The Sustainable Step: ICBSEE Conference

The Sustainable Step: ICBSEE Conference

Tanya Gupta | Dec 24, 2018

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The first ever International Conference on Bioprocess for Sustainable Environment and Energy or ICBSEE-India-2018 was organized by the Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering here at NIT Rourkela. Slated to be a biennial event, the conference was a two-day event held on 6th and 7th of December, with the two esteemed female faculties of the department, Dr. Angana Sarkar and Dr. Kasturi Dutta as the Organising Secretaries.

The inaugural session was held in Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium on the first day and started soon after 9 am. This was followed immediately by the keynote lecture on Sustainable Environment and Energy by Prof. Jin-Gaw Lin from NCTU Taiwan. Prof. Jeonghwan Kim of the Department of Environmental Engineering, INHA University, who was not able to attend the conference in person, then gave his keynote lecture titled Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Membrane Bioreactor for Energy Positive Wastewater Treatment: Fouling Control and Energy Recovery over a video conference. A tea-break later, Prof. Ram Krishna Sen from IIT Kharagpur presented his keynote lecture on Bioenergy and Bioprocess Engineering. The fourth highlighting keynote lecture of the conference was given on the second day, again over a video conference, by Santanu Dasgupta from Reliance Industries Limited, on Micro Algal Bioenergy.

The Poster Session commenced a little after noon on both the days at the Rajendra Mishra Hall with a total participation of 51 teams. The Oral presentations were held after lunch with the participation of 23 in the Senate Hall on the first day and the Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium and the P. K. Parija Auditorium on the second. The poster presentations as well as the oral presentations focused on topics associated with bioprocess, environment, and energy and were quite extensive and informative.

The lectures and presentations conveyed the requirement of creating a bigger picture about the scenarios and possible challenges while working towards the development of new technology and learning through the experiences. The conference being an attempt by the department to gather people who are working in the field of bioprocess engineering, cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology and immunology with similar outlooks, emphasized the need for the drive to look for feasible and sustainable solutions for humanity in the future.

Prof. Mukesh Kumar Gupta, the Chairperson for the conference, addressed the gathering and said,

We are at a phase where the problems posed to the scientific community especially with regard to biology, can no longer be solved from the vantage point of a singular discipline. If such a possibility existed, the scientists in the past would have already achieved it. But that is not the case, and it is probably because we fail to take into account the instrumentations, technologies and skill sets available in different fields. The conference that we have had in the past two days was an attempt to rectify this situation. To bring together the like-minded people in these fields so that we can understand the different aspects of the bioprocessing better. For instance, their particular applications in environment and energy together with their industrial applications.

The conference aimed to provide a platform for interactions and sharing of information among the participants. It gave them an opportunity to find partners with complementary skill sets for future research collaborations and expand their knowledge base. The valedictory session involved the prize distribution ceremony for both the oral and poster presentations, followed by speeches of gratitude and appreciation by the organizing team and the participants. A cultural performance was held at the end, alongside an interactive quiz and hence the conference was brought to a successful conclusion.

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