Knowledge and Selfless Services: Jounce, BlueLink and Little's Science Yard

Knowledge and Selfless Services: Jounce, BlueLink and Little's Science Yard


The Birds of NIT Rourkela were humming the usual morning song and the sun was marching towards the west. It was a  casual day for everyone but not for Indians because our country woke up to a day that would lead to a global movement called #Ispeakbluetoo.The exponential increase of marine pollution has been one of the biggest concern of all the nations. It has been an alarming issue which needs immediate attention from each and every individual. The Rotaract club, NIT Rourkela started its campaign called BLUELINK on  November 3 by forming a human chain showing the world that we are really concerned about our water bodies.The campaign started with a workshop named Bluetalk held on October 27 which was followed by this event which marked the dawn of the campaign #Ispeakbluetoo.

The event started at 11:30 AM which saw a footfall of 170 participants, all of them forming a human chain which had an aerial view of the word called the ocean. The chief guest of the event Rotarian Mrs Minnati then inspired the participants with her speech and urged them to lead this movement further.

In the word of coordinator Mr Vaibhav Kohade

Despite the scorching heat, the participants even though belonged to different religions, races and creeds, stood strong and tall with their hands joined together with only one objective that is to save our oceans.

The event concluded with a photo booth session where the participants took photos in handmade frames just to bind these memories with them forever

Team MondayMorning congratulates Rotaract Club for its huge success and looks forward to hearing more from the campaign.

Jounce 2.0

On Saturday morning as the festivities of Innovision 2018 were in full swing, Inquizzitive: the quizzing club of NIT Rourkela organized Jounce 2.0. Jounce, now in its second edition, is a quiz in the business technology genre. First conceptualized by the Inquizzitive Team under the guidance of Mr. Sampad Mishra, an alumnus of NITR, Jounce debuted as one of the flagship events of Inquizzitive in Nitrutsav 2018 with Mr. Sampad himself being Quizmaster. The coordinators of the event at Innovision 2108 were sophomores Satyaranjan Mallick and Dibya Prakash Mohanty. The quiz was sponsored by the Rourkela Management Association.

The event, which started at 10 AM, was held in LA 104 on the second day of Innovision 2k18 (on 3rd November 2018). The Quiz had registrations of over 120 people although the number of attendees was closer to 50, that is, 25 teams.

The rules of the quiz were as follows:

1. Teams should consist of only 2 members.

2. Cross college teams were not allowed.

3. The quiz was open to students pursuing full-time degrees from institutes that are affiliated to universities or are universities themselves.

4. The quiz was only for those pursuing their undergraduate degrees (including Integrated Masters) and postgraduate students born after 1 January 1994.

5. Participants pursuing degrees through distance learning mode were not eligible.

The top three teams, in the end, would receive cash prizes: 5k for first place, 3k for second place and 2k for the third place.

The teams in attendance first competed in a preliminary round which consisted of 20 questions. The preliminary round was extremely heated as teams were duking it out to make it to the finals where after much deliberation by the quiz master only 8 of the teams with the highest score advanced.

The final round consisted of 3 rounds with the first one having 12 questions running Clockwise in the Infinite bounce and Pounce format. Next up the format remained the same with 12 questions going anticlockwise. Each question carried +10/0 marks on bounce. And +20/-20 on Pounce. In the final round, there were lateral connects with 6 questions each with +30/-10 marks consisting of logos and pictures which connected to a keyword which was the answer. There were inbuilt tiebreakers as well within the Prelims as well the Finals in case two teams had the same score.

Finally, after 4 hours of quizzing, the team of Swayambodh Mohapatra and Abhishek Patra with the preponderant points was awarded first place while the team of Chinmay Mohanty and Prathamesh Dash came in second. The third place was taken and won by a team of Adarsh Mohapatra and Ranjan Anil Kumar from AIIMS BBSR  

I really liked the quiz a lot. For me personally, biz is not really my genre so I just wanted to experience something exciting and new which I definitely did. The organization of the quiz was really smooth and I look forward to coming here again.

          -Adarsh Mohapatra, AIIMS BBSR (Third place).

The event finally concluded at 2 PM with all the participants gifted with pens. On being asked what he thought about the event, the coordinator Satyaranjan Mallick commented:

The registration was 180 but the turnout wasn’t according to that. It was lot less which was disappointing at first, but later on the quality of the teams in attendance was excellent including the four teams that came from outside the institute out of which one ended up on the podium which was really satisfying, since it has been a long time since an outside team has won a competition here. All members of the club worked really hard and are really happy with how the way things planned out.

Team Monday Morning congratulates Inquizzitive for a successful event.   

                                                  Little’s Science Yard

AASRA the non-profitable organization rendering social services to the non-creamy layer of the society recently organized an event Little’s Science Yard on the final day of Innovision. The event was scheduled to start off at 10 AM on 4th November,2018 in the BM-BT parking lot but due to some managerial glitches the event got postponed by a couple of minutes.

The event was an exhibition of scientific projects made by children who are mentored by the AASRA team. Based on their creativity, presentation of models, they were judged by a panel of jury comprising Prof. A Thirugnanam from BM Department, Fr. Bennichan K. Peter Chairman, CWS and Ms. Itishree Singh Rathaur(Public Relations Officer). The coordinators of the event of Little’s Science Yard were Amlan Sahoo and Pooja Kumari.

It is our sole motive to reach out to these kids whenever they need any sort of technical help from us. Through this event, I believe that we’ve provided these kids an ample platform to showcase their creativity and interact with people in order to develop their interpersonal skills as well. We really look forward to organizing more such events where we can be a medium for the upliftment of the needy.

said Amlan Sahoo, the coordinator of the event.  

The event turned out to be a very lively one with a turnout of 50+ dedicated team members from AASRA, hordes of bustling visitors to witness a roster of 30+ projects by students coming from different workplaces of AASRA.

Here is a list of all the projects along with the workplace groups who accomplished these tasks:-

Project NameWorkplace
Germination of SeedsJagda
Hybrid Electric VehicleJagda
Surface TensionJagda
Water Level IndicatorJagda
Home Made GeneratorJagda
Bubble MachineKhalsa
Demonstrated Air PollutionKhalsa
Vacuum CleanerKhalsa
Home Made MixerKhalsa
Marble MachineSector 2
Smart VillageSector 2
Ozone LayerSector 2
Hydro Electric PowerSector 2
Rainbow FormationSector 2
Pythogoras TheoremSector 5
Hydraulic JCBSector 5
DNA ModelSector 5
Volcano ModelSector 5
Water Level AlarmOSAP
Mini Drilling MachineOSAP
Water Turbuence ElectricityOSAP
Flood Based CultivationOSAP
Squishy Mesh Stress BallOSAP
Planet SystemSector 6
PencilSector 6
BarometerSector 6
Water DispenserSector 6
BoatSector 6
TelegraphSector 21
PotatoSector 21
Sewage TreatmentSector 21
Water AlarmSector 21
Buzz GameSector 21
Water Lever IndicatorOSAP


The organized by AASRA brought a new ray of hope with itself to make children develop apt perception towards scientific prospects in our lives. The event was really cool, interactive and enjoyable.


said Ashutosh Sethi a 3rd year student from NITR.

The event got over by 12:30 PM after the panel of judges made sure that each and every team was attended upon and marked on the basis of their presentations.

Team Monday Morning congratulates AASRA for hosting such an inspiring event and wishes the participants as well as the club members all the luck in their future endeavors.


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