Addressing Conundrums: Director's Desk

Addressing Conundrums: Director's Desk

With the onset of yet another new semester, an array of issues can be witnessed at the institute. Team Monday Morning approached our honourable Director, Professor Animesh Biswas to discuss on certain topics. Given below is an extract from his interview.

Monday Morning (MM): By when can we expect the recruitment of non-teaching postholders?

Animesh Biswas (AB): The recruitment procedure has already started and the required advertisements have been published. The screening process is going on and it is expected to get over by the end of December. There were nearly 77 applicants for the post of Registrar. Internal screening is being done by a committee headed by Professor Shantanu Bhattacharya. The process is in its final stage and will be over very soon. Regarding the medical officer’s recruitment and Assistant Registrar, the screening process is continuing.

MM: There were some plans for expanding the dispensary. What do you have to say about it?

AB: My main aim, as of now, is to make the dispensary available for 24x7. So I am planning of recruiting enough number of medical officers, so that they can work in shifts, and the people living in NITR can get access to medical facilities whenever there is a need. This process may take some time as it requires numerous clarifications.

MM: What is the dress code for Convocation 2019?

AB: The dress code for coming convocation will be same as the previous year. Last year we received positive feedback on the dress code, so we decided to continue with it. The details would be updated on the convocation website soon.  

MM: What is the status of the railway concession form? When can we expect the procedures regarding the same to start?

AB: We are working on this. The procedures will be starting soon.

MM: When will the Golden Jubilee building, LA II and Mechanical Science Building be functional?

AB: The contractor has ascertained that the building would be handed over before 31st December 2018, but it does not seem to go the way it had been decided. Most probably, they would be able to do the needful by June 2019. Moreover, regarding the Air Conditioning issue which I talked about in my previous interview, the building has been designed in such a way that without ACs it cannot be functional. We will apply for this additional fund from HEFA in the next academic year.

LA II and mechanical sciences building have already been handed over, but they haven’t been equipped for air conditioning. This issue will be resolved in the coming months and we expect these buildings to be functional by next academic year

MM: When is the construction of Sports Complex set to begin?

AB: The construction of Sports Complex will be taken care of by CPWD. It will be starting very soon. The fund has been approved by MHRD and the work is expected to be over within two years.

MM: What all files have been lost in the recent fire that broke out in the purchase and works section?

AB: I am waiting for the report from the various agencies (forensics and fire dept.) before commenting on this issue. Nonetheless, serious steps would be taken to avoid any such instances in the future.

MM: What is the progress on the construction of another girls’ hostel?

AB: We have planned to construct a 600-seater girls’ hostel. The budget has already been approved, though the location is yet to be finalised. We will begin with this in January.

MM: Inter NIT sports meet is going to be held in January. But there have been complaints about extensive dust in STSC and DTS. What is your say on this?

AB: The current stadium is not in as good condition as it should be. The ground is not grassed. Turfing and other expenditures are too high. Still, we are working on it so that the participants have a good experience here.

MM: Have the labs of Mechanical Department been shifted to the new building?

AB: The shifting of the equipments will begin soon. The shifting is again a tedious task. It requires an investment of around 10 crores. Since not all the equipments are required to be shifted, we are figuring out an easier path where it can be done involving a considerable lesser amount of money.

MM: The internet speed has been really low over the past few months. What steps have been taken to fix this issue?

AB: In this regard, you can talk to Prof.C.K. Biswas. We are proposing to bring a 1GBPS line. Negotiations are underway as to which provider will be able to deliver it in the cheapest way.

MM: There has been recently an advertisement for the post of Emeritus professor. What is the motive behind this move?

AB: This is for the 1st time in the history of NITR that we are planning to appoint Emeritus professor. Our main aim as of now is to enrich our research culture. Emeritus professors are those who have retired from their services. They will be the ones with greater experience and knowledge. They will be able to impart high level knowledge to the students pertaining to the research being carried out in the field.

Regarding visiting professors, they will be appointed by the departments according to their convenience.

MM: It has been observed that many recruiters comment that while students of NITR are skilled, they don't have the requisite soft skills. What is being done about it?

AB: We understand that soft skills are very necessary and hence, the TEQIP coordinators and Prof C R Patra are looking forward to organising several workshops which are aimed at enhancing soft skills of students.  I hope the student response is enthusiastic in this regard. I request MM to keep in touch with Prof. Patra to get latest updates.

MM: What plans have been made to improve the conditions of existing laboratories?


Approximately INR 19 crores has been allotted for Research and Development. Conditions of laboratories  and equipment are set to improve. 

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