. The telescope (model:celestron xlt 800) was set up on the terrace of chemical department building, and various night sky sightings were done. The organisers and the club members were very supportive, explaining whatever was asked and responding to students' curiosity. The event continued for the next day as well. The overall footfall was around 350 for both the days.
The next day started with a bunch of fun events happening simultaneously in LA. Leo club organised Housie with a total of around 200 students turning up for the event to try out their luck. Because of the enthusiastic participation, it was decided to host another round of the game. The price for one ticket was Rs. 20. All the winners were awarded cash prizes. The prize depended on the amount collected from registrations. The event was fun-filled and the crowd was energetic.
Besides all this, there was Gup-Chup Eating competition going on near SAC which was organised by the Chef's Club. A large number of foodies showed up to challenge their taste buds. The Third Eye club came up with My BFF, an event in which the club photographers clicked group photographs of the participants. The best picture was selected as the winner. The event was a huge success. It was a highlight for the whole fest as it gathered a humongous participation of around 600+ students.
The evening of Saturday started with a thrill for the fest's enthusiasts as they gathered in a circle around the basketball court. The host of the crowd was “The Mavericks” ready to do some Hustle Bustle. It was a showcase of street dance by the club. The crowd cheered exuberantly for the gracious and energetic moves of the performers. Later at night, around 11:50 PM, Kalaam was organised by Ritvic club, an open mic session. Students from NIT and the other institutes actively participated and presented beautiful poetries, songs and music. Because of the permission issues and certain mismanagement, the event was rescheduled to the next day, 3.00 PM. The footfall for the event was undoubtedly huge as everyone gathered to appreciate the spontaneous talents.
On Saturday, Jagruti Club organised an event Social Pradyogiki. It was an event which called out for socially impactful and innovative technology-based ideas. This Innovision also proved to be a gem for gaming enthusiasts with the organisation of CounterStrike GO on the 3rd and 4th of November. The event witnessed a decent participation.

There were few external collabs which included Jounce 2.0., a quizzing event by Inquizzitive; BlueLink, an event initiated by Rotaract as a call to save the planet’s oceans and Little Science Yard, an event by Aasra which included miniature science projects by children.

Apart from these events, there were a few more events/games which were directly organised by the Innovision team. These events were organised to provide a sense of festive carnival. Some of these events were Balloon Pyramid, Hit It, Loophole, Bolt-Over, Stability Wins and BlindFold.

The Business and Entrepreneurship events

All the business and diplomacy pundits were geared up for the business management and entrepreneurship events of Innovision 2018. The first event IPL auction was organised by the Business Club on Saturday. The event was a simulation of the actual bidding for IPL players. Simultaneously, an event for trading and diplomacy, Intelligent Trader, was organised by the Cognizen club. There were around 75 participants. The students were supposed to go through three rounds of auction and inter-trading each.

Also on the same day, the E-cell Club organised an entrepreneurship event Market-o-Mania which was more like a treasure hunt. The event consisted of two levels. The first level was about deciphering a code and the next level was to judge the selling skills of participants. The event witnessed a total footfall of 120+ participants.

E-cell also came up with another event on Sunday, Tossing the Skillz. The event consisted of three levels of quizzing and testing of negotiation skills. The event gathered a huge participation of around 300+ participants. Students kept coming even after the registrations were over.

Pro shows

The Pro shows for innovision 2018 were kick-started by our very own rock band Euphony who performed their 6th edition of the live concert this year at Innovision. It was followed by Drill N’ Bass who portrayed electronic music in the fourth edition of their annual event TranceNation. The response to the performances were overwhelming and left the crowd wanting more of the musical treat.

The evening at Dilip Tirkey Stadium on Saturday was all set for the Comedy Night with Sumit Anand followed by a DJ performance “Bollywood Night” by DJ Kunal. Rupesh Mahore, the stand-up comedian and our own sophomore student presented the opening act with topics that were quite relatable to the student life at NITR. Sumit Anand from his entry on the stage made the crowd laugh with his hilarious jokes and the proper timings of the comedy created wonders. He talked about varieties of topics including relationships, substance abuse, sex, parents. The comedy show was followed by the DJ performance that turned out be a major hit with the Bollywood tracks entertaining the masses.

Sunday night witnessed the most amazing moments of the Innovision 2018 where DJ FunkD and DJ Kalpanik Bass made the crowd dance into their tunes and beats throughout the evening. The vibrance of the atmosphere, amazing lightings and the enthusiasm of the crowd created an amalgamation of an exuberant evening.

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony started at 7:30 PM with Prof. Animesh Biswas, Director along with Prof. Simanchala Panigrahi, Dean (Student Welfare) and Snehashish Chakravarty, President, SAC gracing the occasion. The event started with the prize-giving ceremony for different competitions including Death Race and Robo-Sumo. It was followed by the addressing of the director where he talked about the record-breaking success of Innovision and highlighted about the upcoming fests.

The ground was set on fire with the rhythms of Sunburn and the sky witnessed the extraordinary zeal and zest of the huge crowd who danced in the tunes of DJ Kalpanik Bass. The EDM night gave the greatest gift of Innovision in the form of DJ FunkD who made the crowd dance, flip and swing with his energetic beats. The program ended with the Thanks Giving ceremony by Sainandan Mohanty, Convenor at 10:30 PM.

Kudos to the Organising Committee

Pulling up a successful fest is no cakewalk. To organise a three-day extravaganza with numerous guests and participants can turn into a nerve-wracking job. However, under the guidance of the two convenors, Sainandan Mohanty and Subhransu Sahoo, along with Dean’s Nominee of Innovision, Rishitha Paga, a diligent team was pulled up to organise the largest tech-management fest of Eastern India. There were various management teams like Core Team, Registration, Accommodation, Database, Hospitality, etc headed by respective managers to ensure the smooth flow of the fest.

Going by the statistics pulled up by the Registration team, out of a total of 1510 registrations, 1506 footfalls have been recorded in the three days period. Participants were mostly from Odisha with a few from cities like Bangalore and Kolkata. The inflow of the participants began from as early as Thursday evening. The check-in procedure started at 8 pm on Thursday. The procedure entailed verification of payment status with the Database Team, after which they were provided with a registration kit including a registration booklet, a receipt of check-in, some discount coupons by various partners alongside a pen and a notepad. A total sum of 500 INR was collected as the registration fee.

Out of the 1506 footfalls, a tentative number of 420 participants were females. Out of which, 300 were accommodated in CVR and 120 in KMS. Accommodation arrangements were made in the common rooms and dormitories. Rest of the participants were accommodated in the two common rooms of VS Hall of Residence and in five blocks of SD Hall of Residence plus the two common rooms. Before allotting them hostels, ID cards were checked and registers were maintained at each hall. Mattresses, pillow with covers were arranged in proper ways and volunteers were present in respective halls. There haven’t been any complaints yet.

Innovision team also maintained a dynamic website to facilitate the information of events and workshops while providing an online platform for the registration. The work began since the beginning of summer break in May and it was launched to be operational on 20th October. There were instances when the website slowed down. Whenever swarms of participants came in and they had to open their profile to verify their QR code for check-in, such behaviour was observed. Technically, a lot of bandwidth was getting consumed and hence the slowing down of the website. This was tackled by asking the participants to take a screenshot of the QR code whenever they were able to log in, hence, enabling efficient management of the web traffic even when there was a large crowd and things went smoothly thereafter.

The participants feedback about the fest has been quite satisfactory. When asked about their experiences in the fest, they replied as the following -

Anand, a student studying in S.K.D.A.V college of Rourkela replied,

This fest was the best thing I have witnessed in a long time. Right from the time I entered the college, everything has amazed me. I participated in many puzzle events and it was really fun to hangout with my friends who accompanied me here. The best part of the fest was obviously the Pro shows, they made my visit worth it. The DJs were amazing, especially DJ FunkD. Inno 2k18 was an experience I would always cherish.

Another student Subhashree from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar replied,

We are a total of around 95 students from our college who came for this fest. I was accommodated in CVR. We didn't face any problem in the accommodation or any other front. We got help from the volunteers whenever needed. This is my second time in Innovision. And it had outdone its last performances. We are really happy with the fest.

With the encouraging comments from the participants, Subhransu Sahoo, Convenor, concluded,

For me, Innovision 2k18 was beyond my expectation. Keeping up with the trend, we have broken last year’s figures of participation. The entire team and club members worked together to complete all the events successfully. The pro shows were very lively and enjoyable this year. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the team for this success of Innovision 2k18.

Apart from the common delays in the commencement of various events, the fest flew swiftly with the blink of an eye. However, it did provide a much-needed sense of celebration to the NITR Junta and the participants from outside. Team MM congratulates the Innovision Organising Team for conducting a successful fest. Stay tuned for an in-depth Post-Fest Analysis in the next weekly edition.


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