Did Cosmopolitan Stand Upto Its Expectations? A Poll Analysis

Did Cosmopolitan Stand Upto Its Expectations? A Poll Analysis

The debut of Cosmopolitan 2018 went by swiftly in the hustle and bustle of post-Innovision vibes and pre-exams anxiety. Organized by the Arts and Cultural Society of SAC, Cosmopolitan 2018 brought the student body of NIT Rourkela together in putting up an extravagant show of the cultural diversity held by them. With a phenomenal weekend of spectacular performances, the list of gala events for the first half of 2018-19 academic year has finally drawn to an end. Team Monday Morning conducted a Poll Analysis to measure this year’s outreach of the rebranded form of Multi-Ethnic Festival. The following is a brief of the results compiled.

Opinion: The Event was a Huge Success

A significant 58 percent of the poll participants concluded that Cosmopolitan 2018 was a grand success. With numerous performances showcasing the ethnic inclusiveness of NIT Rourkela student body, the audience was treated with the cultural richness and ethnicity of India and the neighbouring countries. This event was also a first of its kind event for the present freshmen batch and sophomores; since Multi-Ethnic was scrapped off last year owing to its huge budget and congestion in the academic calendar. This resulted in a considerable footfall and appreciation by the viewers.

One of the poll participants, Debasis Mishra commented:

Cosmopolitan really had a grand debut and was undoubtedly a huge success. Thanks to the organisers who toiled round the clock to make this event a grand success and which surely, was better than the Multi Ethnic Fest of 2016 in terms of grandeur and participation. It succeeded in celebrating the Unity in Diversity of India’s cultural heritage that is deep rooted within every individual of NITR. And a special mention to the participants who beautifully showcased the culture beyond India. Looking forward to more intense versions of Cosmopolitan in the coming years!

N. Vivek Kumar, Dean’s Nominee of Arts and Culture Society and one of the Conveners of Cosmopolitan said:

Cosmopolitan 1.0 was a huge success. Although the budget was reduced, the stage setup was one of its kind. The idea of portraying performances from all the places gives this fest its uniqueness. i believe it was grander than the Multi Ethnic Fest of 2016. Appreciation flowed from all corners of the Institute. A big thank you to all the participants, organising team members, SAC Officials, VPs, President SAC, Dean Student Welfare and finally, the Director. I believe it was an amazing experience for everyone associated with it.

Opinion: The Event was lacklustre and got boring after some time

A considerable 22 percent of poll participants concluded that Cosmopolitan 2018 was lacking in various aspects and lost its glamour after a while. Most of the poll participants in this category compared the event to the Multi-Ethnic festival which was better regarding festivity.

One of the poll participants, Preetam Keshari Nahak commented:

In my opinion, the event was not upto the mark if compared with the Multi Ethnic Fest in 2016. Moreover, doing away with the divisions according to the zones and compressing a 4 day fiesta into a 2 day affair did not work out well. I think the scheduling could have been better along with some better performances from the participants would have made this edition a successful one.

Suyash Ratn Pandey, one of the Conveners and Student Representative of Arts and Culture Society said:

The participation turned out to be more than we expected and hence, we had to put up a screening round. Despite Cosmopolitan being a new or, in other words, a revamped fest, the freshers and sophomores worked hard for the preparations in a short span of time and the outcome was pretty good.

Opinion: Did not witness the Event

About 20 percent of the poll participants voted to have not witnessed the Cosmopolitan 2018. This might be plausibly explained by the fact that the event was just the next weekend of Innovision and Diwali. Also, clashing of its dates with Innovation Carnival, might have resulted in a loss of footfall owing to tiredness participation in these events. Moreover, with the event’s dates close to the approaching End-Semester Examinations might have discouraged the students from attending the event.

One of the poll participants, Sayan Dey commented:

It seemed Cosmopolitan took place only because it was in the annual schedule. I was involved in Innovision but not in Cosmopolitan because of the End-Semester Examinations. Basically, we had only one month, November, for End-Semester Examination preparation, that too congested with fests and Diwali. I am quite dissatisfied with the way the fests were scheduled this year, sandwiched between the pujas and close before the End-Semester Examinations.

One of the student representatives of the Arts and Cultural Society and Convener of Cosmopolitan, Sanatan Panda, said,

Cosmopolitan brought each and every student of NITR, whether he/she be a part of any club or not, to show his/her culture in an artistic way. It gave them a platform to learn through experts and come up to face the limelight. It was a golden opportunity for all those students who remain away from the stage and limelight to express themselves and garner applause by showcasing their talents.

D Rajgopal, one of the mentors of the Cosmopolitan team added,

Cosmopolitan is an ideology that all the human beings belong to a single community, based on shared moralities. Accordingly we had conducted this fest and it was a grand success.

When Dr. S.N. Alam, Vice President of Arts and Cultural Society was approached to give an overall comment for the event, he concluded:

A fest like Cosmopolitan which involved more than 400 students, to be organised in a month’s time is terrific and the credits must go to the Art and Culture Society, the Organising Committee members and the entire team at SAC. Conducting a fest which used to span about 4 days, to be organized in a couple of days time in a similar scale is a herculean task which was accomplished really well at the end.

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