Food, Games and Innovation Brought Together

Food, Games and Innovation Brought Together

Samarth Mohanty Sohan Mishra | Nov 19, 2018

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A carnival is never complete without fun games, delightful food and stalls selling beautiful items, and Innovation Carnival was no different. Along with all the innovative events that were being organised inside the TIIR Building, the outer complex was lined with an array of shops housing different games, food stalls and a few stalls selling hand made items.

Fun Events

Innovation Carnival saw a great mix of creativity, innovation and overall ‘fun’. Seeking to have something in store to entertain everyone from the school goers to the businessmen, members of E-Cell in association with the students of Business Administration conducted a barrage of fun games. These event ran parallel with the other events going on inside the TIIR campus.

The games were a mix of some traditional carnival games along with some innovative games thought of by the students. The games being played were Googly, Tub toss, Hit it, Loop holes, Blind fold, Nut tower and Gravity. The winners were awarded with chocolates as prizes for completing the task given. The setup required for the games were made by the students themselves.

Regardless of the wide variety of options in fun events being provided, the footfall was quite low owing to the tightly packed schedule of other events during the carnival.

Amrit Jena, coordinator for the fun events had this to say,

We have put in a lot of effort into making these games. The games were meant to provide quick entertainment to both students and the senior participants. We were a bit disappointed the small turn-up but we understand that the event is only two-day long and too tightly packed for people to move around much.


There were also a number of shops set-up by the localites selling hand-made products like clay products, incense sticks, food products etc. Even they failed to gather much crowd and were disappointed with the small amount of business that they were able to do.

Food Innovation

Ranging from thousands of hacks, the taste buds of fellow audiences were taken over by the delightful food stalls that were creative and were a step ahead from just serving delicacies. There were firms and start ups that aimed to captivate attention or expand their hype in ways that suited them best. Food Innovation was all about these tactics and strategies to be taken over to expand things beyond the mainstream.

Hideaway, known for its splendid transportation services for those who wish to go there. It exempts it’s customers from paying travelling charges that in turn draws people from all over. SLR is known to be serving pickles in installed stalls and more than 70 types of Dosas. Tamarind has taken a huge leap in rebooting the Odia taste buds. It’s on a stubborn quest of introducing Goan cuisine in Rourkela. This is not just an exciting wrap up but also one of those things that were appreciated at a scale beyond the charts. Then there was flavour box that has escalated the concept of food and nutrition for the voracious foodies. They were serving molecular gastronomy trarbachs. They pitched vegetarian caviars, flavoured yogurt, chocolate spaghetti based on the foundation of chemicals like agar-agar, sodium lactate and gelatine claimed to be absolutely safe and approved by FSAI.
The stalls witnessed quality footfall and enthusiasm and was acknowledged and visited by masses all over.

The stalls were succesful in creating the atmosphere of a carnival where people could walk in and have a great time playing games, tasting delicious food or buying goodies at the handicraft shops. This provided the participants with a light break from the competitions and exhibitions taking place at the same time and helped them to relax and have a fun day at Innovation Carnival.


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