Learning To Engineer The Fun Way: ICE, CEST and AIChE Club Events

Learning To Engineer The Fun Way: ICE, CEST and AIChE Club Events

Shivasish Sahu Deepak Marandi | Nov 05, 2018

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The awe of the field of engineering is not only in learning new and advanced concepts but also in applying them in real life situations and seeing the outcomes. And there were a few events in Innovision 2k18 which brought the concepts from textbook right into an engineer’s hands to test them out practically. These events made difficult concepts of engineering easy to understand through fun challenges.



The ICE Club organized CADenigma competition on 3rd November in the AutoCAD Laboratory in the Main Building. It was a competition where problem statements were given and the participants solved them by designing plans in the AutoCAD software. The event was relay-type with each group comprising of at most three members.

The event had 60 registered participants but the turnout was a meagre 20 because of oddities in scheduling and clashes with other events. It was scheduled to start at 12:30 PM and wind up by 3 PM, and the event was on schedule for most parts. The winners of the event were Amiya Kumar Pati and Chiranjibee Sahoo. The coordinators of this competition were Manas Ranjan Sahoo and Jyanaprabha. On being asked to comment about the turnout, Manas said,

I am happy with the turnout we had this edition but a better scheduling of events could have worked for us to garner more participants.


Maneuver 2.0:

The AIChE Student Chapter of NITR conducted the second edition of Maneuver, a quiz game which deals with questions that encompass different genre, on 3rd November at LA 101. The event started at the scheduled time of 9 AM and saw a healthy turnout of over 120 participants despite clashing with other events.

It is a team game with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 members and is played over 3 levels. In the first level, a genre was selected by lottery and questions were asked which were answered in a written test. Then in the second level, three puzzle rounds were held where answers were given in the form of questions. In the third level, a cryptic treasure hunt was held and riddles were solved. The coordinators of the event were Karan Saxena and Bijan Kumar Behera. Karan Saxena told Team MM,

I am happy that the event had a very good turnout. We had expected this from the overwhelming number of people who had already registered online for our event. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the seniors of our club for their support and guidance, juniors for actively volunteering in Maneuver 2.0 and also to the Innovision team for their cooperation.


Mikado of Acumen:

The AIChE Student Chapter of NITR organized the inaugural edition of Mikado of Acumen, a fun event, on 3rd November at LA 117. The event was on schedule with a starting time of 9:30 AM and winding up by 3 PM and witnessed a turnout of over 100 participants.

This event was held at four levels, a written quiz followed by a crossword puzzle and then a guessing game followed by a betting round. The written round contained both one-word answer and multiple-choice questions.  In the 2nd level, crossword puzzles were solved by the participants to advance to the next level. In the 3rd level, 4 pictures were displayed and a connection was made to guess their relationship. The final level gave the participants a chance to bid for questions and answer them to earn higher points. The winner of this event was a team from VSSUT, Burla and the runners-up was a team from NIT Rourkela. The coordinators of Mikado of Acumen were Ayushman Panda and S Rutuparna. Ayushman Panda told to Team MM about his experience.

The overall support of the Innovision Team was good. I am happy with the number of participants turned up and the feedback too is heart-warming.

Make It or Break It

Organized by ICE, Make It or Break It 2.0 was one of the events which brought the art of building bridges to the hands of civil engineering enthusiasts. Scheduled to start at 9:30 AM, the event began at 10 AM. A total of 92 students participated in this event and built bridges out of ice cream sticks. In an easy display of structural engineering, the bridges made by participants were tested to carry as much load as possible. A team of 4, Omm Ashish Sahu, Guru Prasad Mohapatra, Sunil Muduli and Swaraj Baksi, from Utkal University, made the bridge which could bear the maximum load and won this competition.

The coordinators, Bedank Agarwal and Naman were delighted with the turnout and were happy with the dedication the participants put into building their bridges.


Chem-E Car

Chem-E Car by AIChE aimed at teaching students the prospects of green alternative fuels through chemical reactions. The event was a mix of a mini-workshop and a competition between teams of participants. It was held on 4th of November from 9 AM to 3 PM, in the BMBT Verandah. But due to sunlight, it was moved into the BMBT Department. A total of 50 students participated in this event, all of whom were from NIT Rourkela. Due to lack of equipment, students from other colleges couldn’t participate.

The first hour was a workshop about the chemical reactions to be used in the competition. After that, the teams were given chemicals and had to design a bot powered by one of the chemical reactions taught. With their prototypes ready by 11, the teams tested and perfected their chemically powered bots.

According to the coordinators, Shivam Chaurasia and Ashish Kumar, the event went smoothly and was considered a success.


City of Smart Clans

City of Smart Clans was one of the events for the civil engineering enthusiasts, organized by CEST Club on 4th of November. The event was supposed to be held from 10 AM till 12:30 PM but the start got delayed till 11:30 AM. A total of 45 students participated in groups of three in this auction battle. According to the coordinator, Amitanshu Panda: 

We were happy with the effort we and our seniors put into this event. The participation was above expectations.



Organized by the CEST Club, Crane-o-Mania is an event which gives the students a fun challenge while testing their mechanics and structural engineering skills. Coordinated by Sujit Kumar Behera and Subhasis Rath, the event was supposed to start by 9 AM, but it got delayed by 3 hours due to the Pro Shows in the previous night.  A total of 60 participants comprising 15 teams participated in this challenge, where they had to build cranes which could carry the maximum load. After testing 15 miniature cranes, the best crane could carry five and a half kg of weight.


Civiz conducted by CEST was a quiz event which tested the trivia knowledge of students about civil, structural and geotechnical engineering. This event was held in the Civil Department Seminar Hall on 4th of November from 9:30 AM onwards. After a slow start, it picked up pace at 10 AM, as a total of 26 enthusiasts participated in this quiz competition, in groups of 2 or 3. There were two rounds which tested them on trivia and overall knowledge in the field of civil engineering.

The coordinators Sibashis Ghosh and Subham Das were happy with the organization but mentioned that by improving the location, the number of participants could have been improved, and they hoped to have a better event next year.


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