The Breeze Of Scientific Reformation: ICPCM 2018

The Breeze Of Scientific Reformation: ICPCM 2018

Soumya Ranjan Swain | Dec 24, 2018

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The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, NIT Rourkela successfully organized the 1st International Conference on Processing and Characterization of Materials (ICPCM-2018) and 8th National Conference on Processing and Characterization of Materials (NCPCM-2018) during 6-8 December 2018. “Processing and Characterization of Materials” is a foremost topic of interest for most of the researchers in the scientific community. This Conference achieved its goal by attracting research enthusiasts, Ph.D. scholars, eminent personalities from the scientific community for sharing the vast knowledge for the betterment of society. Prof. Dr. Archana Mallik was the Convenor with Prof. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Prusty as the Co-Convenor, Prof. Dr. Anshuman Patra the Treasurer and Prof. Dr. Bankim Chandra Ray was the Patron of this innovative campaign as they were assisted by a dedicated team of volunteers in fulfilling its purpose.

The Inaugural- DAY 1

The inauguration day started with the ceremony of lighting the diyas. Prof. Smarajit Sarkar, the H.O.D. of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering welcomed the speakers and delegates and, wished them a great stay on the campus. Prof. B.C.Ray, Prof. Archana Mallik and, Prof. Rajesh Prusty put forward their expectations on the 1st International Conference on Processing and Characterization of Materials. The atmosphere was appropriate for the beginning of the much-awaited auspicious ICPCM-2018.

After a soothing breakfast, the family of delegates and speakers gathered in Seminar Hall-1 for a talk on “Superconducting Magnets- Materials and Fabrication Techniques” by former Director of NIT Rourkela, Assistant Advisor of C.V. Raman College of Engineering, Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi. He highlighted the Meissner Effect and other scientific aspects in words full of vast experience and wisdom. The Plenary Talk by Prof. Sunil Sarangi was highly applauded and greatly acknowledged by the audience.

On a small encounter with Team Monday Morning, he expressed his joy on coming back to his beloved Institute,

It was a nice homecoming for me. NIT Rourkela will always be dear to me. I feel contented whenever I am here. I am satisfied with the realization of my vision of NIT with the developed TIIR and, Lecture Avenue, along with upcoming developments in academics and extracurriculars. NIT Rourkela ranks among the top institutes worldwide, and it fills my heart with pleasure. I would like to wish growth and prosperity to the dedicated Monday Morning team.

The post-lunch session was ornamented with an educational talk by Dr. Gour Gopal Roy, Professor of Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Kharagpur on the topic “Mathematical Model for Gas Dynamics and Reduction in Gas Fired Rotary Health Furnace for Sponge Iron Production”. The Chief Guest had a very interactive session with the audience and, delegates were highly benefitted by his presence.

It was followed by a very exciting topic on “Bulk Heterostructured High Entropy Alloys” by Dr. P. P. Bhattacharya, Professor of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering, IIT Hyderabad. It pulled a variety of queries from the crowd, which was well discussed along with humorous examples.

After a refreshing tea break, the session of Dr. Bhaskar Majumdar, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad on “Futuristic Tungsten based Composites for Defence Applications” acted as a perfect example where the future of materials science is heading to, with it replacing the currently used methods. The talks of student delegates on their respective researches and projects were chaired by eminent persons and guests simultaneously in the three Seminar Halls of TIIR.

The evening of the first day was made colorful with some engaging performances by B.Tech students. The audience was entertained by the sweet melodious voice and tunes of Drill N Bass, as Sreelekha Panda and Nischit Mishra left no stones unturned. The stage was all set to receive the masterstrokes of Sourav Ganguly, who performed Kawali. But, Sourav did not stop there, as he moved and grooved through a Retro Mash-Up taking the hearts of the crowd. The flamboyant Mavericks brought the inauguration Day-1 to a proper ending with a powerful performance which received the shrillest whistles and the loudest claps.

The Conference Lives On- DAY 2

The Second Day began with the onset of Poster Session, where student delegates from various institutes showcased their study and research in posters. The poster session experienced very high participation and, a great competition was observed in the Metallography Contest conducted simultaneously.

The Pre-Lunch session’s stage was decorated with the discussion on “Metallurgy of Additive Manufacturing” by Dr. Ing. K.G. Prashant, Professor, Norweigan University of Science and Technology. His presentation revolved on the applications and uses of the currently accepted methodologies.  

On a brief talk with Team Monday Morning, Dr. K.G. Prashant quotes,

I am amazed by the opportunities available at NIT Rourkela. The environment here is very appropriate for a student. The teaching procedure and academic calendar are very student-oriented which must be an example for other institutes of the country. NIT Rourkela surprised me in every possible way, and the ICPCM Summit is such a grand stage for gaining knowledge and interacting with great minds across the country. I thank the organizers for inviting me to the Conference.

The Post-lunch session featured a valuable talk on “Advances in Microscopy and Nanoanalysis of Materials” by Prof. Gouthama, IIT Kanpur. He emphasized the unitary depiction of the material structure and, thereby depicted ways for future modification in science.

This Guest talk was followed by Technical Session of Student Delegates in Seminar Hall 1 and Seminar Hall 2. After Tea Break, Dr. Shankar Datta, MEMS Division, Solid State Physics Laboratory expressed his talk on MEMS Division and its working. It was keenly awaited by the professors and students, which was depicted by their questions on the topic after the lecture.

The day came to an end, but a Grand Banquet Dinner for the student delegates and guest speakers was organized at The Sarovar Court, Ispat Market, Sector-19.

The Sweet Ending- DAY 3

The last day of the Conference started with the discussion on “Carbon Nanotube Network Based Composites for Structural and Energy Storage Applications” by Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, NPL, New Delhi. A nice reference on the importance of Carbon in the newer environment was described. Technical Session was conducted shortly after, where the student delegates proposed their ideas and research works to scrutiny.   

The Pre-Lunch session was spent with an interactive session on “Phase-field approach to modeling Microstructural Evolution” by Prof. M.P. Gururajan, IIT Bombay. His talk on the topic was brief, valuable and thought-provoking with the recent developments achieved by him in this field.

On a small meet with Team Monday Morning, Prof. M.P. Gururajan stated,

It was a golden opportunity to be a part of the 1st ICPCM. The organizing team has been absolutely brilliant in their approach and taking care of each need and necessities. I feel lucky to have been invited here, as this Conference is so important for a basic exchange of ideas and thoughts on Processing and Characterization of Materials.

The last Technical Session was followed by the Valedictory Session and Felicitation Ceremony. There was the air of satisfaction, knowledge, scientific reforms and development as the 3-day long Seminar came to an end on a successful note.

Prof. Smarajit Sarkar, H.O.D. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering was elated as, he said,

The team was dedicated and, it’s the relentless effort of the team led by Convenors and other officials that had put a successful remark in the history of the Institute. Many ideas and theories were discussed which surely would have had a huge impact on the audience.

Amidst the successful wrapping up of ICPCM-2018, Team Monday Morning had a conversation with the lady, who had been the spine of the Conference. Prof. Dr. Archana Mallik was quite satisfied and happy, as she says,

I am grateful for being selected as the Convenor of ICPCM-2018. On being selected as the Convenor, the first step was to convert the Conference into an International level by expanding the boundaries for enthusiasts in other nations.

The journey to successfully executing our vision of ICPCM-2018 was very wonderful and overwhelming. We faced many difficulties on our path to glory, but these difficulties were dealt well by my fellow faculties who were forever ready to contribute for the Seminar, and lastly, my experienced and dedicated team of M.Tech and Ph.D. students breathed life into our vision of ICPCM-2018. Verbally everybody has appreciated the Conference, but a feedback mail has been sent to all the participants for a proper rating of ICPCM-2018. For the future purpose, we would aim at attracting more enthusiastic students across the science community.

Team Monday Morning congratulates Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering on their successful endeavor and wishes them the best in organizing such seminars and summits for the improvement and development of science and society.                                                       


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