Plunging Into The Blue Waters - Inter Hall Swim Meet 2018

Plunging Into The Blue Waters - Inter Hall Swim Meet 2018

Raksha Karkera | Nov 12, 2018

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On the sunny Saturday morning of 10th November, the Interhall swimming meet was held at the NITR swimming pool. The air was filled with competitive spirits as each swimmer was there to ensure that they don't let their hall down. The participation was less than expected due to the fact that most of the swimmers were not well owing to the changes in weather. In spite of this, the event was conducted successfully. 

The swimmers took their mark and the timekeepers set their stopwatches for the individual events. The girls and boys alike sprinted their way through the pool and ensured that they put their best foot forward for the event. 

The results were as follows:

Men 50 M Freestyle

1. Aditya SinhaMSS
2. Prithu PrasadMV
3. Thakur PatelGDB

Men 50M Breast Stroke

1. Kiran KumarDBA
2. Bhavesh GuptaSD
3. Tenzing BhutiaSD

Men 50M Backstroke

Name Hall 
1. Bikash RanjanGDB
2. Kiran KumarDBA
2. Arbin BasikSD

Men 50 M Butterfly

1. Aditya SinhaMSS
2. Bhavesh GuptaSD
3. Saif AlamMV

Men 200M Freestyle

Name Hall
1. Thakur PatelGDB
2. Sreeram Sripada VS
3.Shubham RajSD

Women 50 M Freestyle 

1. Raksha KarkeraKMS
2. Rituparna Nanda CVR
3. Aqilla IbrahimCVR

Women 50 M BreastStroke

1. Raksha KarkeraKMS
2. Rituparna NandaCVR
3. Aqilla IbrahimCVR

Women 50 M Backstroke 

1. Raksha KarkeraKMS
2. Rituparna  NandaCVR
3. Subhashmita PurthyCVR

 The individual events saw an array of strokes and the water was always splashed outside the pool due to the rigorous pulls and kicks of the swimmers. The meet ended with the most engaging event of the day, the relays. Due to the lack of enough participants for the girls, the girl's relay could not take place. And so the day was concluded with the Mens 4*50M freestyle relay event  and the results are as follows:

4*50 M Relay Men 

  1. Ritvik Verma 
  2. Sidharth
  3. Kiran Kumar
  4. Prithu Prasad
  1. Bikash Rajan
  2. Thakur Patel
  3. Chaitanya Uttarwar
  4. Sandeep 
  1. Arbin Basik
  2. Bhavesh Gupta
  3. Tenzing Bhutia,
  4. Shubham Raj

Team MM caught up with the girls and boys captain of the team and they said:

Rituparna Nanda, Girls Captain

The event was very fun and we did see a lot of good swimmers show off their talent, however, there wasnt enough partcipation from the girls side so that we could have enough competition amongst oursleves.

Aditya Sinha, Boys Captain

Although the event was conducted successfully, the overall participation by both the boys and girls was very low mostly due to the changes in weather some of our swimmers weren’t well enough to swim. 

Team MM congratulates the swim team on organising a successful meet and kudos to all the winners of the sporting gala!


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