Starting Up the Startup Fire: The Startup India Workshop

Starting Up the Startup Fire: The Startup India Workshop

Rudransh Sharma | Nov 12, 2018

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One of the flagship events in the recent Innovation Carnival, which was organized at the ground floor of the TIIR building was the Start-Up India workshop. The sole motto of the event was, to spread awareness about entrepreneurship and groom the next generation of entrepreneurs. The beginning of the event witnessed a substantial delay, which caused an extensive amount of confusion among the participants. Nair Anirudh Suresh (the event coordinator) said the following when questioned regarding the delay in the commencement of the event:

Due to the comprehensive judging criteria we have in all the events planned under the Innovation carnival this event had to see an unfortunate delay in its proceedings.

Despite the delay, this workshop saw a substantial amount of crowd in the TIIR auditorium on the mid-day of 10th November which included the participants waiting for their valedictory session. The workshop kicked off with the speaker from the StartUp India program addressing the gathering. He began the session with a basic question and answering session. The session was very interactive and the audience actively took part in the discussions. The speaker ended the event by saying:

Since everyone’s hunger for food is pacified by the innovation in the food; now is the time to let your hunger for knowledge take the better of you

Three major questions which came from the audience, which were then addressed by the speaker during the event are:

Why despite having a good start, a startup is unable to scale itself up to new heights?

Why is startup the new cool?

How can an idea be pitched to impress investors without having a prototype?

Upon letting the audience to settle, the speaker introduced the new initiative by the Government of India: Startup India. This is the scheme in which government aims to reduce the challenges that startups usually face. As per his words, any startup having the certification from Startup India, will enjoy tax exemption, easy access to loans, will get loan even without any collateral, will be provided with a worthy mentor for no additional money, will have rebates in patent filing and shall have a dedicated patent filer at their disposal.

The second question was cleverly answered by the speaker, with rhetoric. He said:

Had you heard of the name PayTM five years ago? Even I hadn’t heard. Just as these new e-currencies are disrupting the conventional ways, same goes for the startups. These are the necessary disruptions in otherwise monotonous proceedings of the corporate world. Thus it’s the new cool.

He then went on to explain why startups are such a necessary affair especially in a country like India. He even pointed out the various startups including a possible life-saving invention called AmbiPod, which is just like a small pod fitted with all the life-saving mechanisms and is specially designed for the areas with minimal to zero connectivity with healthcare infrastructure. He informed the audience about the ease of access to the StartUp India program by mentioning:

You can get a certification within a week with our easy to use website and minimalistic forms

In order to alter the current paradigm, he started to incentivize people with the perks of being an entrepreneur.

The proceedings through the PowerPoint came to pause when a video was shown on how these programs actually function. Adding to the long list of incentives this program has, he also told the audience about Social Connect, that the program offers, which can be easily availed by any and every one.

Social Connect is just like a LinkedIn of startups. You can easily connect to another startup, mentors or funders.

Upon nearing the end of the session the speaker felicitated the winners of the industrial revolution. After the valedictory session, there was an unusual amount of hustle in the room. The last part of the session was a quiz round which only saw about one half of the initial footfall. The event finally ended with the speaker awarding goodies to the participants of the quiz with the correct answers.

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