Are Dogs A Man's Best Friend?

Are Dogs A Man's Best Friend?

Raksha Karkera | Nov 12, 2018

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Stray dogs on campus is a usual sight at NITR. From the academic area to the hostels there is no one place that they haven't invaded. There have been many incidences of students food being snatched, students being chased, clothes being torn apart at hostels and slippers being chewed on. Matters become worse when one gets bitten by dogs. However, the institute has taken measures to prevent students from contracting rabies, whereby every dog is injected against rabies and they are marked behind their ears so that one can easily know whether the dog has been vaccinated or not.   

The Poll 

 Keeping all this in mind Team MM conducted an online poll on how students are affected by the presence of animals on campus premises wherein their response towards the stay of dogs in the campus premises was recorded.

       The statistics of the analysis shows us the following facts:

  • 18% of the total voters prefer to have stray dogs in the campus and feed them.
  • 30% of the total voters didn’t mind them until and unless the dogs don't stray into their hostels.
  • 53% of them firmly believe that they pose a serious health and hygiene concern and shall be removed from the campus

  The 18% of the NITR Junta feel comfortable enough to stay around with dogs and feed them for it gives them instant and inherent pleasure that they get by spending some time with the innocent animals after a tiring day.

   Here is what Venkatesh Nelaparthi, one of the boarders of S.D. Hall of Residence has to say

It always gives me immense joy to spend some  time with the animals. I strongly believe that dogs are our best friends and they do not cause any trouble to us on individual levels and it is our primary responsibility to take care of them and live together 

 The rest 30% of the voters were okay with the animals being around them until and unless they don’t stray into the halls of residence. They are of the opinion that one shouldn't be bothered about the animals and waste their time in it and they would not be shocked to see some of them around in the campus when they go for a walk or a cycle ride.

Sidhant Kumar Parija, a boarder of S.D. Hall of Residence says,

I dont see any point in removing them from the campus until and unless they hamper me individually and it  is sometimes fun to watch them loitering around and being carefree about everything.

Majority 53%, however, was of the opinion that the stay animals pose a serious health and hygiene concern and should be removed immediately from the campus. They are uncomfortable with the mere presence of the animals around them and the problems that they create. They do not approve of the stinky smell that the dustbins generate after the dogs have jumped into them. The dogs may bite someone and can cause rabies to the person in the result.

Ashit Kumar Sahoo totally disapproved of the animals by saying,

I do not like to see the stray animals around me in the campus everywhere starting from my rooms to the auditoriums and I am really concerned about the hygiene with them having unlimited access to the campus premises. They should be immediately removed from the campus thus making it safer and easier to stay in


Keeping the poll in mind it is confirmed that the NITR populace at large is very much affected by the presence of stray dogs. At the end of the day, it is an animal’s instinct to look for food and so, they go to places that have food leftovers. Dustbins are the most visited places by stray dogs. Many times the dustbins have litter over their capacity and rubbish ends up falling out. Indeed it has to be admitted that the aesthetic portrait of the campus at large is at stake at the end of the day, as the strays do make every effort to steal the spotlight even in the most unexpected places, BBA and the Cosmopolitan stage included. Keeping this in mind, the institute can come up with a system whereby the trash cans are emptied frequently during the day to prevent welcoming the strays with the openness they now enjoy.

Even though the institute has taken measures to prevent the spread of rabies,  can we be very sure that the measures are being implemented effectively?

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