Industry Innovation: Presentations by Quality Circle

Industry Innovation: Presentations by Quality Circle

Soumitra Mandal Rudransh Sharma | Nov 12, 2018

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The creation of ideas isn’t enough, it must be presented to the world outside, so that it may manifest into innovation. The Innovation Carnival gave an opportunity to all those industrial innovators who have had quite a number of ideas to turn ordinary to the extraordinary. The event was basically a competition and an attempt at mutual learning. It aimed at helping that had gone all through the planning stages but faced problems at the execution stage. All the potential leaders of the near future, the innovators gathered to take part in the event on 10th November.

The event was held in two rounds. The first round was held in the conference hall at 12 noon, where 11 teams presented their models. It was basically to briefly introduce their models to the three judges. It ended by 1:15 PM. The second round was held in the seminar hall at 2:30 PM and wrapped up by 5:30 PM. It consisted of the presentation round where the teams presented their model along with the improvements they would implement in the existing technologies. The rule of the second round was 18 minutes of presentation through PPTs and videos followed by 10-15 mins of Q-A session by judges. All the teams hailed from SAIL RSP. All the presentations basically gave an insight into the problem companies in the industry face while laying the foundation. Projects were basically on the current technologies used in the industries, how they identified the flaws and made necessary changes using the existing knowledge and resources.

In the words of one of the audiences,

The ideas they implemented were quite good. There was something new to learn from their projects. The working models prepared by them were brilliant.

Valedictory Session of the innovators

The valedictory session for the presentations was held in the huge auditorium at 5:45 PM. The winning team was Naba Nirmaan Team, SAIL RSP. The team that bagged the second position was Parivartan Team, SAIL RSP. Both the teams received cash prizes from the honourable guests. Overall, the participants encouraged the whole audience to innovate.


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