Gathering Ores Of Success : Department Of Mining Engineering

Gathering Ores Of Success : Department Of Mining Engineering

Sayan Dey | Dec 24, 2018

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The Department of Mining Engineering is going through a rapid phase of progress in response to the subtle fluctuations in the market and industry of this domain. Team MM took an effort to enlist those furtherances initiated by the department for the betterment of the students in an attempt to familiarise them with the industrial world out there. There also follows a detailed list of projects and consultancy programs contributed by the faculty members of this departments.

Infrastructural Updates:

The department building seems well under constant maintenance work. There have been several facilities installed in the building very recently.

  1. A new cycle stand has been constructed in addition to another one which is already there.

  2. Six fire-extinguishers have been installed following recent alarming accidents (fire) in the campus.

  3. The mining seminar hall has been facilitated with air-conditioners.

  4. Digital clocks have been installed in the classrooms.

Research Projects and International Programs:

Significant participation in research projects from the faculty has been observed. Here follows a brief on the recent consultancy projects and programs where the mining department of NITR was involved.

  • The R&D project approved by CSIR, New Delhi, on 4th September titled ‘Estimation of Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) from Satellite Remote Sensing Data over Coal Mining Regions in India and Development of Statistical Model for Prediction of Particulate Matter Concentration from AOD’ amounting a total of 24.432 Lakhs. The project was submitted by Prof. S. Jayanthu.

  • Prof. S. Jayanthu participated as the Chairperson of Technical session in a National Workshop on Safety Management of Mining Machinery in Ranchi during 28-29 July.

  • Prof. S. Jayanthu also participated as Keynote Speaker, in a National Conference on Advances in Mining , Mineral Processing and Metal Extraction—AMMMA 2018 in Bhubaneswar during 17-18 Aug.

  • Amongst the international programs, He was invited to a session at CST-Royal University of Bhutan on 15th October, where he delivered a speech on ‘Recent trends on design of safe blasting practices, slope monitoring, fly ash utilization etc. vis-a-vis- other transdisciplinary research areas.’

  • He also participated as the Vice Chairman of the 7th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Sensor Network (CCSN 2018) in Kolkata on 27th and 28th October.

Prof. S. Jayanthu also worked in some recent consultancy projects:


  • Slope Stability Study for pit and dump for Ardhagram Coal Mine M/s OCL Iron and  Steel ltd. amounting 6 lakhs

  • NTPC Scientific Study On Design Of Pit And Dump Slopes For Dulanga Coal Mining Project Of M/S NTPC Ltd. amounting around 9.9 lakhs

Dr. B. K. Pal, another faculty member of the same department, is working on a consultancy project: Studies on Controlled Blasting and Monitoring by Suitable Instrument at Dongri Buzurg opencast Mine in MOIL.

Words From The HOD:

Dr. D. P. Tripathy, the HOD of the department seemed very optimistic about the department and future plannings, in his talk with team MM. On being asked about the sufficiency of fundings provided by the institute, he said it is adequate. Talking about the increment in the number of the Ph.D. scholars, he said,

In this year there has been an increment in the number of Ph.D. scholars. We are expecting about ten scholars this year, which is high in comparison to the previous years.

He adds his message of wisdom for the students—  

Students should be more sincere about their their studies and preparations for their exams. Covering up the syllabus more rigorously will help them secure good credits.

Students’ Speak:

Team MM also undertook a survey among the students to know their opinion about their department. Most of the students seemed to be very much satisfied with faculty members. But, students also agreed to the fact that the kind of curriculum followed by the department is not sufficient for preparing a student for the real world industries. They want more number of field visits to be conducted annually. Nitesh Parihar, a second-year student of Mining Department, expressed about his journey in the department so far,

It has been a great experience with the professors. The professors are very friendly and approachable.

Keeping the fact in mind that it is a huge challenge for mining engineers to maintain a synchronisation with the real world industry, given the recent advancement in technologies and their combined implementation in industries. Things are no more limited to pen and paper, but the scenario seeks hands-on experience for amateurs. The faculty has been putting a lot of effort into that; starting from updating the curriculum with more lab experiments to encouraging students for working on projects and product development.

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