VRIDDHI 2019: On the Mark, Get Set, GO!

VRIDDHI 2019: On the Mark, Get Set, GO!

Animesh Pradhan Shubhra Pujari | Jan 07, 2019

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With the theme “PLAY-CONQUER-EMPOWER”, Vriddhi 2019, the Sports fest of NIT Rourkela is all set to organize spectacular gala comprising of myriads of events in its second version. Sports in colleges have become an integral part in the academic curriculum helping in the mental and physical development of an individual, making people understand about teamwork and sportsmanship. The three-day long sports fest is about to get into floors from 11 to 13 January 2019. The event is planned to start at 11:00 AM on 11 January while the Inaugural Ceremony will take place at 5:30 PM on the same day. Although initially Vriddhi was decided to be organized during 26-28 October 2018, it had to be postponed due to issues associated with academics.

With multiple events including Table Tennis, Powerlifting, Athletics being cancelled due to lack of registrations and infrastructure issues in 2018, Vriddhi 2019 expects to conduct as many as 7 major events – cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, kabaddi, badminton, table tennis. Since Vriddhi caters to the interests of sportsmen and sports enthusiasts, i.e., a certain section of the student community, it does not receive much audience turn-out as compared to two other mega-fests of the college- Innovision and NITRUtsav. For the sake of pulling in bigger crowds and enhancing the popularity of the fest for the people of NIT Rourkela, the Vriddhi team has also planned sets of fun events including quizzes and Futsal. While the logistical problems are hardly seen to exist, lack of manpower and trivial administrative negligence is still persistent that adds up to the turmoil of the management team.


The team Vriddhi 2019 consists of three fest conveners as the core team (Subhakanta Sahoo, L. Sasidhar Reddy, K. Vishnu Vardhan), the Design team, Content team, Accommodation team, Management team. The inductions for the above teams happened where the Google forms were released during the month September, since then, the team has been into action to make Vriddhi a more successful event than last year. Like Vriddhi 2018, it has been decided that only Government-run or Government-sponsored institutes will be allowed to participate in the fest. Lack of infrastructure is one of the key reasons that only a limited number of participants will be allowed to register. For the same reasons, multiple other events like Athletics or Hockey cannot be organized since the number of grounds and unavailable sports kits in the institute become a constraint for organizing such events.

As an indication of appreciable publicity of the fest, there have been a huge number of registrations in certain events including Cricket, henceforth, the organizing team has to scrutinize the registrations and allow a certain number of teams to participate. But following the trends of last year, the fest has received meagre registrations by female teams which might lead to the cancellation of different Sports for the female category.

Also, the certificates and prize money was not received by the winners in Vriddhi’18, as a result of which many teams are in a cynical situation whether to participate this year or not. Due to some changes at the last moment in Vriddhi 2018, SAC disapproved to provide prize money to the winners. But unfortunately, the certificates also were not received by the participating teams last year.

Stating about the above-mentioned fiasco, the conveners for Vriddhi 2019, Subhakanta Sahoo and L. Sasidhar Reddy said:

 In Vriddhi’18, the winners were promised to be awarded cash prize and certificates, but they were not given so. Hence, this year, we have made sure that all the winners get certificates and are not disappointed as the year before. Furthermore, we have not finalised to give prize money to the winners, neither have informed any team but if things go well with the administration, we will certainly provide it as estimated in the budget.


Vriddhi is ready to host about 500 players from different institutes including NIT Raipur, CET Bhubaneswar, IGIT Sarang, KIIT, ITER(SOA) and many other institutions. Although the fest could have received more registrations but due to lack of infrastructure and logistical issues, the Sports fest has been limited to Government institutions along with deemed universities including KIIT and SOA.

Sl. No.

Name of the event

No. of registrations till date

Maximum no. of players allowed



9 teams




6 teams




3 teams




6 teams




4 teams




4 teams



Table tennis

4 teams




A total of INR 8 Lakh has been sanctioned from the SAC for organizing and managing Vriddhi 2019. A registration fee of INR 800 will be collected from the visiting players to help with the financial burdens of organizing the fest. Along with it, caution money of INR 100 per player is being collected in cash. For the visiting players, it has been decided that food and accommodation will be provided in the institute hostels itself. As per the plans, the players will be provided with accommodation in SD Hall of Residence and DBA Hall of Residence. Although it is being anticipated that girls’ team might not register for the events, on participation, accommodation will be provided in CVR/KMS Hall of Residence. The coaches and other officials will be given accommodation facility in hotels in Rourkela city itself.

The likely expense distribution chart of INR 8 Lakhs allocated to the fest is furnished below:

Sl. No.




Hotel booking for officials



Registration kit



Sound and light



Tent, gate, table, chairs etc.



T-shirts for officials



Mementoes for coaches and team managers



Printing (banners, posters, invitation cards etc.)



Printing of certificates of participants and volunteers



Medals for winners






Intra NIT sports events (Futsal, Sports Quiz)



Remuneration of tournament officials



First Aid



Ground preparation with label charges









Opening and closing ceremony



Cash prize for champions



Food and refreshments for officials







The tenders have been provided for printing banners, food supply, water tank supply and sound-light systems. The procurement for banners, posters, certificates will be completed soon. Regarding the tedious job that the conveners have to go through, they said:

We would personally assure that the ground is being sprinkled with water daily in this week. Along with it we will be deciding the schedule and timings of the events in the upcoming meeting. The entire process of tendering and purchases were tiresome due to lack of manpower in the Sports Society where unlike other societies, we had to prepare the tender papers and carry out the official works associated with it by ourselves, even during the exams and holidays.

The referees and coaches for teams have been invited from Sambalpur University. It was expected that notifications would be released in the Institute Website inviting referees for interviews which have not been done.

It is only a week prior to the fest, and the ground preparations have already begun in Dilip Tirkey Stadium (DTS) and Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex (STSC). The indoor badminton court of GD Birla Hall of Residence has been refurbished with the installation of floodlights, while painting and other works will be done around 2 days prior to the fest. The grounds will be maintained by the regular sprinkling of water.

The publicity had to be intentionally slowed down because the registrations for certain events have increased to an extent that might create lots of logistical issues. The conveners also assured that the audience turnout will surely increase as compared to last year.

N R Vissa, one of the Vice Presidents of the Games and Sports society said

We are trying to instil a sense of sportsmanship as sports are something that helps to develop people's personality. We've planned to work on the shortcomings of Vriddhi's previous version so that the participants and audience have a great time. Last year, the fest definitely faced numerous problems because of the fact that Vriddhi came up after a gap of 4 years, this time the convenors have dedicatedly worked to make Vriddhi 2019 a much more successful fest.


We caught up with few captains of our Institute teams where they shared their preparations and challenges for the upcoming Sports fest.

Abhishek Mishra, the Captain of Table Tennis team of the institute shares:

Preparation is going well but I've inquired about teams participating in table tennis and I'm afraid that Table Tennis might be excluded from the fest due to lack of enough registrations.We faced numerous problems during the practice sessions like we were not being provided with the plastic balls by the institute rather the old celluloid balls which are out of use now. The condition of the indoor stadium in DTS is also very poor, we are facing certain space issues since the equipment of various sports are kept in the same room.

Anubhav Senapati, the Captain of the Institute’s Cricket team shares his expectations and issues faced by the team:

The major issue faced by the team is the lack of maintenance of the main pitch. Although pitch needs to be maintained regularly, the officials are not maintaining the pitch even before Vriddhi.It’s a matter of sheer negligence where the officials aren't even giving us the water supply at the ground. The infrastructure is already there but the connections for water supply is yet to be made.

He further adds:

We are facing issues with the availability of various sports equipment, there aren’t enough right-handed gloves, thigh pads, batting pads. Even after deliberate requests from the beginning of the semester purchases have not been made. We are even in a shortage of balls for practice for which we have to compromise our practice due to that.We expect to have a smooth hassle free tournament in the upcoming sports fest. We expect good teams to come and have a competitive front. We also hope NITR crowd would support us.

Talking to Raghavendra B Davangere, the Captain of the Volleyball team, he shared:

We have been preparing really hard for vriddhi, the enthusiasm has been really high and we will surely give our best shot for the tournament.No particular difficulties as such other than the usual problems that our team has always been facing like the shortage of good quality balls and absence of any trained professional coach.We are really aspiring big in this tournament and we are aiming nothing less than winning the tournament.

While lack of infrastructure and low maintenance of fields have been the challenges for Vriddhi, the sports fest assures quality and splendour through better publicity, registrations and qualitative tournaments. With all zeal and zest, Vriddhi 2019 is all set to organize a bonanza celebrating sportsmanship and team-spirit. Team Monday Morning wishes all the organizers and participants the best for Vriddhi 2019 and hopes that all the events are carried out in a hassle-free manner.

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